Well it had to happen sooner or later

What? What had to happen. Well I crashed. You know I guess I had just had enough. Or my mommy just sent me to bed because I was bad. Was I bad? No I don’t think so. But alas. I guess I crashed this afternoon. You know you put your head down on the pillow for a minute to enjoy a movie going on on the tv and the next thing you know it is two hours later and the movie is over, but you feel so rested.

It is day two of of my fun at a convention in Oshawa. Today the rest of the ladies came to join us. There will be 100 ladies at this convention. 100 fun loving ladies. Who love to get out. Who love to laugh. Who love to enjoy life and play.

I had been playing none stop for the last couple of days so I think it was time to crash. And yes I did crash.

This morning I crashed the chocolate tea. I asked eleanor if there was still room. She said there was so I joined in to have a little eats this morning. It was a lovely get together and got to chat with a few more ladies who had come in early. a few prizes where given out and the food was delish.

After that was when I went back to my room. Out my head down for a minute. Yeah it was only suppose to be a minute. Well like I said above. Two hours later. well you know the story.

When I opened my eyes it was around 3. So I took a gander at the vendors that where here for the convention. Some very nice things. I loved the butterflies and I saw an owl necklace that would be nice to have. You know though I walked out of there without even buying a thing. What the heck. Is there something wrong with me. I don’t buy a thing. Oh heck there must be something wrong with me. I always buy more stuff. Must be getting old.

Oooo look at that bling. I could go for something from there. But nope didn’t buy a thing.

I then went back to the room and got myself ready for tonight’s fun. A gala night of fun and entertainment. Wow lookie at that dress. I bought it for a mermaid event that didn’t happen. Bummer thought I would never get to wear it. Then low and behold a roaring 20s event has come for me to be able to wear it. oh boy! It even fits a little better then when I put it on two years ago.. I guess I am down a little more in weight. Love the look of it though.

Liz doesn’t look so bad herself either. A couple of gorgeous babes out on the town tonight. Well not really but in the ball room tonight. This is the first time I met Liz in person. I had friended her on Facebook a few years ago. She was heading west on a vacation and I said she was in the area to look me up. Well didn’t happen because of smoke and air quality in our area, but we still chatted back and forth on Facebook every now and then. So this event is the first time I met her in person. A beautiful lady. And so full of life and energy.

Oh here is another lady I met through Facebook. Had chatted back and forth on Facebook. Sue is her name. Her and her hubby where in BC last year. We tried to get together, but different schedules seemed to stop us from getting together to chat while she was in BC. So at this convention is the first time I have met her in person as well. Love that I can meet new ladies and feel like I already know them.

Tonight gala was so much fun. I had the energy I needed to even get up to dance a couple of times as well. I don’t get up too often but I did tonight. The goof came out on me. Sometimes it does show its side. It is a fun side, but I don’t do it too often. I would love to do it more, but I just haven’t gotten that far yet. there always seems to be something holding me back. I don’t know what it is. I have gotten myself to go out and adventure, but I still can’t get myself to get up and just dance. I will get there though as long as I don’t hurt myself too badly getting up to do. My bod doesn’t take too much so still have to pace myself or something will be thrown out of wack. Then I won’t be playing at all.

We had a group called the sing sations. They sang a few oldie goldie songs. Songs that would make you want to get up and dance. I even got up to dance a couple of times. Fun evening. Now back in my room ready to put my head down again.

So the adventure continues. Met some new friends today in person. Did a little dancing to boot. Had a wonderful night. Only a couple more days and then I have to think about home again. Having a wonderful time

Well will talk to you tomorrow. The adventure continues. Unless I have to crash


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