My adventures are starting again

So todays fun. Up at 3 in the morning. Boots had to pee. She usually holds till 6 but no not today. Oh well I had to get up anyways. Was catching a flight out of province at 6. Ugh! I am not happy with that hour of the morning, but hey if it is the only flight that will get me to my destination to have a little free time. To piss around.

Hubby drove me over to airport and then went home to spend some lonesome time by himself. With the pooches.

So second flight get in the plane and then sit on the tarmac for an hour while they check on something on the plane. Finally off the ground and heading off. Get to London and hour and half later then when we should have. So off the plane I get. Wait for my luggage and then go to my rental car.

Walk up to counter. They say you don’t have a car. So do you have the paperwork. Um it is not with us it is with national on other side of hall. Oooppps. Was worried for a minute. I then get out to the car. A huge car that is. An suv. They upgraded me. I definatly am not use to driving a big car. I would rather have my little bug to boogie around in. Finally figure out all the gadgets and get myself on the road.

now here is another kicker. If you know Ontario you will wonder what the heck I am doing. I left london with the intent of heading for waterloo and late lunch with a couple of friends. eventually I ended up in Mitchell. Wow I think I got myself turned around someplace. I am usually not that bad when I take back roads and byways. Anyways I had to give apologies for being late. I did make it to waterloo just a tad late dues to plane being late and my byway drive in the opposite direction.

Life is an adventure you know. I take all the adventure I can get.

I am going to be in Ontario for a week. Most of it will be for red hatting. Oh no she is talking about that again. Yeah it is time to start playing again. for the last couple of days I have been apprehensive about this trip. Excited to be going, but apprehensive as I have not been anywhere much in the last couple of years. All due to this virus that is going around. So the apprehensive is on me. Should I be doing this. Will I have problems. I hope I don’t get sick. And again. Should I be doing this so soon. Well I did it. I got on the plane and am doing an adventure.

So today besides being on a plane and sleeping most of the trip across. I did watch a little of the countryside below on the way across Canada. I love looking at the mountains the rising sun glowing light on the snow of the mountains. The flat farmland. The rivers that flow across the land. the cities and towns that pop up here and there.. I usually watch this all the way across, but I think I am getting old. I needed to catch up on some sleep. So little old me that never sleeps in moving vehicles or planes was sound asleep in no time on the second plane of the day. Yep I am getting old. I did pop my head up a couple of times and watch some of landscape go by. Then right back asleep again. The nice thing was I had three seats to myself. No one sat down next to me and the lady that was in the end seat she moved up to sit with someone else. So I had three seats to myself. I think I kinda spread out a little.

Well now after I got my rental car I was off and running. I checked my iPad maps to figure out where I wanted to go and then set it aside. Okay if I go this way I should come to the road I need to get to this place. Make a turn and then should be heading in the right direction. Well boy did I get that wrong.

I headed away from the airport. Think I turned one street sooner then what I wanted to get off on. So I am heading down the road and it does not seem to be coming to the road I wanted to be on. So I am driving along and do what I usually do. No I don’t turn around. Instead I go ahead with the way I am going. I have the feeling I am going in the right direction. Well so I thought. A road I was looking for should be up here someplace. Um! Nope. But you know I just keep going. The sun is to my left which is what I need. I should get there sooner or later just on another road.

I am going and going. I think I missed my plans all together. I end up on a dirt road. Well this is not what I had planned. On I go.Then low and behold a road that I know. Not the one I want mind you but one that I know. The thing is it will lead to a town I wasn’t planning on going to. Well hell I will get on that road and it will eventually take me in the right direction. just going to take a little longer then it was suppose. So I head to Mitchell and then take the highway back towards where our farmhouse is and then I turned onto back roads again and am heading in the right direction to get to where I needed to be.

Like I said I made it to where I was suppose to be. Just a little later then I should have. Oh well life is always an adventure with me. I have adventured enough for on day. Now I sit in a hotel room. Watching silly movies and plan my day for tomorrow. More adventure to come and lots of red hatting in my future of four days. Plans are in the making of seeing new and old friends.

My adventures continue after so long being dormant. Will talk again tomorrow


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