What the heck!

Well something happened last night and it took me into a bit of a tail spin. Something I thought I could get away with. Now what the heck am I to do? I guess grin and bare it. Eventually there will be more, then a bunch, then a whole lot. Things are changing. I just don’t know if I can take it. I was so proud that it hadn’t happened yet. At 63 I was still going strong. Now I don’t know if I can stand it. I really don’t know what I will think of it when more start to show up. I am devastated.

Well what is this devastating thing that happened. Well should I say? Yeah I guess so since I got into this conversation with myself. I write to myself on here every now and then. That is because I don’t really think anyone reads my blog. So I just write it for myself. It is kind of a public diary. Helps me remember what I have done and where I gone a fun things. You see I am getting old and just don’t remember like I use to. Well do I want to help me remember that I had a devastating event today.

Hmmm! I am going off subject again. That kinda means I don’t really want to talk about this devastating thing. Well here goes. I SAW MY FIRST COUPLE OF GREY HAIRS! These were not just grey hairs they were white, oh my gosh my dirty blonde hair is going to disappear. I am going to look in the mirror one day and instead of dirty blonde it is going to be striped with white hair. With my fair skin and the white hair I am going to disappear into the woodwork. I will never been seem again. It won’t be salt and pepper coloured it will be white. I don’t think I can live with this. I have never coloured my hair before but I wonder should I be doing that. Maybe I could go with some bright colours. Make me stand out a little more.

Hmmm do I want to stand out more? I don’t think so either. Bright colours. Red, purple or maybe multi colour it like a mermaid. Wouldn’t that be something. Boy that would be something different for me. Eventually it would grow out and then I would have to do it again. Dang that would be fun, but to have to do it over and over again to keep the colour going and not the white.

Well I guess I will have to buck it up and see what happens. The grey or should I say white. Starting to streak more and more. Taking away my dirty blonde locks. Slowly as I disappear into nothingness of fair skin and white hair. So for now I will take it as I go. Watch the devastation grow more and more. Yes it is devastation. I was greatly appreciated of the dirty blond. Now it will be white. Yes devastation. I don’t think I will ever look in the mirror again. Such a great Christmas present I have gotten. I was really looking for something else under the tree and instead I ended with a couple of hairs that are now white. Devastation!

Well that is my latest adventure. One I am not too happy with. Mirrors will be covered now. I can’t take it anymore. Well talk to you later


3 thoughts on “What the heck!

  1. LOL My sister-in-law Deborah, has/ had blond hair and now the white is coming in! It’s beautiful! Not to worry, be proud! Worse things could happen!! Happy New Year


  2. My hair was always so dark that I could not imagine going grey – or Heaven forbid, white! I dyed my hair for ages but then I could not figure out how to let it go natural without turning into a freak show. Then I got shingles – across my eye and up into my hair. I was lucky that my doctor caught it very early and was able to treat it but that made my decision for me. Was not going to dye my hair when I didn’t know how much rash I still had on my scalp. Long story short, the white and the grey came in and I love it. I have never had so many compliments on the color of my hair. 🙂Embrace it!


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