Hoo boy! What a day.

So first thing this morning until 4 this afternoon I spent sitting in a car waiting for things to be done. I really don’t like sitting in the car. Now I am thinking like a dog. They go along with someone and all they let you do is sit in the car all day. Well at least could have let out for a little walk and gone for a pee. Oh just thinking while I sit here. If I wanted to do something I could have, but I just sat and wait for things to get done.

Really the big thing is why do I really need to go along. This was all things that had to be done by the driver. I had nothing to do when we where out, well except pick up some milk. I know I am whining again.

So first thing this morning. Walked the dogs this morning. Then we had to hop in the car. Drive over to Abbotsford and go to the hospital for some tests. Well blood tests that have to be done every now and then. After him asking me for the umpteeth time which way do I turn. Should I be going this way. Where do I go now. He has been to this hospital so many times he should know where the hell he is going. Nope! Not happening. That is why he tells me to go along. Drives me nuts. I know where the hell I am going after being there the first time, but someone else has forgot as soon as he gets there.

So we make it to the hospital. He gets out of the car. Well I figure it will be a bit before he gets back. I turn on the radio and listen to music while I wait. He comes back a few minutes later. You have to have an appointment now to get in. Not waiting three or four hours to get some test done. So we drive for home.

So we pull out of the parking lot. Which way do I go to get home. Back to directions. When we get home. He starts looking at the website in order to make an appointment. Hmmm you want to go back. They have lots of appointments. Well it is up to you whether you want to drive over there again. So he makes an appointment and we are on the road again. Hmm have to give him directions again. He was just over there. I still don’t see what I have to go along and sit in the car.

Back in the parking lot again. He goes in for his appointment gets it done within a half an hour. Back out to the car. Okay which way do I go to get out of here. Frustration pops up on me, but I keep my mouth shut. Don’t need to cause loosing my mind.

Now we are back in mission. Just finished getting something to eat. Was just about to go up the hill for home. The phone rings. It is the hospital. They need to take more blood. They missed something on the tests. Well third time back to the hospital. Oh joy oh bliss! How many times have I seen this route today. Well back on the road to Abbotsford again. A couple more asking what route to take. I say you have been there three times today. Don’t you think you would remember by now. Nope not happening.

Well in the hospital one more time. When he comes back out he is less blood then before. It seems that one of the technicians had put a wrong number on one of the tubes. They can’t just change the number. They have to get another tube filled so there is no discrepancies.

Now back home again. It is 4. I have been sitting in the car for so many hours. I am stiff, I am sore and I am tired. Shouldn’t be all I did is sit. I still don’t know why I had to go along. When I need to do something I go do it. Don’t need company to go along. But he seems to need company, why I don’t know. Beside he would get lost going around the block.

I know I am making fun of my hubby, but I am frustrated by being in the car all day. If I would have got out and did a little walking to stretch the problem would have come out wondered where I was and maybe left. No would not, but he probably would have thought about it. Sometimes when things go wrong with him he just get that way and would leave me.

So I stayed where I was. In the car and stiffened up. At least the second last time I took my iPad along and started reading while he was in there. gave me something to do.

Well that was my adventure for the day. As usual not much but sitting in the car. So talk to you later.


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