Well I am totally insane now! Heaven help me

I look at this picture. I am in this group. I think how did I ever get so lucky.

This was a funvention I went to a couple of years ago. A funvention you ask. What the heck is a funvation? Well, it is like a convention. Only thing is it is not for learning about something. Or selling something. It is a convention to just go have fun. A place to meet up with friends. To make new friends. A way to just have plain fun.

You can travel all over the world going to these. I had one I was going to go to a year ago. It was in Australia. Bummer covid came or I would have experienced the time of my life in another country. I have also been to a few funvations in the US. San Francisco, Louisiana, and Nevada. the one in San Francisco was an international funvation put on by hat quarters. So was a big one lasted over more then three days. The best thing is I can travel on my own and meet up with ladies along the way to be able to travel the rest of the way together. Or you meet at the airport and go to the hotel together. You wear your red and purple garb you will see us anywhere and know we belong.

These funventions are for the red hat society. ladies of age who without the red hat society may feel isolated. Hubbies have passed and they are alone. Have no idea of what to do now. Ladies who want to travel, but do not want to travel alone. Ladies who want to experience new things in life. Or just looking for companionship. Now mind you, you can be a member of the red hat society and not go to any funvations. They do bring allot of fun and adventure into your lives though.

You can join a group in your area. Go out to lunch or other adventure with those ladies. Or you can adventure further and do allot more.

You can see different places. You can meet new friends. You may travel alone to a destination, but when you get there you will be welcomed in and visit with so many ladies.

Now if you are a quiet one like me. It is a little more difficult to put yourself out there and join in with a group. It does pay off though. In the past 9 years I have met so many beautiful ladies. Near and far. Some are now mutual friends and others may remember me or not. Others a little closer and any time I am in the area can look them up to go chat. I wouldn’t want to go back to the way I was before.

So now going back to this picture. Most of these ladies have been in the red hat society much longer then I have. From Washington State, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario and the funvation was in Edmonton. When I first met these ladies in different places I thought that they where the best of the best. Well or so I thought. You know me. A person who doesn’t get out much and never thought of being someone who would be known in any way. Some ladies call me the famous Brenda now. Hell I don’t think of myself as that way. It sounds kinda funny to me. Well I will go with it and say thanks, but not really famous. Once I was also nominated as hatter of the year. To be nominated with a list of so many wonderful ladies. As I got to know them better I opened up and I had a blast. I hadn’t smiled and laughed so much in my life. I was smiling for days afterwards on my way home.

Now I wonder. How in the heck did I ever get to sit at this table. I guess the event person who set up the table seating thought that my quietness needed a little push. Well that little push lead to allot of fun. I learned allot from that table as well. Well you know besides smiling so much. Two or three of these ladies had organized different funventions in different places.

Which now leads to a new idea by myself. British Columbia has not had any type of a funvention on this coast. There have been smaller one day events. The thing is I don’t think there has ever been a multi day Funvation. So now my mind is starting to wonder. then my mind ask me. What the hell are you thinking? Then the next day I am back thinking. This could be feasible. Really? then I flip flop again. Could I do this. Well I have been to enough funvations that I should be able to come up with something. I have spearheaded a one day event with my chapter to help in so many ways. That went off without a hitch. Well was a couple of hitches, but it all worked out and everyone had a great time.

For the past couple of months I have been thinking. That is a bad thing. Now I am going a little further then thinking. So for the last couple of weeks I have been writing down things. I have list and list of things that could be done. I have been laying in bed at night thinking. Could this be done or maybe that. Am I nuts. Well you betcha. I am nuts. On top of that a few other ladies have heard what I am thinking only because I made a comment on Facebook, and have been sending me things that might help me out. Some have said from other provinces that they will be in if I do. Others have said if they can help in any way from other provinces that they will help. Whoa boy!

Then there are others who do not know what the hell I am doing and start asking me if I am crazy. I had our council chair email me to ask what the heck I am doing. Are you doing something that the council needs to know about. Well for now council can know or not. It is something I am doing. But I will let them know and keep my progress going with them. I will ask if anyone in council wants to help, but it will not be a council event. I will ask other councils in the area if they wish to help. But for now it is on me. If I fail or it does not go through it is on me.

Again I say what the hell am I thinking! Now a couple of months into this I have contacted a few convention hotels to see what I can get in info from them. Well it is going further. Yeah, yeah what the hell am I thinking. Well I will go with what I am doing now and see if it is even feasible before I go any further. Money may stop me in my tracks already, but I will keep going with my warped brain and see when this may or may not shut me down and say I can or can’t do this.

So for the next couple of months I will be flip flopping, but so far I want to do this. Well until tomorrow or the next day. So now hey ladies is there anyone out there who would love to help me out. or is as crazy and nuts as me who would want to help. Or in other words talk me out of it. Na! Not gonna do that yet. Gonna try. Let’s get a committee together and see what we can do from here.

Okay I am clinically nuts now. This next year and a half is gonna be a nutty time for me.

Well my adventure continues. Or so to say until I am put in the insane hospital cause I am nuts right now. well that will be another adventure. The only thing that can stop for sure is if this covid nastiness does not go away. Well a year and a half I hope it is under control.

Talk to you later

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