When life gives you lemons well you just get more lemons.

Well I could make lemonade and just get on with my day. No that ain’t gonna happen. I guess I will just get on with this and explain

You see I am going through a bit of a down turn in my life. A couple of months ago got some news that sort of brought everything to a sudden stop. Everything was put on hold while I deal with this problem. Frustrating. Well after the month was over and things where starting to get back to some sort of normal. Started thinking about getting myself back on track and get back to my planning on future ideas.

Started looking around again and get the idea moving again. After my lunch today with a friend I figured I would come home and start looking on the internet again. Put a plan together and see what I could come up with. I am down stairs with the tv blasting in the background. Looking through the internet and writing things down.

Well that was short lived. I came upstairs to hear about something hubbie wanted to tell me. Well I guess my plans are not gonna be made. Something else has come up. More lemons to deal with. You know the sour faced puckering kind to deal with. my life for the next little while is gonna be filled with other things. Really don’t want to deal with, but I guess the lemons will have to be dealt with.

I will still get to my conventions I wanted to go to, but maybe we will be cancelling the cruise we had planned. We may have to rethink the idea and cancel ourselves.Well it may have to be done anyway. Princess cruise has changed our schedule so many times. Now instead of going to the places I wanted to go to we are going to other places in Hawaii. All tours I have booked have to be refunded. As those tours are not even close to where we where going to be. Getting frustrated with that and news being told to me today that I think our cruise is out of the question right now.

Along with all this I think the convention I was going to put together in BC will also have to be put on hold for awhile. Life has gotten in the way. Sometimes I really hate life. Especially when they have to deal with puckering lemons. these start bringing things to the surface and make you wonder about what life will have in store for you in the coming future.

I can’t really go into detail on what lemons are going on right now, but it certainly will change a few things around here. Just because I don’t have all the details on what is happening anyways. Will need more info before can figure everything out. And that is going to take a bit of time. Old age sure does pop allot of lemons in your lap. Wish they wouldn’t pop them in all at once though. from two months ago with a few lemons and then more lemons that came up today. Did I say I am not happy with lemonade. Or even the puckering lemons themselves.

So for now we live day to day and see how many lemons are going to be thrown at me before this is over. In the end though I hope there will be some sugar to add to the lemonade and sweeten the pot up nicely. So life will be good again. I can live the happy retirement I was meant to have. or at least a better retirement then what we are starting out with right now.

Well this ain’t much of an adventure. It was more lemons on top of lemons. So will talk to you later. Until my next adventure.


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