Well another day in what do I say. RAIN

You know we get that stuff almost every day in BC. We call it liquids sunshine. So when the sun does come out on that special winter day we bow down and thank the gods and goddesses for a dry day.

So now I am in Ontario. I was told that it had snowed a few days ago. I was planning on being there. Ugh!. I am not a fan of snow. I worry about my driving in it. I know I was born and raised in Ontario, but never really drove too much in it. It came down and hubby would drive anywhere we went. Mind you I never did really drive much at all back then anyways. I was a timid driver. Only did it when I had to. Which wasn’t too often.

Anyways the snow is not here when I got here. So very happy for that. I guess if I had to drive in it I would though. Boy how life has changed for me. I get in the car at a drop of the bucket now and take off when I can. Get into one adventure or another. I still won’t drive though with hubby in the car. Too much criticism though. So when he is around he does the driving.

Well I guess a little off topic. Or maybe not. This has got to do with driving and getting out and about.

A few years ago I had my first adventure on my own. I was going to my first red hat convention. I had never been out anywhere on my own. Every place I had gone was with hubby. He took the lead and we went someplace. I followed along and always had someone at my side on our adventures. Now many years later I am a full on if I want adventure I want to make it myself. Wow what a change.

Anyways my first adventure on my own was a very scary proposition. I wanted to go a convention in the US. I had gone on two before where with other red hatters. So I had company to show me the ropes of what fun I could have. Now I wanted to go to this international convention. It was in San Fransisco. A huge event put on by the Red hat society. Was anyone else going that I knew. Um no! I finally put my name in to go and register. What the heck was I doing. I was going by myself. A gutsy gal I would be. The day I was to leave I was a nervous reck. Should I be doing this. What the heck am I thinking. I can’t do this. What would happen. I don’t know anyone. I am crazy. Should just stay home.

I had talked myself out of it so many times. Then I said to myself. Well you paid for it. Just get in the car and go. Well over the border I went to get on a plane in Bellingham. Just over the border I had to stop on the side of the road. What the hell ami doing. I can’t do this. Well after I got over the anxiety and finally said we’ll just get that car in gear and go. I met some very remarkable ladies there and the rest has been history for me. I have gone to many a convention on my own as a gutsy gal. Mind you I still sit back and just watch the action going on around me. Still do not talk that much. Still don’t get my butt up on the dance floor and boggy my butt away. But I have the time of my life. Meeting new people and listening to their laughter. I get my share of hugs from ladies I have met on the internet. And from others I have met before. Still I am the same old quiet person who just likes to sit back and people watch.

Now why did I bring up this story about myself being scared shitless to do something on my own and now am having the time of my life. Well I see it in other people as well. I was sitting last night at a table of ladies. Have never met some of these ladies but once I got there I plopped down at a table and started fitting in. So while I sat at this table in walks someone I know. She look so worried and her eyes where flashing around the room wondering what she was doing there. I have seen this before. That was me those many years ago. Now this lady has been a red hatter longer then I have and does know many ladies in Ontario. The thing is she always traveled with another lady. Has never been to this convention. So now worries. The same things I use to worry about. You know I still do so don’t take this to heart. I saw her walk by the table wondering what to do. So I put on a big smile and said Maria come sit over here. I hopped up and gave her a big hug. She first looked at me with who the heck is that. Then all of a sudden her face lite up and she recognized me. She sat herself down beside me and started saying how she thought she wasn’t going to know anyone. As the night progressed she got to know a few at the table and other ladies that she knew had showed up as well. The horror of going on her own to meeting new people and seeing others that she thought where not coming. The transformation priceless.

So I say. Get out and do your adventures. You never know what is going to happen. The fun will begin when the nervousness is put to the side. I know you can not get rid of all the nervousness, but to push some of it aside to have an adventure great or small is all there is to living a fuller life then worrying about what might happen.

This is Maria when she first sat down beside me
And here she is as the night went on.

Maria is a beautiful lady inside and out. Love her smile. She will have a great time this weekend. hope you don’t mind me putting you out there Maria. I just love these stories of transformation from not knowing what is going to happen to what is happening in the moment.

So now for my adventure of yesterday. Yeah I was talking about the rain. I had to take the trek of driving a couple of hours in it yesterday to make it to my destination for some fun with some red hat ladies. Will be about a 100 here today sometime. Going to meet new and old friends. Over the weekend. Going to get my hugs in from ladies I have not seen in so long due to this stupid Covid thing. This convention was put on hold so many times now due to restrictions. Okay it is a go. Um nope it is not a go. Well maybe. Nope not happening yet.

I love coming to the Glitz and Glamour convention in northern Ontario. Eleanor outs on a wonderful event. So the event started last night.With a meet and greet. Along with a little dancing to get the bod moving.

The fun we are going to have this weekend. More to come on that in the coming days.

So back to my morning of adventure. And my drive up to the convention. People say how can you do this on your own. Travel from your home province and just take off in a car and drive around on your own. Well I say if I don’t do it I won’t do it at all. Got to do what I want to do or I will just sit on my duff and waist away.

Today I put the gps on my iPad and followed it. Didn’t make many wrong turns this time and end up in tinbucktoo like I did the day before. That was a bit of and adventure in itself. But got to see allot of countryside in the process. It was a better day for driving. I had a couple of places I wanted to see in the meantime too.

So gps is on. First stop was the waterloo farmers market. Now that is a market. Food galour. I found some summer sausage as well. I love that stuff. They don’t make it in BC. It is like farmer sausage they have here. It is not like anything they make in BC. Totally different taste. Just some things when you come to Ontario you have to get.

Now it is still coming down pouring rain so I just do a couple of drive throughs. Down the main drag of St Jacobs and the main drag of Elmira. No stopping to look on the boutique stores there. Oh well. So my drive goes on. Allot of horse and buggies out along the roadways today. You know something to watch out for on the byways and byways of southern Ontario. Also have to watch out for the horse poo as well. In BC you watch out for the pot holes. Here you are weaving around horse poo. No it isn’t that bad. Just something I kinda thought about while I was driving in the rain. Boy it must be even worse for riding in the rain in those buggies for those who have to travel that way.

So I start heading north. rain still coming down. I stop at the kissing bridge in west Montrose. Yeah still pouring rain so just get out to snap a pic

It is the only covered bridge left in Ontario. Some of the crossing to get across the grand river.

My next stop is in Elora. Some place I had never been before. I wanted to walk around and look in the shops. Find the waterfalls and walk a bit on the trails. You know still pouring. Well I did get out and walk. Never went into any of the shops though. I was soaking wet. So just window shopped. This is a heritage town. The buildings are all made of stone and brick. The old mill is now made into a hotel spa. I loved walking around there. Too bad the rain hadn’t have stopped.

That was a trek down some slippery stone steps to the bottom of the gorge. You know after I was down there had to walk back up again. Whew easier going down then up.

So now it is about 12 and I have to get on the road to make it to my next hotel. Gps set and I am on my way. You know about 20 minutes out of Elora and the rain stops. Go figure. Anyways I am making my way north. Turn right in 400 metres. Nope turned too soon. Turn left in 800 metres. Nope missed that one. It is a wonder the gps lady didn’t call me a stupid butthead for not following advice on when to turn. You dumbass you should have turned back there. Well like I said it is an adventure. You think I would get the gps lady a run for her money.

Well I did make it. I followed her advice and did most of the turns she ask me to to do. I loved the route she picked out for me. No big freeways. I passed over or under them but was never on them. The traffic was light and didn’t need to worry too much about big trucks barreling down on me. Did have a few cars that didn’t like the speed I was going, but they passed me eventually. Saw allot of country side and got a sore butt from sitting longer then I wanted. Yeah I had to get a butt in there someplace. Love my adventures even if sometimes they take me in the wrong way. I always get where I am going. Just sometimes it take me a little longer.

So for the next couple of days I am conventioning. Getting in my hugs and laughter. Sitting back and watching the fun go on. Putting in my two cents when I open my mouth. And all around having a good time. Thank you Covid for sort of taking a break so I and others could have some fun. I know you are not done with us yet, but go take a hike will you.

So that was my adventure for the day. More to come in my future until I can not do anymore. Now this is why I go on my own. As not everyone gets what I get. I love to see places and do things. And if I don’t do them now I probably would not do them at all. That would be me heart broken for say I shoulda done but I didn’t. I don’t want to live my old age saying that. So let’s go and have our adventures and worry about it later not now.

So now how do I travel on my own. I like my own company. I don’t need to worry about other people and what they want to do. I don’t need to worry that this person or that person does not like what I want to see. I don’t have to stand around while someone else looks at something they want to see that may bore the hell out of me. Sometimes I learn something though going with others. I will do it if I am with someone and it is not my cup of tea, but I also like to see what I want to see. so they too have to stand around bored while I look at what I want to. So when I am on my own. The worries dwindle and I enjoy my time just puttering on my own. Sometimes I have to tell myself to get off up my butt and good it, but once I am out and about I enjoy myself. Arguments with me, myself and I are in the works as well. We three are all different personalities.

So now don’t worry what might happen if you are on your own doing something. Enjoy the time and get up off your butt and adventure. You see more that way. And sometimes shit does happen.

Well that is it for yesterdays adventure. Now to go have some fun today. Talk to you later


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