I almost made a boo boo!

So the other day I was sitting on the couch. Oh yeah as if I don’t sit on the couch all the time. Go figure! Well this time I was watching tv instead on crafting away like I always do. A commercial came on tv. I was half watching and noticed something about driving. That just popped something in my head. Oh shit! My birthday is coming up. Well, what the heck would driving have to do with my birthday?

Well you see this is where the boo boo almost comes in. You see my birthday and driving have two things in common this year. My driver licence is coming due this year. And low and behold it comes up when my birthday is. Oh my gosh that is only a couple of days away.

Now you see normally you would go into the icbc drivers office and wait in line. Eventually you would get to the front and get a new licence. This year though an appointment has to be made so there is not too many people in the building. As I said my licence comes due for renewal on my birthday. Only three days away.

So I get onto the website. Hmm bummer! Abbotsford doesn’t have any appointments until November 11. Well let’s try Maple Ridge. What there is not an office there anymore. Hmmm! Now what. Okay next thought ummm Chilliwack. Nope nothing available there until after my birthday. Well I can’t drive without a licence. Well, maybe you could, but you would certainly be in big due due. Now I am wondering whether I will get an appointment before my birthday. Hubbie may have to drive me to get my licence. So now no I ain’t gonna have him driving me around. So I start going further and further away from home on the website.

Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby. Hey there is one in Port Coquitlam. I didn’t know there was one there. I click on it as maybe my last resort. One appointment left on November 3rd. Hurray! I have an appointment. And it is before my birthday. I grab it and click on it before someone takes it away from me. well I had a luncheon on that day. I guess I may have to miss or show up late.

So now today I am up early. Off and running to get to Port Coquitlam to go to my appointment at Icbc. Hope I have my directions right or I am hooped. I don’t have any way to check any websites once I am in the road. I don’t have cellular data on my phone. It is only used to make calls and nothing else. That is if I ever have my phone on according to my hubbie.

So I make it to Port Coquitlam. The office I am going to is not that hard to find. Great didn’t get lost today. Would be an adventure though if I did and a worry as I wouldn’t get my licence done. That wouldn’t be good would it.

So I get in line to wait outside behind this lady. She is standing at the door waiting. So a few people line up behind her to wait to be able to be let into the building when someone else comes out. Only so many in the building at a time. We wait about 15 minutes. People walk in from the other way on the pink line, not the orange line that we are waiting at. We keep waiting. More people line up behind this lady. Then all of a sudden this lady walks away. what the heck? Someone ask her. Where you not waiting to get into the building. She says no and walks away. So everyone looks at each other. She wasn’t even waiting to get in. Why the heck was she standing at the front of the line? Well the person at the front walks into the building. Then the rest of us walk in behind them. Oh good grief we didn’t need to be waiting outside. We could have gone in and stood in line inside.

Well we all got up to front counter in no time. Then have a seat and wait for our number to be called. Didn’t take long to get up to the counter again. Well, happy to say $75 later I have my temporary and am ready to head to the luncheon I was suppose to go to.

So I get myself back to Maple Ridge over the golden ears bridge and heading for Abbotsford. I make it to the luncheon about three quarters of an hour late. Not really a problem as I mentioned I would be late. I probably would have been there earlier if I had taken the expressway, but a nice drive in the country roads was more relaxing then getting on the busy highway.

Have a bite to eat and listen to things that are being organized around the area. Give an update on what is going on in my area and what I am working on. Well I am happy to say that things are moving along on my project. Will be writing about it in a few days. Yeah yeah! Another adventure. Well maybe.

So that was my adventure for today. Not that exciting, but if I don’t get that done I would be relying on hubbie to be touring me around. That ain’t happening if I can help it. Well, will talk to you later


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