Well first time in two almost three years

What? Well what did I do now. Oh nothing really fantastic. I just made my way across the border. In these day and ages I guess it may be fantastic. Since Covid struck around here and around the world we have been stuck mostly at home. It has been a bummer for a couple of years.

So a couple of months ago the ladies in Washington have been having their northwest queens court get togethers every three months. I use to be able to go down to Washington state and meet up with these ladies as well. For the past couple of years though. That was a no go. Stay at home. Be safe. Don’t go out unless you really have to. Don’t make contact with anyone. Wear you mask. Stay six feet apart. I turned into my hermit self again.

Well I am happy to say that the hermit is slowly coming out of her shell again. well maybe a little. I signed up to go to this queens court. I wasn’t sure about going across the border. You see for awhile you had to take a Covid test before you could come back into Canada. You also had to fill out a form in order to come back across. Big fines if you don’t. Well luckily now the government has dropped the Covid test. Hurray for that. It cost $200 to do the test. Plus if you where just going down for the day that got to be an expensive outing just to go for a lunch and meet up with some other ladies. So wasn’t planning on doing that. Hey now though that is gone. Still have to fill out a form to come back. It will be nice when they get rid of that pain as well. But for now will live with it to be able to travel again.

So now as I said. I crossed the border yesterday. Made it down to a queens court. The hermit is evolving again. Slowly but Shirley a little at a time. I did this little adventure with my adventure friend Elizabeth. We go quite a few places together to have some fun.

We left for the border at 9;45. Hmm a little bit of a hiccup there. We sat at the border crossing for an hour and a half. One lane opened and the nexus lane. Elizabeth didn’t think the line up would be that long. But then again she is thinking she has an enhanced drivers licence that will get her across the border quicker. For me I only had my passport. Which meant sitting in the long line to wait. I thought about it afterwards. I could have gotten out of the car and walked across. And she could have gone through the nexus line. Would have made it allot faster. But that is hindsite now. As we sat in the line for so long. Finally getting up to the first person to go through and then they open a second lane. Well maybe next time. Then we wouldn’t have been late for our lunch.

Well we did make it to the lunch. Happy to say it wasn’t far from the border we where going.. just down this road and turn on this one. Through a couple of round about and we are there. We park and get out of the car. Whoa the heat hits you like a brick. It is sure a hot day today. Well suck it up and let’s go in.

The ladies are out on the patio. Under the shade. Our meals are waiting for us. Hugs all around with a few ladies who come to greet us. Find ourselves a place to sit and chat with our table mates. Enjoyed our sandwich salad and pie and icecream for desert. Well late we where, but we did make it. I won a hat from the table favours to bring home with me. As if I didn’t need another hat. Another to add to the collections. Lunch is over and everyone is heading for home. We got to meet up with ladies we have not seen in so long. Felt so good to be back in the fold again.

It had been so long since I was in the states. Shopping was in order next to see what deals where around. So after the get together we headed down to Bellingham and did a little shopping. Well Elizabeth did a little shopping. As for me I wandered along with Elizabeth and just did a lookie loo at things. We hit hobby lobby for a little bit. Picked up a couple of things Elizabeth was looking for. Then over to Walmart for a couple of other things that Elizabeth had on her mind to get. Enjoyable looking around the stores, but for now it was just looking for me.

Well time is a running out now. Shopping is done. As we made our arrival time back to Canada about this time. So off we go back to the border. Want to stop for some ice cream. Oh my goodness Elizabeth I don’t think I could eat anymore after that lovely lunch. This is usually a stop she makes. Hope she didn’t mind that I turned her down. I was stuffed.

Well coming back was no problem. Where are all the cars that went across this morning. Should be a line up going back. Hmmm no line up. Two cars ahead of us. Up to the booths where we are asked a couple of questions, our passports are given back and then told to enjoy the rest of our day.

So another adventure under our belt. Elizabeth and I enjoyed the day together. A little visiting with friends we haven’t seen in awhile and then a little shopping. home again safe and sound. Tired and ready to enjoy an evening on the couch watching mindless tv and crocheting away.

I think I will pass on going to the pool tonight. Will see about tomorrow how I feel after a day out and about. Was a wonderful afternoon. All except the heat of the day and the wait at the border. But I guess part of life if you want to travel further from home.

Well until my next adventure. Will talk to you later


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