Whoa boy am I tired

Well it has been a fun six days here in Ontario. boy am I bushed. I flew in on westjet a few days ago and tomorrow I am on my way home. So sad gonna miss everyone.

So I missed writing last night. The head hit the pillow and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I crashed again. A second time in this six day adventure. I think things are started to advance a little more on my fibro. Or I am just out of practice. After two years of sitting at home while Covid has all the fun. Well I don’t like it. I want my fun back. Well I got it this weekend. You betcha!

So since I didn’t get around to writing about the fun that went on yesterday I guess I will see what I remember. My mind is going after way too much fun.

So yesterday. Up at the crack of butt Dawn. Hmmm I said butt didn’t I. So sorry. Can’t resist a good butt and it was a the crack of dawn.

I had a chat with me myself and I. You know my three personalities. Me said I was to behave myself today. I had made a spectacul of myself yesterday and should think about being more refined and sitting still and just keeping quiet. Myself piped in and said. You know a little fun would be in order, but to be on the safe side should keep it quiet. You don’t know what others are going to say about you. Then there was I. She was sitting back already. With her arms crossed wondering what the hell me and myself where talking about. We are here to play. We are here to have some fun. We are here to not worry about what other people think and just go out and be the loud. Giggly person that you are. You know that beautiful person that only comes out once in awhile and giggles her way through the night. Well myself pipped in again. Well maybe we can have a little fun. But don’t put it on too strong. You don’t want to scare people away. Me looked at them both like they where crazy. Sit back and watch everyone else have fun. So after much debate me myself and a disgruntled I agreed that it should be a more refined evening. Sitting quiet and watching what was going on. I crossed her arms and agreed. So we put on our dress and went to look in the Mirror. To make sure the girls where in place. Well hidden from the alluring eyes. And your hands where claps in front of you so demuringly. Well I took one look in the mirror. Her eyes popped opened in surprise and the rest of the night was blown for me and myself. I took over glowingly at the figure in the mirror. Eyes almost popped right out of her head. WOW! What a glamour of a look that was. The dress was spectacular, I sequin shown in the light. The curves where right where they were suppose to be. Well with a little of a roll yet, but that made the picture of beauty so much more. I took right over. To hell with me and myself. We is a gonna go have some fun. We are gonna be loud and full of laughter and dance the night away. Out the door she went leaving me and myself behind in a bowl of dust. The night had begun. Watch out world is gonna have a good time. Whether anyone likes it or not. But I will certainly like it.

You know before I get too far into I evening of terror. There was a few other things that had gone on over the whole day. From the night before was the first evening of fun and merriment. Leading to a buffet breakfast the next morning. I was a little sleepy but got up to have a great time. I was sorta leading the way through the morning and into the afternoon. But myself was more forefront. Taking pictures and talking with everyone. Having a great time with her lead. She wandered through venues that where taking place. From the sign painting to the wine tasting and out in the foyer where a few red hatters where playing games. That afternoon was filled with activities to keep the flow going. You could hear laughter all over the hotel. Along with a bunch of reckless feathers that kept flying around and landing on the floor.

Myself wandered around taking pictures. Laughing with what was going on. And feeling kinda hushed, but she carried on. Me was no where to be seen. Me decided if myself and I where going to take over that me should be convinced to take a nap. Nope not happening today. You made her crash yesterday. You ain’t doing it again today. So the day went on. With myself and I taking the lead and leading this poor girl down the forbidden path.

Which now leads to the evening activities. Me blamed the whole evening on that dress that she had brought along and just happened to try on and look in the mirror. Once she saw that dress on and how it made her feel i just took over and left me and myself sitting there with their mouth wide opened.

A plated meal was served. Roast beef potatoes and beans. She didn’t even spill anything one that beautiful dress. It was like she was at the prom she never had. She was going all out. Words came out of her mouth that she never would have spurted if me and even myself where in control. As gifties where given out she popped in to give out the giftie she had donated. Hugging Cathy the winner

She was up on the dance floor for most of the night. The music was just calling her. Me and myself had no control over the influence I had on she. She said many things that she would never say at all. She was laughing and all round having the time of her life. This is all because of a dress she put on to see how it looks in the mirror. She usually never looks in the mirror. Just because me and myself tell her that she looks okay. Yes just okay. But i was there to cheer her on and yes. She looked drop dead gorgeous. well at least to I. I took advantage of she last night and brought out the girl that never really leaves the roost of her chair. The girl that danced the night away. The girl that laughed till her jaw and her ribs hurt. The girl that got to know so many more girlfriends then she ever thought possible.

Well by golly she knew that she would be hurting in the morning but all thought went out the window on that. She had fun. And thanked her bloody stars that I took the reins and blasted she into space last night. It isn’t very often that she will come out to play with I. Most of the time it is me and myself that take she for a walk. You know I thought it was time to step in. And boy I did I step in.

When she finally went back to the room she had no energy to even write this little ditty last night. So that is why she is up late tonight getting her done.

The middle of the night told her all about how she was going to feel in the morning. Awake at 3 and ready to play again. But alas she crashed once more and almost missed getting up for the farewell breakfast. So out of bed she hopped. Got cleaned up and was downstairs in time to see that the doors had just opened. Whew! Would have almost missed that if myself hadn’t given me and I a shove to wake up.

So now one last morning breakfast and so many hugs going around. More pictures being taken. More hugs going around. Information being exchanged to keep in touch. And oh, so much laughter.

Well I couldn’t resist getting a lineup of butts in the hallway. I snapped a few other butts as well. So sorry but just couldn’t resist. It is all in fun so please don’t complain. That does not make it fun. I gets so many laughs from these going up. So don’t ruin her fun. Now me would take them down in a minute. Myself would laugh but not think they should be up either.

So now it is time to say good bye on another adventure. Thanks you so much Happy Hatters and Eleanor of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. red hatting for putting on such a wonderful event at the Oshawa courtyard Marriott. I had a blast. Me went to her room early to crash. Myself stayed awake and just couldn’t keep up with I. Oh what a wonderful time all three of my personalities had. They didn’t argue with each other, but they all thought that she had the most wonderful time even though I took over way too much. It was much needed. Not just by me, myself and I , but for all of the 100 ladies that joined in for a weekend of fun.

These are my table mates who laughed and giggled along with me. Thank you ladies for making this such a memorable weekend for me, myself and I.

So last but not least I took a 3 hour drive down to Stratford, and am now in a much needed sleep time at my sisters place. But am I sleeping. Heck no I am writing this blog to get it down before it all fades to the back of my mind.

We took a walk along the river in Stratford to stretch out a little. As if I didn’t get enough exercise this last couple of days. Tomorrow I am on my way home. Hopefully to dream about more fun in the future. More places me,myself and I can take she. Even if it is just around the corner I should take the lead more often. Me and myself will take over again until I has had enough and will lead the charge one more time.

So until next time. Hope you enjoyed this excerpt of the blast that I had. Talk to you later.


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