SUNDAY, AUG 8, 2021, 11:15 AMRob and I had another adventure. So a couple of days ago Rob texted and ask if I wanted to go on an adventure. I said sure. Where do you want to go.Well he said he is interested in the Britania mine museum. So we talked back and forth about it for a bit. Then went online to see if we had to get tickets online or if you could get them when we got there. Well tickets where bought online. Also had to wear masks in part of the museum as well. Saturday was out as they where full already. So we found tickets available on Sunday to go. A little pricy but we decided to go.Sunday rolled around and I was out the door at 9. Drove to his place and waited for him to come out. Not long and he was in the car. We where on our way. Back up the same route that we took the week before when we headed for Squamish. Just didn’t need to drive quite as far.Through Vancouver and into highway 1. Along the north shore and onto highway 99. Traffic is not as bad as it was last weekend. We boogie along down the highway. Clouds and a little rain. But hey blue sky is ahead of us.I get to Britania Beach and ooops take a wrong turn. A few turn arounds and then I am back on the highway. Pull into the right parking lot this time. We are there an hour early for our time. Well it gives us time to look around before we catch the train that goes down into the mine.We check out a bit of the museum building. There is equipment that is so small to get into and there are trucks that are larger then lifeRob looks so small compared to that truck.Well it is soon time for our train ride into the mine. Not my great idea, but hey I will go.Sometimes I get a little claustrophobic. It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen once in awhile.We put on our helmet. Get into the rail car and head into the depths of the mine. Into a tunnel and under the rock. Water drips down the walls. There is light in there but at one point the tour guide turns off the lights and shows what it was like for the miners. Never a job that I would do for sure.We finally come out the other side. And go in where the rock is crushed down in the mill. So many steps that some workers have to take to get to the top of the mill. It can be so loud in that mill as well.Well our tour is done. We grab a bite to eat before we head for home. Didn’t pan for gold.Oh well could have had a bit more to add to a dish I have at home. But didn’t do it.It is around 3 and we head for home. Traffic is still great. Must be because of the cloudy day. Well that is until we get to the ferry area. I think a ferry has just let out from naniamo. Well we have traffic now. Slow down speed up and then slow down again. Until I get off at Hastings. Then traffic gets so much better. We make it home in no time.Drop my son off and head for home.Well another adventure done. Will see what happens next.So talk to you laterUntil my next adventure