Well time is done again

I will start with my adventures are over for right now. Well at least the ones for traveling too far. What an amazing month or so I have had. I love traveling on my own and discovering new things. Seeing friends I haven’t seen in awhile. And all out just having fun. Being a goof and just plain laughing my head off sometimes. It sure does get the endorphins going.

I started out in April. A celebration of the roaring was in Oshawa.

Aw! Just memories now. There I am with Jill. A lovely lady I met in 2012 or 2013. At a funvetion in Las Vegas. It was one of my first funventions. I had gone and my son joined me to keep me company. He could explore while I was playing. I met her, but did I say two words. Well really not, but she excepted me in to her fold as she sat beside me at a concert. Anyways over the years we would chat over Facebook. I went to a funvation in Edmonton and low and behold jill was there as well. We met up at a couple of outings, but her favourite part of meeting up with me again was a day she was feeling a little down. Darlyne and I saw her sitting behind a computer and not too happy about something. We came over and sat with her and cheered her up a little. Well anyways over the years more chatting over Facebook and then a couple of years later we met up again. This time in Ottawa at another funvention. She was helping out there, but had to come over and give me a huge hug. Wow! Felt so good. Now this past month we meet up again. Another huge hug and we ended up being table mats. So could chat all we wanted during that time. Fun and friendships are made. Beautiful ones at that. Jill is one of my favourite ladies. So happy when I get to meet up with her again. I also met some of her chapterettes as well. Two more lovely ladies that I can now chat with over Facebook across the miles.

These two ladies have taken me into their heart as well. Eleanor is in the first picture. She does a great funvention in Oshawa every couple of years. She has welcomed me in as one of her own. I have been to three of her funvations. This is the one I was talking about before in Oshawa. The funvention that is. The one where I did sorta turn into a naughty girl. Well not that naughty. Just a little louder then I usually am. You know that quiet lady who sits in the corner and just watches the action going on. She wasn’t around that weekend. Well eleanor and her team of lovely red hatters made that possible for me. I could open up as I felt so comfortable around these ladies. Something I do not do too often. Open up and have a real blast

The other lady is Jan. I met her at the first funvation I went to in Oshawa. She was so open and welcomed me in the first day I was there. Then again she is like that with everyone. If you looked like you where not feeling sure of yourself she would be right there. Gather you up and join you into a group of people and make you feel so comfortable. Like you where suppose to be there. Love these ladies.

So now the Oshawa funvention I was at. It was held the weekend of the birthday for the red hat society. A three day event with activity going on all the time. In between breakfast and dinner there was always something to be done. There was a wood sign painting class. Or if you where interested in wine a gentleman came in and did wine tasting. And you know all through the night you could dance your night away. A few things had to be changed as Covid is still making it hard to do some things though. But hey had a blast at this convention

A few other to mention here.. Bev on the right and Cathy on the left. Two more ladies that rock my world. Chat with them on Facebook and anytime I am in Ontario will try and get together with them for a chat. Bev took me under her wing at my second funvation in Oshawa. Had the room next to me and we enjoyed each other’s company for that funvation. A very lovely lady. Cathy is a fun lovely person. Will dance you into the ground every night out on the dance floor. Well she certainly did for me. I was bushed by the end of the night.

Here is Maria. She was not too sure of what to expect coming to a funvention on her own. She had been to funventions with other ladies, but had never been to this one and her roomie was not able to make it. I saw her come in. Had met her a couple of years ago, so once she saw me she knew she was going to have a good time and she blossomed from the not too sure to the bubbly self that she was. I did a story on her a couple of weeks ago. So you can look back and read if you want.

There are so many other ladies who have welcomed me in in Oshawa. Linda, Susan, Deb, Liz, another Liz, Judy, donna and boy the list will just go on forever. These ladies will rock my world when I am in Ontario. If you are feeling down at home Facebook is always the place to be cheered on by these ladies.

Which leads to a little incident a week ago. A bump in the road for me. Was going to put a damper on everything. I had gotten a case of vertigo. So bad I was sick. Oh so sick., but you know these ladies where there. With pictures and well wishes. You just felt so much better. Yes I did get better. Was really wondering whether I would make it to the Saskatchewan funvation or not.

Low and behold I did. Some of my getting better was the well wishes I received from ladies here and there. From around the world.

So now I was onto my second funvetion in a month. I was tired and still a little ditzy, but I was going. I didn’t know too many ladies here. So I was kinda going back to square 1. I was feeling quiet again.. well spent my first two days doing a little touring around. Getting my feet wet on traveling again after Covid restrictions had kept me home for so long. Also being a little ditzy yet had to get my sea legs under me again. So a touring I did. I drove all around the area. Found a few touristy places to visit and just had a little time to myself. Had a great soak in a salted hot pool as well. Oh did that feel so good. The aches and pains were just like jelly when I left there.

So onto next funvation. I wasn’t sure about this. I was there alone and had not met too many ladies from Saskatchewan on Facebook. But you know I found ladies from Alberta there. Yes I had met these ladies before.

These ladies first. Deb and Linda. I met them as they come down to do Elizabeth’s pirate event a couple of time. Two beautiful ladies from Alberta. Long time friends of Elizabeth. You have heard me many time talk about Elizabeth from other stories. So these two ladies are great. They took me under their wing for the weekend. they where planning a tour someplace and ask if I wanted to join in. They sat with me as table mates and even during the last day together had made me a honorary member of their group the Merlot Belles. They gave me the name baby belle as I am just a tad younger then they are. They introduced me to more ladies then I can remember this weekend. More Facebook ladies to chat with every now and then. These two ladies also rock my world.

Here are two more ladies. Marilyn and Maureen. Both Alberta ladies. I have only met them in passing over the years, but this weekend after chatting on Facebook so many times have been there on the weekend. Chatting with me and having a great time.

There are so many ladies this weekend that I have never met before that now I can call on for friendship. I feel so blessed to have found the red hat society. Being able to broaden my circle and make new friends. I do love these funvations. They open my world up to new experiences and new friendships. I know they will be there for me in times of hardship. That if I am in the neighbourhood again sometime. That I can count on to be there for a visit or a chat.

So now from close to home to around the world. My life has broadened with friendships. Ladies I chat about around my hometown and ladies I can chat with across the world. I love how in ten years my life has opened up so much. I thank these ladies for being in my life. To help me along my way and give me so much love and laughter.

While I was sitting here writing this I just got a text. What are you doing on Tuesday. We have just been invited to lunch. Well my life is broadening even more. I will be meeting another new friend on Tuesday with Elizabeth. My adventure buddy. We also have plans for Wednesday. Going to enjoy a movie together. Will dress up in our finery and enjoy the Downton abbey new film coming out. There is a never ending adventure with Elizabeth.

So now I will close and catch my next plane home. I reflect on all the blessing I have received in the past ten years with the red hat society. Something in my earlier years I would have never thought happening. My life was so closed to just myself and my family. No close friends to chat with and let off steam. Now I would never think my life without these friendships.

From my chapter mates to my far away friendships. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening me up to this new adventure in my life. I am forever grateful for all that every one of you have done for me.

Well battery is starting to go dim on my iPad. So will stop for now on my sentimentality. Again thankyou everyone

Until my next adventure. talk to you later


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