You never know when you are going to have adventure.

I was out and about with Elizabeth again today. We headed over to White Rock and had a bite to eat and a wander along the pier.

A couple of weeks ago. Elizabeth sent me a text. You interested in an outing. In no time flat I text back sure. When and where? She said she was interested in going to White Rock to check out a new brewery that was opening. It was called the Galaxie. Then maybe a little wander along the pier.

So now we had a plan. Let’s hope the sun stays around and it doesn’t start to do it’s usual rain around here.

Well today came. I was up and about around 7. Got some Breakie and then got the dogs out for their usual constitutional. Our two mile walk around a few blocks. My usual exercise every day. Gotta get the doggies out and water everyone’s lawns around here. I know some people do not like that and have told me about it. I stay clear of their lawns and don’t let them go too far on someone’s lawn to sniff around and do their pottie. Yes I do clean up after them. A doggie servant I am and clean up after them. Bring the bag home and dispose of it properly.

Well that trek is done for the day. Time for some fun. I hop in my bug and head for Elizabeth’s place. Two parking spots left in her parking area. I sit for a few minutes and wait for her to come out of her parking garage. a couple of minutes later she comes out. I got there at the right time as two spots that were left had filled up.

I hoped out of my bug and into hers. We where off on another adventure. Okay which way do we go. We can go highway 17 or we can go highway 16. Which one you choose. Off down the expressway to our destination. Talking and chatting. Catching up on our time not together. Me doing a little complaining about such things. Her talking about memories and family.

We got closer to our turnoff. The highway was full of trucks this morning. The highways are getting busier everyday. Dang I liked driving these highways while restrictions where on. The highways where not like parking lots. It was a easy drive into wherever you where going. But now they are starting to get busy again. Slowing down our time to get someplace.

Well we came to our turnoff. Well which way do we go. You decide. Okay take 16. So off the highway we go and head south towards 16. Turn right onto 16 after we pass through Cloverdale.

We are getting closer to White Rock. We come down by the waterfront and find out the street is one way. Which is the wrong way from what we wanted to go. So had to go up a couple of streets. Drive along another street. Go to the other end and come back around to go the right way on the one way. Now to find a parking spot. Well that was easy peasy. Into the second lot we found and bonus. The spot we picked was right above the pier. What a view!

Paid for our parking and then we where on our way. Now Elizabeth was not too sure of where the brewery she wanted to go to was. So we just wandered. We came to a side street. And low and behold was the place she was looking for. Was not opened yet, but would be in a little while. So we took a gander or two in a couple of boutique stores on the main drag. Some cute outfits to look at. Loved the jewelry in another. Knick knacks in another place that where nice to look at. My thought is I would love to have some of those things, but really I do not need more dust collectors in the house.

So after a bit we headed back to the brewery. Found ourselves a seat and ordered a brew and something to eat. Elizabeth got to chat with the owner. Both are Star Trek fans and had been chatting of Facebook.

After we ate we headed over to the pier. Walked along the sidewalk by the beach. The tide was going out and long Sandy beaches were ahead of us. We walked to the pier and made it about half way out. The breeze was nice, but a little chilly at times. Half way out and realized it was time to head back to the car before time ran out. So we turned around and headed back. I scooted on ahead to get back to the car to make sure that some more time was put on the meter. Elizabeth followed behind and had to take a little longer as she could not make the steps and had to find a ramp to come back to the car with.

Well, homeward bound we are heading now. It is around 3 and had a plan to go someplace else. But we didn’t want to get caught in traffic coming home. So we decided on home. Took highway 16 home. The traffic was light except for a few trucks that would slow down the process. We made it back to Abbotsford in about an hour. Not bad time at all. Much better then being on the parking lot of highway 1. That is usually what it is like at this time of day.

Back to Elizabeth’s where I hopped back in my car and she headed into her parking garage. Home again from an adventure. I know this does not sound like much of an adventure. But to me to get out and about. Discover places I have never been before or have been to but it has been so long since I have been there. It is just great to be out with Elizabeth. To discover things I have never had the courage to go to before. To just go out and have fun.

I have been such a chicken shit most of my life. Missed out on so much, just because I was afraid to go out and do something. My life has changed. I go out and say the hell with it. If I want to discover something big or small I am going to do it.

So today was just a small discovery. I had not been to White Rock in 30 years. It would have been the time my brother had a home there. So much has changed since he had been there and I visited with him. I walked down on the beach and a sand castle competition was going on. Those are no more around here. Well I don’t hear about them anyways. Most of White Rock was small houses built into the side of the hill. Now are condo buildings dotted over stores along the strip.

So that was my adventure for today. Thank you Elizabeth for thinking of me to join your adventure. A fun day we had. A nice bite to eat. Easy walk along the water and out on the pier. Some fresh air and a little sun. A cool breeze blowing through our hair. And most of all good company to enjoy it with. Until next time we make a plan to go someplace.

Well cheers to you.

Until my next adventure. Talk to you later

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