Well it has been a hell of a few weeks

We can start with this. Yeah it snowed. Not much but it is going to play havoc with traffic this morning. Yeah and we will have to be in it this morning. hubby has an appointment he can’t miss. So once he has the driveway cleared we will be on our way. Ha, ha he is out there with the snow blower he bought last year. Cleaning off the little bit that is on the driveway. He got to use it. His little baby snow blower.

So for the last few weeks or even months there has been allot going on at home, in our neighbourhood and further beyond. You still have life to live, but all these other things seemed to have piled on top of it. Makes for an interesting couple of months. Sometimes a very stressful couple of months.

So you know I talked about my cancer scare here about two maybe three months ago. My usual boob flattening pancake time was due. I get a call. You have to come in for more tests. They may have seen something. So a few trips to the abbotsford hospital. Minor invasive tests and they say I am all clear. A fat pocket they say it was. But I have to keep an eye on it as it still might develop into something else. My question is, why don’t they take out the fat pocket and then it won’t develop into something else. then I don’t need to worry about it what so ever. No not happening. Well anyways that is over and done with for now. Just have to go in for another boob pancake flattening in a few months for a follow up. It’s bad enough they bruised my boobs all to hell now.

So now on with my boring life. Crafting and watching tv. Need some excitement in my life. Well the excitement we got around here was not really what I had in mind. Everything came all at once in the form of Mother Nature. She decided it was time to have a temper tantrum. Oh boy did she ever have a temper tantrum. It was bad enough that this summer she brought heat and dry weather to our area. Causing many a fire through BC. I guess now she thought she should bring the water to put out the fires. I think a little late as most of the fires are out. She dropped the water in the wrong area as well. Well maybe not. Lilooet where allot of people had lost their homes to fire. Rain fell there. Merritt also had been dumped on and they also had a few fires around their area as well this summer. so Mother Nature was trying to help out. I don’t think that was much help. Considering it was the wrong time of year.

Well I am talking about the rain we have had here in the last few days. One pineapple express after another. three to be exact. Or as they call these storms now. An atmospheric river. this river just flowed in from the sky. Rain after rain after rain. We do get allot of rain here in the winter months, but not like that. We broke records this year. And it isn’t even the end of the year. It just kept coming. Now this was just the first one. Along with all that rain it made everything just so soggy. It got to the point that there was no place for the water to go. So this water started making its own route. The dykes holding that water to the rivers could not hold anymore. Small streams in the mountains overflowed with water rushing down the mountainside. Rivers made their own routes where there had not been rivers before. Lakes that had once dried up now overflowed with water again. All taking out farms and small towns near and far. The Fraser valley was now under water. North of us. Merritt was underwater. A little east of us Hatzic was under water. The Fraser and Coquahalla and smaller rivers were making new routes through the mountain terrain. Houses have been floating away in pieces. I have been looking at videos from across the province. So much devastation and families being displayed.

Homes and properties had been lost. People were evacuated from their properties. Loss of farmland, homes and stock. Along with so many animals lost as well. Miles and miles of water flowing from over the border of the US into a lake that had once been there many many years ago. the lake that was once Sumas prairie. Or should I say the other way around. The Sumas prairie that was once the Sumas lake. This lake was drained in the 1920s to make good farmland. Miles and miles of good farmland. Now underwater again. The pumps working hard to drain the water from the prairie where on overload. Trying to take the water away and deposit in the Fraser river. Alas there was just too much.

You know though. So many people came together to help along the way. Helicopter and plane pilots delivering supplies to families cut off by flood waters. People getting together to rescue animals from flooded farmlands. People banding together to help others. Supplies gathered and delivered. Highway workers out in the rain to bring the highways back. trucks still on the road taking any route they can to get their deliveries made. The military out in force to help with the flooding.

Roads had to be closed. Highways where closed. Landslides came down other places. More roads closed. People stranded on roads sleeping in their cars for days on end. Until they where able to get through on a one lane road. Vancouver was cut off from the rest of the country. Some people panicked and went to grocery stores to load up. Gas stations where running out of fuel. On top of all this is our Covid virus. Life was one worry after another.

Well so much for living with my boring life of tv and crafting. I wasn’t so much worried. I had food in the house and I had no where to go. Well so I thought. I was snug as a bug in a rug. I could say we where safe. Unless the hills above us started to shift and take us down the hill. Or There was no way in the world we would end up living on waterfront property because the waters rose that high. Then you would need and ark because all hell had just sprung loose if the water got that high. Well,or so I thought. More stress topples on top of our mundane life.

I had been planning a few things for future. Had to go out and an appointment. Now the thing is this first appointment was just after the first rain. I thought I had left in plenty of time to get there. Well that didn’t happen. The usual trip would have taken me an hour and half to get there. Instead it took me three hours to get there. First of all. Most of the roads where closed. So that met more traffic on other roads that where opened. You would get on one road and get down so far. Then had to turn around and make a detour to another road. Or you would get on a road that usually doesn’t have Big Mac trucks on it. they are trying to make corners or get up hills they would never have to drive. Boy was drive a slow process. Other then that you had to watch out for the huge puddles on the road. You get into those you never know if you will get out the other side. Well I am happy to say I made it to the appointment, but dang did it take a long time to get there.

Now to top this all off. Things start to dry a little. One day of sunshine. A couple of minor roads opened so traffic could ease a little. What happens. Another wave comes in. More rain. Did I say more rain. With all that is closed now more rain comes in a floods more. Companies are trying to fix the dykes. Local government are trying to keep people calm. Roads close up again. Others have gone to essential use only. Did that keep people off these roads though. Fat chance to no. People still tried to get from one place to another. As for me. Well appointments still lingered. So I was one of those people out on a road trying to get somewhere.

This time it was for hubby. His doc appointments with specialist. You don’t get to see them it is a waiting game whether you can get back to see them for another year. So yeah you gotta go or you don’t see.

So off on these busy roads we go. Water up to the side of the road in some places. Ready to flow over the road at any minute if the rain comes down. Not a fun site to be driving on. Sure makes the landscape look much different. or should I say the water scape.

Well we made the appointment. He had a couple more but not as important so missed those in the days to come. Those days where pretty stressful to be exact on getting through on the roads.

Well another wave of water came through a day later. More rain came down. The new dykes held, but the water was relenting. I stayed snug at home for those couple of days. Hubbie went for an appointment in the morning. We drove over to the hospital where I dropped him off. They said they would call when he was done. Couldn’t stay around and wait because of Covid restrictions. So I drove home. Well when he was finished they had called to pick him up in half an hour. Um! I certainly am not going to make it over there in half an hour to pick him up. So I booggied out of the house and down the road to the hospital. Well lucky for me at that time of day the traffic wasn’t too bad. It was just after the third wave had gone through. I figured I would not be able to get there at all. Though I got lucky. For some reason I made it through in time. Well only a couple minutes late, but still right on time. We both headed back for home where we now hope we don’t need to go out again for a bit.

So really a fun bunch of weeks for us and allot of people around the area. So many are still displaced from their homes. So many others have lost so much, but still stand up to help others in need. Have seen so much in these past few weeks. I haven’t been through as much as some around here

So now some things are getting back to normal. Well as normal as is going to be for awhile. I am happy to say. Highway 7 is opened . Has been for awhile. It was for essential use though as there are slides along the highway. Highway 1 the main expressway is now opened again. I will be able to get to Chilliwack in a couple of days if rain does not come in again for a modelling job I have Wednesday night. or if the snow comes down hard will not be going to that. The last happy note is now highway 11 is opened again between abbotsford and mission. Well there is a piece in there yet that is only two lanes, but at least it is opened again.

So now Mission can go back to it’s sleepy little town. No big traffic jams of trucks and cars coming along highway 7 from Hope and Aggazzi to get past the blocked part of highway 1. It was like one big traffic jam here for a couple of weeks. People I have talked with said that it had taken 5 to 7 hours to get from Chilliwack to abbotsford and onto Langley. Now that was sounding like being back in past. Getting around the mountain passes taking three or four days to get from Calgary to the frontier of Vancouver.

Now today we end up with snow. Well it will melt away in no time, but does cause a bit of a worry when you know you have to be out for something.

So that is our adventure for now. A little more then I expected for an adventure. Allot of stress for a few days as well. That has settled down for now though. Well until my next adventure. Talk to you next time


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