Whoa! What a week I had

I really do hate when a flare decides to join me in one way or another. I had just come up from my craft room to make dinner Tuesday night. I walk into the kitchen and start with some macaroni and then I put the beef on to warm up. As I am waiting for the stove to heat up. Something starts to bother me. I am getting a little dizzy. Light headed as a matter of fact. I keep on with making dinner, but things seem to be progressing in my head. The ditzyness is getting stronger. I try to shake it off and keep on with making dinner.

I am almost done making dinner and the dizziness is so bad I have to head for the couch or I won’t be standing up anymore. I tell hubby that dinner is ready but I don’t think I will be eating any. I have to lay down.

He helps himself to dinner while I lay on the couch. The world is starting to turn now. vertigo is setting in. I have a repeat over and over of the same picture. I look at the wall. It goes up and then just as rapidly it goes down and then rapidly back up again. The world is turning on me. Oh gosh I hate when this happens. My inner ears are ringing so loud. My head is about to explode with feeling plugged. The dizziness just keeps on coming. Next thing I know I am out and then hubby is trying to get me to sit up and get my glasses off. Sickness is everywhere. I didn’t even know that I had thrown up. Hubby said I threw up several times. What a mess. I just couldn’t stand up though.

He got me to the bathroom and I hung my head over the toilet. I emptied out again. He finally got me to bed where I watched the world turn back and forth around me. One more time throwing up and I was out for the count. I stayed in bed for the next couple of days. Constant sleep. Nothing to eat. The world just kept turning

This is meniers. Or another word for vertigo and motion sickness and upset stomach and head just ringing. It is an awful feeling. There is no cure for this. It has happened to me before. They say it starts when something in your inner ear goes out of whack. The balls and the hairs are not in align. It can happen if you just happen to turn your head the wrong way at the exact moment. Well, this may happen. It could happen from doing something that turns your head in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no control over it. It will happen. And dang it is not fun.

So for two days I spent with the world turning. The last time this had happened to me. I was only out for a day. And then it seemed to clear itself with just a little dizziness for another half a day. Just have to lay down and not move around. The time before that when it happened I was taking an introductory class with some red hat sisters of pole dancing. I guess the turning around the pole knocked my head out of whack. I was down for a day then as well. So I figured that this would last only a day and then I would be back to normal.

Ha fat chance of that. This episode lasted two days of the world going around. I did not eat. I did not do anything but sleep. Finally it broke and the vertigo part of it stopped. The turning world finally had my balls and hairs back into place. I could see straight again. Thank goodness for that. The thing was for four more days I still had dizziness. I would turn my head and it would take a minute for my eye to catch up. This lasted a few more days in varying degrees.

I thought I was going to loose out on a trip I had planned. I would have to cancel everything short notice. which meant that I would be loosing out on some money I had spent. I had missed out on a couple of events in the area already this week because of this. I sure as heck did not want to miss out on this up coming trip.

Well two days ago things broke. I was able to walk with a little leeway to the left. I made my two klm walk yesterday. And I was also able to get behind the wheel of a car again. So happy.

So now today I write you while I wait for my second flight. I am sitting in the Calgary airport right now. A two hour layover. Much better then the last time I was here. I missed a flight and had to wait for the next one. I am going to a funvention. Who ho! So happy. And to boot walking around the airport my head is clear. There is a little lyst to the left once in awhile, but it is not bad. I am going to try to have some fun. This will be determined as the days go on. I am out of the woods and ready to play.

So in a few days I will be writing about these two funventions I went to in the past month. Wish me luck. One down and one to go.

Well time to catch my next flight. Talk to you later


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