Cancer! Ugh! Who needs it

Well, this is always a hard thing to talk about. I have another person in my life who going through a very tough time with this dreaded disease. It makes me so sad to see her battling to make the most of this heavy situation. She will be leaving us soon, but she is holding her head high and going through this time with dignity.

This beautiful lady is Loa. Yes she is a red hatter like myself. I met her nine years ago. She was at my first outing as a red hatter. I had hummed and hawed so much about calling to join a group in my home town. When I finally got up the courage to call I talked to the queen at the time and said the group would be going to a movie downtown. Having a meal first and then heading to the movie. Well I wasn’t able to make it to the meal as I was working. So I said I would put on my first red hat and meet them at the movie theatre.

This is where I met the group I am with today. The group I had become the queen of a few years later. Loa has been with this group only a few months before I joined. So we were both sorta newbies. We sat side by side and chatted until the movie started. Loa gave me a few ins and outs of red hatting that she knew.

For eight years Loa and I have been members of this group. Have gone out on many outings together. We would ride together. I would pick her up and the two of us would travel together to many an outing. We got to know each other as much as each would let in on family and friends and what was going on in our lives. Well, for as much as would let anybody in.

She was up to doing different things with the group. Somethings I would never have thought of her doing. But hey she was game to try them. For someone who I thought as a prime and proper school teacher when I met her, I found another side of her. An adventurous side. A side where we all let go and tried things out of our comfort zone. Well her motto. You only live once let’s try and see if I can do it.

Ready aim.shoot. That is Loa taking aim
Ok-La-La we went for a lesson in pole dancing. I love the sultry look that Loa did
Not to be outdone there was belly dancing as well.

I am not sure if Loa was there for that or not, but it was something she would have joined in on. On top of all these interesting things our group has done we have been out for dinners in bigger groups and smaller groups. Have traveled to many places and seen many different things

Oh yeah here is a good one. Some of the group had gone to thunder down under. What! Yes we did
Okay have I surprised your family now Loa

So now have I surprised your family. Yeah yeah, I couldn’t help myself. Me and my butt shots. But isn’t it a darling butt shot.

I think I will just leave that there. The things we got Loa to go to and do. So much fun it is.

You know there is another side to Loa. We had lunch one day at one of the chapterette homes. we started out afterwards and started coming up with some jokes to tell. A few of us got into a few that might be a bit racy. Oh do we do that. A few tame jokes in there as well. Well Loa’s turn came around to tell a joke. She thought for a few minutes. Then a smile came over her face. The kind of smile that knew she was thinking of something. So she goes into her story. A nice tame story. Sorry I can’t remember it all, but this story went on for a bit. She even was using her hands and fingers to illustrate as she went along. We where all interested in where this story was going. When it came to the end her story was just as racy then a few other ones that had said. We all laughed and laughed. Then we started to think. Loa! What! Loa would come up with something like that? That was the day we saw the other side of Loa. What a beautiful side that is. We never saw it coming until bam! There it was. Beautiful!

As the years went on of this group of ladies being together we learned little bits and pieces about everyone. for Loa there was sad things and happy things. She was a cancer survivor. Had been in the battle with cancer once before. Had won and was living a great life. This was about 15 years ago I believe. That was also around the time that her marriage has fallen apart. A tough time for anyone, but she had made it through being the strong women that she was.

Well until a couple of years ago. They found a spot. Oh no not good. Through that time I had drove her to some of her appointments. Well when she needed a ride and her normal driver was busy. We would chat on the way to Vancouver. There was happy chats about her family and sad chats about what would be happening next. Well she prevailed through this and won again

Well so she thought. A few months later another couple of spots where found somewhere else. Oh no not again. More doc appointments. More surgery. I helped her out with a few times driving when others could not. Again she had made it through.

Again that is not the case. Another spot found again. She did a few turns at the kemo again, but it was just too much. She was ill from the cancer and ill from the meds. With a strong heart she decided that it was time to go the other route and let this dreaded disease take its course. She would not let it win. She would live what life she had left not being ill and take one day at a time. The docs said would be only a few months. So sad, but she is doing what is right for her.

That was seven months ago. She has been out with our group a few times. Said she felt so much better and could eat again without having so much trouble., the last time she was out with us was at Christmas. Her daughter had come to stay with her and had come to our Christmas gathering as well. It was a beautiful time together. She looked so great at Christmas. A little slower in moving, but had gained a little weight and she had a smile to no end.

As the days have gone by since Christmas it seems that the cancer is trying to win. As strong as Loa is and yes she is a very strong lady to battle on, she is doing what she can to enjoy what time she has left. Two weeks ago she traveled to the island to visit with family for a week. Then this week she had family at her place.

Three of us had gone into visit her a couple of days ago. She looked good, but could not move very much. Was very tired and did little cat naps while we were there. I left after a bit as to not tire her too much. I also had another appointment to go to so couldn’t stay too long.

This may be the last time I will see Loa. And again maybe not. I may make another visit to see her. I admire her strength and her courage. A beautiful lady I met 9 years ago in a movie theatre and have been friends with ever since. a lady I thought that I would not be in her circle and she excepted me in as one of her own. She is in my corner as I am also in hers. We will all miss her quiet manner, but for now she lives on. Until the time will come for the angels to give her her golden wings.

As I said before. Cancer! It has taken so many from us. It has given me scares as well. We are strong and we will fight back until Angel wings take us home. Loa will live in my heart and memories for many years to come.

At Christmas
The paddlewheeler in new westminster
St paddys

Thank you so much Loa for being in my life. You have made it so much richer with you there. Love you bunches! Hatter hugs to you


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