Whoa! What a day

Well it is not the adventure I usually do, but here goes.

Well the day started off good enough. The weather was beautiful today. A nice warm day to enjoy a little walk with the dogs and then head to my craft room to work on a project I am working on for someone. Nope didn’t happen right away.

As soon as we got back from our walk I get let’s go to the back yard and see what we can do about this. And we have to do that. Well we go to the back yard. He says what are we going to do about these mushrooms growing back here. They seem to be getting more and more each year. Heck how do I know what to do with them. I just usually pull them out, but hadn’t been back there in a while to do that.. well we pulled a few and the grass was wet. So didn’t pull many. Just a hand full.

Back into the house to sit for a bit. I turned on my recorded shows and started working on my project. He couldn’t stand the mushrooms. He went out and raked the mushroom area. I just left him to it. Wonder I don’t have to go outside and help him. I just kept sewing until I had to leave. Oh Bobbie it is just about finished. Just a bit more to do on the front and then I will put the backing on. Should be finished by next week if I don’t get a bunch more appointments coming up.

Well my day gets more excitement. I had to head to the Abbotsford hospital. Oh joy oh bliss. A few months ago I went for my annual boob flattening. Such fun things to do. You stand at this awkward position and your boob is put on a platter. Then they take another platter put it on top and squeeze. You have boob pancakes. Then they change the angle and flatten the boob pancakes sideways. Such fun

Well anyways I get a call from the breast cancer clinic saying they might have saw something. I should come in for some more lookie loos. Well I went for those. More boob pancakes to be done. With different machines this time. X-rays are done as well. Well they did see something. Very minute, but they did see something. They call it calciumrite. Little specks of calcium. Or so they say it might be.

Well today I was back at the hospital to have some more boob flattening. This time though they were taking some samples. Oh joy oh bliss! More testing. I had a biopsy done. Now besides having calcium in my boob I also have a hole in my boob. So they flattened my boob down into one of these pancake machines. They get you angled into the right spot so the place where that calcium was seen can be poked to no end.. once I am flatted all out they then freeze the area. One needle in and then another one deeper. Wait a few minutes for the freezing to take effect while you sit there with your boob in a pancake. Finally the specialist comes up to you and all sorts of noises start. The machine with a needle goes into your flesh. Pulls from one spot. Then moves to another spot and pulls again. This goes on six times. Hallayluya they are finished. But now you are still in a pancake as they have to make sure they have gotten all they needed. While I am waiting in the pancake a new noise is coming from the machine. What is still sucking out my boob. Hell if they want to make them smaller I am all for it, but they will have to do both of them to make it even.

Well I didn’t watch any of this. Just looked off to the side away from where they where working away on my boob. Think it would have grossed me out seeing something being stuck into my skin. I had a lump removed from my shoulder a few years ago. The doc asked if I wanted to see what they took out of my lump. Like dr pimple popper. I said hell no. Why would I want to see that. Ew! Yuk.

I finally get out of the contraption . They change over the plates on the machine and I have to get back into pancake position again. Just to make sure all is well. After a bit one of the technicians holding my boob to make sure the bleeding stops. They finally put a few bandaids on and send me on my way. Oh boy so glad that is over with. I will find out results in a few days. Will let you know how I am doing then. So I worry for another week or so. This has been going on for a bit now. Sure want this over, but with the luck I have I don’t have any luck at all.

I got myself home and sat on the couch for a bit. Vegging until I had to go out again tonight. Lost a few games on the computer. had a bite to eat and then I headed for Chilliwack.

Boy oh boy I do get around. Well I try to keep myself busy as I can. If not I get bored and that just leads to trouble. Yeah I do get into trouble every now and then. So I don’t like being bored.

So in Chilliwack I go to a course at the cultural centre. If I don’t take this course I will not be able to model for the drawing class they have there. So I sit through the class. The gent who is running the class has been modelling for ten years. tells some interesting stories and shows us a few things we can use while we are modelling.

The course was interesting. But I had a problem part way through. You see when I have any kind of trama that causes pain anywhere. Well it starts to do some spreading. You see I have fibromyalgia. now when I get any kind of trama it does not just go in the place where the trama was. It seems to spread everywhere. So I am sitting in this class and all of a sudden a flare starts. Now mind you I haven’t had any big flares in quite awhile. I have had minor ones that cause a little pain or make me ditzy, but hey I am ditzy most of the time. But hell this one kinda popped onto me and in no time I was in such pain. Felt like I had a bad case of the flu. Everything hurt. Every bone and muscle in my body was throwing off such pain. Whoa boy. I just had to close my eyes and sit through the rest of the course. After a bit it slowed down a little, but I think I missed the last half of the course. Well I was there, but now it will be a wait and see whether I will get to model once in awhile or not. You know it is funny. For all the pain and heat my body was flaring off my boob didn’t really hurt at all. Go figure. Well I will probably be feeling that tomorrow. Just have to keep a watch that I don’t spring any kinda leak and start to bleed. If that happens I may have to head to the hospital again. So I take it easy for the next couple of days.

One thing I am glad of. The flare let up enough for me to be able to get myself home. One thing I noticed. I have no joy now in driving home in the dark. These headlights are a hell of allot brighter then they use to be for me. Well my backroad driving is in the cards for me to go to the cultural centre once in awhile to model.

So now I sit on the couch again. Resting in my laurels and waiting for the rest of the pain to slow down so I will sleep tonight. I think I may be taking a little more of a dose of my oils and supplements tonight to sleep like a baby that I am.

Well that was my adventure for the day. Not the same as what I usually have, but hey it was an adventure. I could have done with out the flare, but hey shit happens.

So until my next adventure. Talk to you later

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