Ya never know what I am going to do next

Sometimes I amaze myself and other times I can be the biggest chicken shit going. Today this chicken shit did something that she never thought she would do. I sat in front of a few people. I sat there almost butt naked. I said almost butt naked. Not quite. I had on a bikini swim suit. Or what would go as a bikini for and rollie pollie type of body.

Why would I wear a bikini you may ask. Well I was modelling today. at 62 I was being a model.

Let’s go back just a bit. About a month or so ago I saw an ad for a modelling job. it was for life models. Life models are models that pose for artists. Some are butt naked and others will have very little clothing so that skin can be seen. So the artist can see to bone structure and the muscle and for me the flab. Rollie pollie I did say. So I answered the ad.

The ad was for the chilliwack cultural centre and their drawing class they have two times a week. They called me and asked for an interview. Well I went to that interview. Hmmm what was I thinking, but I went.

Well anyways I went to the interview. And she explained what was expected. Gee I could do that. Then she ask me about doing it butt naked as well. For some reason I said yes I could do that, but for the first few times I think I may have to have on something. Hmmm what did I just say? I really do not care too much for my rollie pollie. mind you it has gone down 40 pounds so far. Hope that it keeps going down. Has been two years in the making for this 40 pounds though.

So now since I thought I would be able to do this. I looked online and found a few other places that used life models. I wrote to them and said I was available. Now I say again. What am I thinking.

Well I got an answer from another place. She said she was interested and could I model for her on such and such a date. Well I opened my big mouth and said yes. Oh my I had a job. Very -part part time, but I had a job. Something I can get out of the house once in awhile and go someplace. Where I can meet people. Artist as a matter of fact. I am an amateur artist, but I love to hear about real artist and what they do.

So the day before I was to go do this modelling job she calls me and cancels the session. Seems she has a bit of a cough and doesn’t want to give it to anyone else. Can we reschedule. Sure. So she makes it for this date. The week before she calls me again. Hmmm she is going to cancel again. Oh well. Nope that didn’t happen. She was confirming for tomorrow to come model. I say but I am scheduled for the next Saturday. She looks over her schedule again and says oh yeah. She was wrong. Looks forward to seeing me next week.

Well about 9 last night she calls again. I hate to ask you this late, but are you available tomorrow after all. she couldn’t get a model and needs one. What did I do I said yes right away before I talked myself out of it. Really. Still what am I thinking. Well now I am going to be modelling tomorrow. Be there at 9:30 in Aldergrove.

So this morning I am up and about. Get the pooches walked before hubbie is out of bed. Bag up a quick bite to eat and some water to drink. My towel and a change of clothes. I am then on my way to aldergrove.

I am talking to myself all the way over there. Why am I doing this. Should I be doing this. What the hell am I doing. I am going to be modelling in very little clothing with all my flabby parts hanging out. Again what the hell am I doing. I do not have a models body. I have a Rollie pollie body. What the heck would they want with my body.

Well I pull into the driveway. The gate opens and I drive in. The fellow tells me to park anywhere on the grass and go around back or in the house. Never being there before I wasn’t sure where to go. So he opens the door and shows me in. Big thing for me. I pulled into the driveway instead of just keep on going.

I meet susan for the first time. She gives me a big hug and then shows me outside where they will be setting up. The shade is too cool and the sun. Well it is going to get hot. I pick where I want to be and she will then set up the chairs around where my chair is going to be. It is where I will feel comfortable. So silly me picks the sunny part as it is warmer then the shaded area. Not thinking that I will be in that sun for four hours.

The artist start to arrive. I go to change my clothes into a bikini and cover up with a shift dress I have for easy on and off. Will keep the sun off during breaks. I come back outside and everyone is around chatting. I join in the conversation. Well for as little as I do. Not the Chatty Cathy that I could be. I listen to them chat. We then go outside. They set up easels and paper. And any other art supplies they want at their stations. I take off my shift dress and take my place on the chair. Do a bit of a pose with one leg curled under my other leg. Susan gets me a stool for my other foot so it does not fall asleep too soon. I make myself comfortable on how I always sit. Strike the pose I am going to do and then stare off into space at a tree at the other end of her yard. My eyes flick once in a while to check out the artist, but mostly I just meditate and stare into space at the tree in her yard. A peacock comes into to view for a bit. Wanders on through my site of vision. Such pretty colours. A cat wanders around the yard that I kinda keep an eye on as it plays in my vision area. A squirrel is gathering things in the yard to take home. And oh that tree I keep staring at.

I have no idea what time it is getting to be. Eventually susan ask if I need a break. I say it will be coming soon. About five ten minutes later we are on a break. I look at my watch and it is hour and a half I have sat there staring off into space.

I slip back on my shift dress and wander around the stations to see what they have drawn. Some are abstract. Some are a sort of likeness to me. Others I am not sure of, but should be me. Well it is all in the eye of the artist that is doing the picture.

Break over and tank dress back off. Back in the chair and another hour and fifteen minutes have passed. The sun is starting to beat down on my back. We take another small break. This break goes for a little longer as some want to have a bite to eat. After the break the last segment is a go. I sit in the sun for my last little bit. I am noticing the red on my skin. In places that have not seen sun in so many years.

I get through the last leg of the session. Artists have moved back to some shade and I still sit in the sun. Well it was my choice and to keep the pose the same I stay there. Four hours in and the session is done. I pack up my things and go and change back into my shorts. I look at a few of the pictures. Some interesting ways of portraying me. One person covered the whole canvas with colour and then scraped off what was to be me. Another did pencil drawings. another took a piece of glass and painted on it from the opposite side. There was a charcoal drawing and another in pastels. I admire everyone of them. Something I am not able to do right and they did it beautifully. Pictures of my Rollie pollie parts.

Well all packed up and head myself for home. Another experience under my belt. Will be doing more as they want me to come back next week to do it again. A couple of ladies said I had the perfect body for drawing. Another said I am a natural for being able to sit there and pose. So many lines and curves to draw. Said that I was good at what I do. Said I was a pro at modelling. Hmm for not doing this before to be told that I am a pro at this. Certainly does make me feel good. Even if I do think my body is Rollie pollie.

Well I fulfilled a childhood dream. I wanted to be a model when I was a teenager. I even sent away to a couple of schools that taught modelling. well a little different type of modelling. You know walking the cat walk and striking poses. Showing fashion and such. Mom saw those pamphlets and said in no uncertain terms would I be going to school for that. I even had a photographer want to photograph me. I knew that would be pictures I didn’t want to be taken, but I was flattered. My mother vetoed that to no end as well. Told me to quit the first job I ever had as a photo assistant because I had told her about my day. How the photographer thought I would take great pictures. She said I was not going back to that job and that was final. Anyways now I am doing a job of modelling. A little different, but fulfilling a childhood dream so to say. Just in a different sort of way. Will I ever do a butt naked. I doubt it, but it is fun to think that my Rollie pollie body is good for something. Well mom what do you think of your wayward child now.

So now what do you think of my adventures. I certainly went out of my comfort zone for that. You know what? I hope I get to do it more often. It is kinda fun in a way. Well I will be doing it again. Next week at the same place. And I will be doing in chilliwack as well. Maybe even some other contacts I put out will call to see if I am available. Susan had passed my name to someone already so there is a bonus.

Well I guess that is my latest adventure. Until my next one. Talk to you later.

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