Sun shining. I went for a walk with the pooches

This is my video from today. Hope you enjoy. Hope it works. WordPress never took video before so hoping it works

It is a beautiful day. Time to get away from the house as hubbie is still working for the next three weeks yet. Time to get away before he is around me 24/7. I am going to go nutty for awhile until I get use to the idea of him being around all the time. I may have to escape once in awhile on my own. Or I will go batty. He says he is going to hang around my like a lost puppy.. well I will be more like a batty person instead. Time will tell.

Anyways today’s adventure. I went on another part of the trans Canada trail. This part was in Pitt Meadows, BC. I have a video above. Not sure if you can see it or not, but is listed there.

Weather said a beautiful day. I had a couple of items to pick up. I was getting some free yarn balls from one person I found on Facebook. Then some material from another lady. They are clearing out and I am using up. My stash is getting a little low. I won’t be able to make donations of hats, scarves, mitten or blankets if I don’t have the material. I may have to break down and buy, but boy is that expensive to just give away the items. So I look anywhere for anyone who happens to be getting rid of their stash. Saves me money and keeps my hands busy.. well anyways I got a bag of yarn from one lady and a few pieces of material from another. I can get back to finishing a blanket I had started and couldn’t finish as I was out of that size of yarn. Was soon thinking I would have to improvise with another size of yarn. So for now can keep going. Right now I have a box that runneth over at the top with blankies to donate off soon.

Today after my pickups of bags of yarn I headed for Pitt Meadows. That is where I was picking up the material scraps that someone had. Once I got my supplies I headed over to a little community by the Golden Ears bridge. In that area is a part of the trans Canada trail. It is a long way around, but I was only going out for a couple of hours. Would take me about a couple of miles out and then a couple of miles back to the car.

The trail was not very busy. That I do love. Not crowded with people walking. It means I can meander along and the pooches can be on long lead instead of up beside me. So they get to explore as much as I do. I do stop allot and take pictures of different things. Hubby never understood that, but I am a very amature photo taker and love to see what I come up with in pictures when I get home. Then I do love to share my adventure afterwards.

My adventures are not that big, but they are my adventures. I love walking, but lately my feet and back are not agreeing with my walking. I don’t want to give it up, but sometimes boy do I hurt afterwards. I will keep going as long as I can though. So if you see me hobbling down a trail, don’t worry I am going to keep doin what I love to keep doin.

This is where I walked today. It was in Pitt Meadows, BC. If you look at the map. It shows the whole part of this walk along the dyke being about 13 Klms long. I only walked around 3 Klms out from the parking lot and then 3 back. Most of it was under shade, but later I came out on the dyke and was in full sunlight. I walked a little ways along the back of the Pitt Meadows airport. Watched planes coming in and going out as I meandered along.

It was a quiet walk. The dogs panting ahead of me and later them panting behind me as they where starting to have enough. When we came back into the shade on our return they walked ahead of me again. Sniffing and panting along the way.

I met a few people along this route. So wasn’t at all a lonely walk. Bikes go by and people walk by and say hi as they pass. So I wasn’t alone if something where to happen and not make it back to the car.

This was my first time here in many years. When we lived in Maple Ridge we use to ride our bikes on these dykes. It had been 20 years since I had been on this dyke. Boy has it changed. A community had sprung up by the golden ears bridge. this bridge was not here when we lived there. This community also brought a beautiful place to walk along the water with mature trees all along the way. Until you left the community area and ended up walking the dyke in the sunshine. This part of the dyke was not here when we lived here. You had to take roads to get around the airport area. And then could join back to the dyke on the other side of the airport. Now you are able to walk the dyke on the backside of the airport all the way around to the bridge that goes to Coquitlam. On the other side of that bridge you can still walk dykes for more miles then you can count. The dykes are all along Pitt River to Pitt Lake. So nice to walk or ride a bike if you have the stamina to do. I use to walk these for miles when we lived here, but now I am lucky if I make it a couple of klms before I have to turn around.

So today I made it about 5 Klms. The pooches ahead for a bit. Sniffing out every little thing. Stopping here and stopping there. A little sniff here and bigger sniff there. On their long leashes so they can get enough fun and I can keep moving. Then as the time wore on I was ahead and they were behind. Slowing to my pace and getting tired. I went down by the Fraser River a couple of times to give them a cooling of their feet. Hoping for them to get a bit of a drink. They don’t go in. A couple of prissy dogs that don’t even want to get their feet wet. The dog I had before these two would run for the water and swim for hours, but these two are just so prissy and not want to get wet.

We walk along the dyke for a bit. The sun is beating down on us. Time to turn around and head back for the car. Back to the shady area where the cooler air is. I have had enough sun so I bet pooches have as well.

Back into the shady area of the trail again and pooches wander out ahead again. Knowing they will be heading back to the car soon. through the trees we go along the trail of tall trees. Birds chirp from the trees. Do not see them but can hear there happy song. The trudge of my feet telling me I have soon had enough. I know tonight my feet will be telling about my adventure today.

We make it back to the car. The pooches gladly hop in the back seat and lay down for a nap. I head for home with their snores in the back seat. The music blaring away on the radio. The sun in my face and the wind in my hair. Another day of fresh air and exercise. Home to my comfy couch where the pooches will snore away as well. Content with their walk and me with mine. Well until my feet and back tell me different.

I love my adventures and hope I can keep doing them for awhile yet. My bod tells me more every time I go out on an adventure. I will keep on keeping on as long as I can. Soon though I will be doing alone as my pooches are getting older too and now they slow sooner then I do.

Well until my next adventure. Talk to you later

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