Well my adventure continues

I haven’t been on here too much. Not many adventures going on lately. Have been hiding in my women cave crafting away. Weather is starting to come in and the bod does not care for it too much. I get out when I can, but that is up to what bod says.

Well this not the usual adventure, but it was an adventure as the evening came on

So today I had another day where I did some modelling. the thing was this one was later in the day. And to boot it is something I can do. You know sit on my duff and not move for so many minutes just staring off into space. Thinking about nothing in particular. Staring at a speck on the wall. I am good at that you know. Doing plain nothing and being like I am in La La land. I am certainly good at that. You know staring into space.

Well anyways this job was later at night. Had to drive to Chilliwack to boot. You never know what the traffic is going to be like on the major highway heading into Chilliwack. Some days it will be a parking lot and others it would just go along in smooth sailing. So I head off early to make sure I am there in time. Oh no hubbie did not get supper made for himself. He will starve. I guess he will have to fend for himself. Well I made it early and sat in the parking lot for a bit before I walked in to the cultural centre.

This is my first time modelling for the life drawing course in Chilliwack. So now I see what is the protocol for this session. The last one I did for another company I sat for three hours straight with a few breaks in between to stretch and then back to the same pose.

The volunteer shows up and explains how things go. They start off with a few poses lasting 1 minute. Then 2 minutes and so on and so forth up until the pose last 20 minutes. That bring us to an hour into the session. I really don’t know how anyone could draw something that quick in a 30 second pose. But they do.

I change into a sports bra and biker shorts. I look at my self and say ew!. Well say La vee. These are tight clothes so the artists can see the muscle and bone structure of your body. For me if they don’t mind seeing a rolly Polly body with lots of bumps and grinds then I guess I don’t mind showing my rolly Polly body off.

So I work my magic. Well not really magic. Bring my arms up and hold them there until the alarm goes off. Then move my arms to another level and stand in another position. Alarm goes off and another movement to another position. Easy to do. The thing is holding those poses as time gets longer. For start arms are in the air when they are short poses. As poses get longer my arms aren’t as high. Don’t want them getting sore having to hold them in the air. As poses get to be more longer I try to sit down in the chair that I set up and pose leaning my head on my hands or my hands in my lap. Well time is up in first session. Well that went by pretty fast. If you think about it. This is just a few yoga poses I do at home. Some you just have to hold a little longer then I do when I am at home.

After the break the artists decide whether they want to have a whole hour of a pose or two shorter poses. They decide on an hour pose. So I move myself into position. Me thinking I am still the young whipper snapper who could sit for hours with my legs crossed and meditate. Well you know I am not the young whipper snapper who can sit with her legs crossed and meditate any more. Go figure!

Half way into this session my feet started to fall asleep. Oh, no,! Am I going to be able to hold this for another half hour. I sit for a few minutes more and then the numbness starts to move up my leg. Then the other foot starts to loose feeling. Well I am sorry to say but the pose had to be broke so I could get the feeling back in my foot. So sorry not very professional, it was good that I could sit that long though. Nope no young whipper snapper anymore. I finished the pose when the feeling came back to my foot. Near the end I could feel the tingling again, but I made it through.

So that session was over. Had a look at a couple of the pictures that had been done. Very good artists in Chilliwack. It was a joy to pose for them. I didn’t want to impose to ask to take a picture of one, but I did admire it. I went and changed back into my regular clothes. Helped to put a few things away and then headed for home.

So now for the big adventure. It is raining again. And dark to boot. Well it is nine o’clock so yeah it is going to dark. Rain just makes it all the more worse.

I use to work night shift mostly when I was working full time. This got me on traffic going the opposite of rush hour. Most people where coming home while I was heading to work. So I didn’t get much traffic in my flow. But the other way was always busy. So glad I never had to drive with the busy traffic. Well anyways getting on with my story. I never minded the drive at night. Unless some car came along with those big halogen lights on. Always made for a blinding.

Now tonight. Thinking I was okay with driving home in the rain. Well not too happy with the outcome. I am out of practice with driving at night. Or it is just that there is more halogen lights these days. Or that my little bug being with older lights makes it so it looks like I do not have lights on at all. Well I drove on. Couldn’t figure out where the lines on the road where. Am I on the road or am I on the other side of the line. Then a car would come at you. I wasn’t really sure of where or what I was driving on. that was driving through Chilliwack to get to the highway.

Once I was on the highway it was better. At least I could see where the lines where on the road. I could stay in my lane. Problem was when a truck or someone else came up behind me their bright lights would shine right into my rear view mirror and blind me. Flipping it up didn’t seem to help much either. Well thank goodness when they passed. Flashing lights ahead. Time to slow down. Now which side of the road are they on. Have to get to the other lane. Can’t tell where they are stopped. The flashing lights are kinda bright.. yeah my eyes are not as good as they use to be. Well finally passed them and back up to speed. My turnoff is coming up soon.

Finally into Abbotsford and off the highway. Hmmm more roads where you can’t really see the lines. Still raining. Now a little bit harder. I make my way along Sumas way. Onto highway 11. Heading on my last trek home now. I take a curve around and then I get the feeling I don’t know where I am. That curve should be just at the bridge going over the Fraser. But where is the bridge. Oh! Wrong curve. I am coming up on Lepps. A meat market a few blocks away from the bridge. For a minute there I though I was on the wrong road and might have lost my mind. That was confusing. Well as you know I am not the young whipper snapper I use to be. But heck I would really like to again. Just so I could drive around on windy rainy nights with out having to think more about what I am doing.

Well happy to say I made it home. No worse for ware. I have another session coming up in December to model again in Chilliwack. Hopefully it is not raining that night. Will make an easier drive. I am not getting any young you know. It sure as hell better not snow either. I am not a fan of that at all.

So that is my adventure. It makes me realize I am getting older and allot more of my ditzy blond is starting to show. Yeah I know I am one of those ditzy blonds that everyone makes jokes about. Not as bad as some, but I am one.

Well adventure done and more to come. I am aging disgracefully. Whether I like it or not. The aging part anyways. Disgracefully I will do every time. Talk to you later

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