I went for a trail walk today

Oh I love that I can put my videos up here now. Enjoy my pictures. I like making videos of my adventures. It puts everything all together with some music.

So this morning was a beautiful day. It was not too dang hot to get out and take a walk.

Hubby decided he was going to take a ride on his bike today. So I had a little free time on my hands. I loaded up the pooches in my bug and headed off down the road towards Maple Ridge. Headed back to dewdney trunk road and followed the back roads. Making my way through the greenery of pine trees and very little traffic. Lovely day for a drive.

Suddenly a big dark cloud rolled over. Down came the rain. Alright it may not be a good day for a walk after all. Well, just as sudden as the rain came in it was gone again. the clouds cleared and the sun was shining again. Well yes it will be a great day for a walk again. That is British Columbia weather for you

I was thinking of maybe turning around, but drove on to my destination. My turn was coming up. It was now or never. Do I walk and maybe get wet or do I go home. Another one of those clouds may come over. Then again maybe not. So I turned down the road I wanted and into the parking lot a half mile back.

The parking lot was pretty well empty. Bonus. A nice private walk will be for the three of us. Well I know there will be a few people walking. There are other entrances around the area to get in on.

We are at Kanaka Creek regional park. It is on the closer side of Maple Ridge just off Dewdney Trunk Road. between Mission and Maple Ridge., BC

So I hooked up the pooches on their long lead. Grabbed my bag and camera and we were off and sniffing and peeing and more sniffing. We have an agreement on our walks. They can do all the sniffing and peeing and more sniffing. Then they have to wait while I rest for a minute after going up a hill. Or have to wait for me while I take a picture of something. They are probably thinking I have already taken a picture like that. Why would she take another one. Well they keep their thoughts to themselves and I will keep my thoughts to myself about how often they have to pee someplace.

First we head over to the fish hatchery. It is close to get back to the car if it starts raining. The sky is bright and blue now so hoping no rain. I walk around the tranquil trail that has info on the fish hatchery. I look into the tubs and there are so many little fishies swimming around in there. As I walk a bit closer my shadow goes over the tank and they spread to get out of the danger of the shadow. I watch all the little fishies swimming for a bit. I then head on through the area and read some of the signs that are there.

Well back to the parking lot. Over across the road and follow the trail along the river. Water rushing over rocks. The melt is going on so the creeks are running higher and rougher then what they usually do. I like trails like this. They are well groomed and wide enough if you come across someone walking the other way that might have a dog. This trail has it so it is wide enough for everyone to get by. Sometimes my pooches become a little nervous when another dog passes. They have both been attacked by a bigger dog coming from a property and jumping on them. Grabbing on and shaking. My dogs do not take kindly to some other dogs now.

Rocky gets a pet from a gent as we walk on. Another lady loves the look of Boots and wanted to know what type she was. We chat for a minute and then we head on our way. Just to pass her again on the other side of the trail.

As I make my way along the hills start to get a little steeper. Hmm. Did I pick a trail that is going to be too hard for this old broad. I make it to the top. Yes doggies I have to stop for a bit to get my breathe. Go ahead and pee someplace so it doesn’t look like I am out of shape. We walk on.

We come to a fork in the trail. Hmm which way to go. I look at the sign and decide on the right. You know I made a good choice. If I would have went to the left on the way back I would have been walking up all those steps I took pictures of. People coming up them are huffing and puffing to get to the top. Just to have more steps up ahead.

I made a good choice. Another fork in the road. I want to be over here how do I get there. Aw there is the path I want. It will take me to the water fall I wanted to look at. Still a great trail and yay the sun is still shining. Half way around I am. Up a little down a little, but not too steep. That is good. I don’t think I will make too many hills. I hope all those step I went down will not turn into going back up again.

I make it to a bridge. The falls is just ahead. I walk on. Snapping a picture here. Snapping another there. The dogs stopping to do their little pee here or there. We are a good team. Makes for stops to catch my breath if I have to. Boots is now walking behind me. Means she is soon done. She will keep going as long as the rest of us, but will lag behind and hope for one of us to stop for something.

Later she will pounce out ahead again, but it does not last too long. Poor Boots just wishes she would be home on her pillow resting up. She is 15 now, but will still go for a walk if we are going. Just a little slower then the rest of us. Sometimes I am just as slow as she is.

We come to the waterfalls. You can’t really get a good view of it. you are kinda off to the side of it. But you get the gist of it. The water plunges down over some rocks cutting its way through the rock bed. Down a little further there are a couple of holes in the rock bed. I bet when the water is rushing so much it had cut those holes into the rock. Interesting what water can do.

We make our way back to the trail and head ourselves back towards the parking lot. Anther 15 or 20 minutes away. through the greenery and listen to the stream rushing off to the side of us. We meet a few people along the way. Not too many.

You noticed there are bear signs up. Well I didn’t see any. Thank goodness for that. I have no idea what to do if I happen to see a bear. People have seen them in many places this year. Along with coyotes as well. I would just like to walk and not meet up with any.

Well I am back to the bridge at the highway. Walk across the road and back to my car. All three of us have a drink and then hope into the bug for our trek home. I take the highway home as it is a little faster. Hubby should be home from his bike ride and wondering when I will be home. The pooches snuggle up in the back in their blanket and are snoozing in no time. Well until I slow down for a turn or a light. Rocky will jump up to see whether we are getting out again for another walk. Boots just blinks her eyes a bit and then closes back into a deep sleep.

So home again I am. it was a good walk. A little bit of hills I didn’t really care for, but the walk was great. I did make it up those. I found another waterfalls in the area. I am looking for trails that have them. I do love waterfalls. Or just rapidly water. I love the sound of the water barreling over the rocks on it way down.

So I guess that is it for now. Hubby is home so some more work in the back yard. Na! Maybe I will just take a me day and sit and watch him do a little of the renovations he wanted done.he has so many plans now that retirement has hit. The thing is he gets this done all at once what will he have to do later.

Well will talk to you later. Until my next adventure.

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