I almost have my smile back.

I wrote a couple of months ago about having to have some teeth removed. Rotten teeth gone. Well I am happy to say that one more week and I have a new set of teeth. I have my smile back. Well at least next week.

I have been waiting so long for this. From the stubs of front teeth being pulled three months ago. To waiting for appointments, which for now due to covid are behind. This was my fourth appointment for fitting. First you go in and have a consultation. Next you go in to get the first casting. Then you go back a couple of weeks later to get another casting so he makes sure it is right. Then I go in another couple of weeks later to do a first fitting. No teeth just the wiring. Then this last one I did yesterday had the wiring with the teeth not in sturdy, but they are there. He did a bit of adjusting yet and then let me take a look. Wow I had teeth for a few minutes. They looked great. I had my smile for a few minutes. Only thing is I sure was not use to that being there. My tongue ran across it and trying to talk, well that was a different story. I am going to be talking funny for a bit until I get use to them.

Anyways I have one more week to wait for them. More things I have to remember to put in in the morning. It is a memory thing getting old. First I have to put my ears in and then I have to put in my teeth now as well. I have spent many a time until I got use to it that I have to put in my hearing aids. I go out someplace and then I remember I had to put them in. Well ain’t gonna hear much at this get together am I? It took awhile to put that habit into place. Now on top of that I have to remember that the teeth have to go in too. Like I say it sucks to get old.

Well whatever! Fun stuff.

Oh on another note. I also wrote a bit about our visitors to our water feature. Those dang tree frogs. The noisy things that make the loudest RIBBIT you ever heard. For being the smallest things I have seen in frogs they sure do make allot of noise.

Well after hubby had emptied the pond. Cleaned it to no end. We left it empty for a couple of weeks. It was quiet out back for this two weeks. So we thought we might have gotten them to move on to someplace else. So first night we filled it to just above the rocks. Didn’t run the pump the make the water falls. We had another quiet night. Yes! We may have done it. So the next day while I was out doing some of the gardening hubby filled the water feature a little fuller and turned on the pump.

Bugger! That night they are back. RIBBIT, RIBBIT, RIBBIT. Dang. Where the heck were they for two weeks. Didn’t hear a peep out of them. Then as soon as we fill up again they came back to make more noise. So down goes the water to level of rocks again.

Last night we heard them again. The only thing is it wasn’t coming from our water feature. The REBBITS where coming from a different direction. Hmmmm! That is strange, but these frogs may have headed to the neighbours. They have a kiddy pool over there. Filled with water. Well we will keep the water low on our water feature and hope that they take a hike for better water source. Not that I want this for some other neighbour, but they are not in our water anymore.

So that was two of my exciting things going on now. Yeah real exciting, but hey with covid around I am not doing much exciting. sit at home. Go for groceries. Take a drive. A visit once in while with some girlfriends. I look so foreword to getting out and about again more with my girlfriends, but will have to wait a bit yet.

Well I guess that is all going on around here. I will be so happy to have my smile back again though. So will wait patiently for that.

Talk to you later. Until my next adventure

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