Just a little bit of a drive today

So a few days ago I was to go out to lunch with some red hat sisters, but unfortunately something else popped up and I had to cancel with them. I will get to see them Friday as well though. Going for a witchingly good time at the pub. That will be a good time.

So now that I had missed a luncheon today I still was able to go out. Instead of being around the neighbourhood I had to venture over to Richmond. Now what do I tell you about driving over there. I am not a fan of it. Did I ever tell you I am not a fan of driving in the city. Way too many cars. Way too many people walking around. Also I am never sure of where I am going and if I am going to get there or be lost forever on some back streets that do not go where I want them to.

So last night I am checking maps on my iPad. Trying to figure out the best way to get there. I map says you can go this way and get there in and hour and 45 minutes. Or another way will get you there in one hour and 33 minutes. Neither one of those routes I have taken before.

So I plan out a route of my own. I have been on those highways and byways and can figure out most of it. So my plan has been made. iPad like gps thinks I am stupid to go that way. Turn around and make a turn. That doesn’t seem to be the way I am telling you to go. It keeps reverting back to something else.

Well since I can’t get it figured into my iPad. I take my iPad with me. If I get off track at least it will tell me where I am. From there I can figure out how to get back on the road I need to get where I am going. I don’t have gas in my car. It is and older car, but it gets me where I want to go.

Well off I am in my bug. Driving over to Abbotsford and then making my way onto the expressway. Well traffic isn’t too bad. I have given myself enough time so hopefully won’t be late.

The other side of Langley I get onto highway 17. This is the easiest route to get over to highway 99. The only thing with highway 17 is there are allot of trucks on that route. You know on any of the routes I take there is always the idiots that have to speed up and weave back and forth between cars to hopefully be a little more ahead. You know you always catch up with them when you come up to a street light.

Well once I get past the Alex Fraser bridge the traffic is very light. All the trucks and cars took up one lane to get onto the Alex Fraser bridge. I am glad I didn’t decide to get off there to to get into Richmond.

I make it easily to highway 99. Start heading north towards to Massey tunnel. Wow! The tunnel is very light on traffic as well. I am making great time. I very rarely see the tunnel not backed up so far. Today was easy sailing. A great drive in. Hopefully on the way home will be just as great.

My turnoff comes into view. 500 meaters to my turnoff. Now heading west on westminster highway. I know I have to go down a few blocks and my destination is on the right. Under the skytrain bridge. It should be close now. I keep watching for signs. Heck did I miss it. It should be near the skytrain. Oh there it is. I pull into the parking lot.

I am a half hour early. So nice to just sit and relax for a bit before I go in for my meeting. First though is to find a parking spot. Oh there we go. One little spot in that whole parking lot. I back into the spot and sit and listen to the music droning on the radio. time for my meeting. I walk in and ask for who I am suppose to meet. She gives me the tour and then we chat some more over lunch.

Well my meeting is over. Some of my questions have been answered. Other info has been given to me. Now it is time to drive for home again. First thing is getting out of the parking lot and turning left onto westminster highway. I could go right and go around the block. But as I look at the traffic. I have a clear spot to get across and go left. Things are looking up all over for me today. now as I turn onto the highway two cars come out of another parking lot across the way. Instead of staying in their lane they cross to the centre lane. Okay how do I get in now. So I sit for them to get by and I get into my lane. A little nerve racking.

So now heading east and retrace my route back to home. I get back onto highway 99 heading south. Through the tunnel and I know my turn off is just up there to get onto highway 17. Last time I was over this way I took the wrong turn and got off too soon. Couldn’t get back onto highway 17 so had to follow and go to highway 10 to get home. Well today. I knew where I had to get off. You know what? I missed the turn. Silly me. I thought it would be a little further down, but no it was right there where I just past.

Well bummer! I guess I am heading down highway 99 for a bit more. Well I know I can get home from down there so no worries. Just another adventure for me. I pull off the highway when I get to the Ladner turnoff. This will take me to highway 10 and, yes I am heading the same way home that I did last time. Just going to make a bit of a longer drive, but I know I will get home. Always and adventure for me.

Through the south side of Langley. Cloverdale and into Abbotsford. I didn’t go all the way into Abbotsford. I turned off at Bradner road and scooted around Abbotsford.

Last stop was at the veggie stand to pick up a few apples and then head for home.

So out this morning at 9:30 and home again at 3. An easy drive today. Sometimes they can be hell. But today was an easy drive. I found out some info I was looking for. Also relieved a few of my doubts on my thinking with this meeting. I drove home happier then when I left home. So I think I can carry forward a little on a project I am working on.

Well that was my adventure today. Not much of an adventure, but driving into a big city is an adventure to me. Others think I am nuts for calling it adventure. They drive it all the time and think nothing of it.

Well I guess that is it for now. talk to you again soon. Will be going out on Friday for lunch with my RedHat sister and then again on Sunday. It is so good to be able to get out again. Talk to you again soon.

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