In a bed of roses you have to watch out for the thorns

Here we are. Out and about again. You never know what Elizabeth is going to come up with for an adventure.

Well last night was no exception. A couple of days ago I got a message from Elizabeth. You up for a little fun. How about Saturday? Okay what cha have in mind. Back from her. Well, my surgery has been delayed a couple of weeks so I am at ends of having nothing on my plate to this weekend. I write back what cha have in mind? How about a movie. Know we have both seen top gun Maverick, but how about going to see it at the Imax. I write back that that sounds like fun, let’s do it.

So we write back and forth a bit to get seat side by side at the IMAX in Langley. She writes I have seat f15. I write back okay I see where you are I will get my ticket and be right with you.

We now both have tickets to an IMAX movie. She writes once more. If we both take our own cars it will be easier for you to go through maple ridge and get on the bridge and you are right there. Be easier for me to get there. No problem I can drive myself and meet you there.

Saturday rolls around. The movie is on late that night. So will be driving home in the dark. I don’t mind driving in the dark as long as I don’t have many bright lights of other cars shining in my face. Sometimes it blinds me.

So after she said driving to Maple Ridge and getting there easier. I kinda decided on my own that I would leave a little earlier and have dinner at Arby’s. There isn’t many of those in BC. So when I am passing one I like to stop in and get myself something other then a burger from a burger joint. Oh did I enjoy that dinner. Roast beef sandwich and cheese sticks and I broke down and had a pop as well. I have kind cut down on my drinking of pop. I use to drink allot of pop so now just kinda limiting myself to a little every now and then.

Well after I enjoyed my dinner I was off and down the road to Langley. I was going to get there a little early, but couldn’t stop in any stores as it was a holiday and stores where closed. Well bummer. It is not very often I am out and about and near a mall to wander. I couldn’t wander cause it was a holiday. So went over and sat at the movie theatre parking lot and waited until it was time to go in.

I hadn’t seen Elizabeth drive in yet so just went in and found a seat where I would see her when she came in. Around 9 she walked into the theatre. I came up behind her and said hi. Her first comment was her car died. Oh no! She said I got to a parking spot and then the car kind of bubbled and then water spewed out the bottom. Water, water everywhere. It is good she has BCaa

Well nothing she can do about it now and into the movie we went. I had never been to an IMAX movie. So a new experience for me. She looked at me like never been? Well you are in for a fun experience.

The ads went on for ages and ages before the movie started. More people came in and sat around us. When we had bought the tickets there was no one beside us. Now there are quite a few in the theatre. I have an arm hogger on my side and Elizabeth has a gentleman who wants to keep knocking her glass over. Well we make it through the evening with these two gentlemen beside us.

I tell you seeing Maverick the second time was just as great as seeing it the first time. The excitement was still there and with the IMAX screen you felt as though you where in some of those flight simulations going on. The only thing is watching on IMAX you get to see more of looking up Tom Cruises nose then you do on regular screen. I made this comment to Elizabeth and that made her laugh.

So three hours later it is a little after midnight. Elizabeth settles in a chair to make a call to BCaa. well for being a holiday night she is told that it is a busy night and may have to wait a bit. So we settle in her car and chat for a bit. I call home to tell hubby I am going to be a little later then I thought. And then Elizabeth and I chat a little more. She says I do not need to wait. They will be here any minute. I say I am not going to leave you waiting on your own until all hours of the night waiting to a truck to come.

About 20 minutes later a truck pulls up. We both get out of the car. The driver and Elizabeth talk for a bit. The driver says he can not take both of us home. I say my car is over there so no problem. So now Elizabeth has a choice. She can go with the driver and go with her car. Or she can ride home with me. She goes with it is time to head for home and gets in my car and we head for home.

By the time we get to her place it is 2:30 in the morning. Well we are way past our bedtime. I drop Elizabeth off at her condo and head for home. In beddy by by 3 in the morning. Yes definitely way passed my bedtime. So why the heck am I still waking up at 7 in the morning. I lay there and don’t go back to sleep. So might as well get up.

So another adventure with Elizabeth. This one had a few thorns in her roses in her car breaking down. There was a few roses in the fact that my car was there to go home in.

Well it was Not much of an adventure, but a fun night with a little mishap that Elizabeth had to tend to. I hadn’t heard today how she is doing or her car. So hope whatever happened to her cruiser will not set her back too much on her pocket book.

Well that was my latest adventure. Until next time. Talk to you later.

Elizabeth added a little from Facebook. So I ad it here to know how she is doing after her baby broke down at the IMac

Last night I drove to the IMAX in Langley to see Maverick again with my bestie Brenda . When I pulled into my spot I heard a lot of sort of garling sounds then steam came up from the Hoot. I know zero about cars so got out quickly. Needless to say a lot of water underneith. So I took some photos and went to see the movie which got out at midnight. I called BCAA and they sent amazing quickly as it was Canada Day night a really nice man with a flatbed truck.

I feel really lucky that this did not happen on Hwy1 driving over.

I have been a member since 1985 so I asked if there was a charge? No.on my policy i get 130km tow and Abbotsford is only 30cm. So it was loaded up to drop off at Canadian Tire.Then Brenda got me home safely. The irony in this earlier in the month it had a check up with new parts replaced and the poor baby did not look sick then.

It will hear soon how much more money I get to donate to them.

TaTa for now as the US gets ready for it,s big day on Monday.

So from both of us. Another adventure under our belt and more to come. Talk to you later.

Hmm towtruck driver
Water under her car

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