Well my journey continues to old age.

Ha funny, funny! Old age. It is suppose to be the time of your life. A time where you can enjoy yourself and have some fun.

There are a lot of other things that go with old age. One of them is going to hospitals to have tests done. I had one or two of those tests done this past week. I am old and they expect me to do that. Well not that old, but it still was not an easy thing to do.

First thing this week I went to eagle ridge hospital in Port Moody. It was time for a stress test. You know you get yourself hooked up to allot of wires around your heart area and then you get on the treadmill and they slowly bring your speed up to check what your heart is doing.

Now mind you to get to Port Moody in the first place is a dang stress test all on its own. Have to be there at 10 o’clock for an appointment. So have to leave the house about an hour and half before that. That is on a good day.

I almost had a good day. Traffic is still light around here, but more and more cars are getting back on the road again to get places. The rain did not help much yesterday either. One place it just downpoured so bad you had to stop until it passed.

Then I got to Maple Ridge. We where moving along so study I thought I would make it early to get to Port Moody. Ha, fat chance of that. Just about the time I was coming by Bruce’s then everything came to a standstill. Traffic just stopped. Oh great so much for being early. Now if this keeps ups this slow and for how long will I even make it on time. Up goes the stress level.

Well I finally got to the front of the line as to where the slowdown was. It is traffic being brought into one lane. Great. I don’t see any construction for this. Just the cones up to direct us to one lane.

Finally I am back up to speed and going through Maple Ridge. No problems as I make it through Pitt Meadows. Traffic is a little busy but not as bad as pre covid driving. That was sometimes hell getting to places you wanted to be.

So now I am past Pitt Meadows and heading for the Pitt River Bridge. I get in the outside lane and am scooting down the highway. As I come over the bridge I realize I am in the wrong lane. Shit! I can’t change lanes from here. All of a sudden I am heading up the Mary Hill Bypass. This goes in the wrong direction. What the heck was I thinking. I know better then that. Up goes the stress level again. Well I follow the Mary hill Bypass under the railroad bridge and then turn off at Kingsway. Make my way into Port Coquitlam and back out the other side at Pinetree street. Backtrack my way back to Coquitlam. Cross highway 7 that I was suppose to be on in the first place and make my way back to LaFarge park. There I turn left and head along that road to the hospital.

I am getting close. Where is the driveway for the hospital. There it is. In I drive. I have a few minutes before I have to be there. Hmm is there any parking spots. This parking lot doesn’t seem to have many spaces. Round and round I drive. Nothing there. Nope nothing here. yay! There is one.

Now I wonder do I have to pay for parking. I know abbotsford doesn’t right now, but does eagle Ridge. I walk into the entrance. Nope to paying for parking. Walk up to the front desk. They ask me all the usual questions. Do I have any Symptoms of covid. Nope. They give me a sticker and send me to the next desk. I take a number and wait.. they call me up. Ask the same questions and then give me a form to take with me to the next office.

I walk into the office wait at their counter. The receptionist take the form and ask me to have a seat. More waiting. People come in people go out. Some that came in after me go in while I still wait. Had they forgot about me? Well finally I get in.

Out of my shirt and into a nice gown. Oh these lovely gowns. Usually used with opened at the back for one of my butt shot pictures. You know why they call it ICU. I know my funny. Well this time had to be opened at the front so I could be wired up to a contraption of wires.

Then I have to get on the treadmill. Walking oh this is easy. I can do this. We go at that for about five minutes. Then she says I am going to up it a little. Are you up for it. I say okay. The level goes up and notch and she makes it a little faster. Well I can manage that not too bad. Starting to breath a little harder. I would love to have the mask off so I can breathe a little better. After a few minutes she says she is bringing it up again

Well okay. I am comfortable at the level I am at. Well up it goes in level and faster at walking. I am hanging on for dear life now. Way too fast for me. I can still walk, but really fast. My arms are starting to cramp. I can’t hold on at this speed. I am going to let go and go head over teacup off the back of the treadmill. I definatly do not run anymore. Oh god please is this going to stop. Then she says I am going to bring it up once more. WHAT!

The hell you are. Well I don’t say that, but my foot is starting to give out. I say sorry I can not do another level. I know I am out of shape, but I can do a nice easy walk. But I certainly can not do a run. My feet and legs will not take that. Well at least I made it to the third level. How many more levels would they have taken it to. My stress would have been through the roof, but for now it already was.

So happy to say that me heart is still in good condition for the level of fitness I am at. I certainly do not want to do this again any time soon.

Well you talk about stress levels. Another test I had to do in the last week. I got a call first thing this morning from them. I had my pancakes done. Oh, in other words the boobs flattened. yeah it was mammogram time. The day you go and put on a pretty gown opened to the front. Then she take my ample boob and lays it on a flat surface. Standing at an awkward position and another flat piece comes down on top of my boob and flattens it to make it look like one big pancake. Right side then the left side. Oh so much fun. Mine are ample size of fat and take up allot of space on those pancake makers. I don’t know how ladies that are so petite try to get their none existent ones on that platform. Must be making little fried eggs instead.

Well anyways I got a call this morning. I have to go back and get it done again. More pancake done and then a couple weeks later I will be going into the clinic to find out if they did see something or just an anomaly of some kind. I have gone through this before. They see something and have to go back. Then they say it is nothing, but this time she is having me come into the clinic so maybe it is something. Gaul! I really am hoping for the first and not the second. It does run down in the family and I have thought about this for years as to what might or might not happen. Well will have to put it out of my mind for now and wait and see, so you talk about age and stress that comes into your life.

Well so much for hoping retirement and old age would be a breeze. Well no such thing. You get poked and prodded. You have to run and see your stress levels raise. So no matter what happens in the next few weeks I will keep living the life I want to live. My plan is for some travel plans once this covid takes a hike. Red hatting as well. I have my second shot coming up to keep me a little more safer then I was before. I will just keep on keeping on.

Well that is about it for my latest adventures. I know you really do not want to hear about stuff like this, but I am writing it anyways.

So talk to you later. Until my next adventure. Small or large.

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