Life in the back yard

This is our back yard. A rippling babbling brook of water falling down the rocks into a pond at the bottom. My garden is coming to life and the shrubs and flowers are making themselves known. About ten years ago we did a remove of a deck on this hill and put this water feature in. I love sitting out back and watching the birds and butterflies that come to visit my garden. Listening to the water caress down over the rocks.

Things have changed over the years out back in my garden. Some shrubs have died and had to be replaced. Others have been added to add more colour to my back yard.

My brother use to look after the back yard. He loved to be out and puttering around in the yard. Plucking dandelions from the lawn. Plucking a weed here and a weed there. Mowing the lawn and making sure his little spot of a garden had his veggies growing. We use to sit on the back porch first thing in the morning. Watched the sun come up and chat a little bit before we started our day. Him drinking his coffee and me with my smoothie. He passed a couple of years ago and now it is up to me to make sure all is being taken care of in the back yard. whoa! Did I get a wakening on that. Keeping up to make sure it doesn’t get over grown with weeds and such. I

miss those mornings, but I have them in my heart when I sit out back there on my own and watch the sun come up.

About a week ago I had some different visitors come to visit my pond. Well they started out in the neighbours lawn. Have no idea where they came from, but they were there.

No, not this in particular, but yes we had a couple of west coast tree frogs. They are only such tiny things. About and inch and a half long from head to butt. Yeah I said butt. If you know me on Facebook you will know what I am talking about.

Anyways they spent a couple of days up in the neighbours yard above us. In the flower bed above us. The next thing I know they have migrated down to our pond. How do I know where they where? Well for such little thing their croak is the loudest noise going. REBBIT, REBBIT, REBITT! All hours of the day and night.

First we wondered what the heck the lady had bought above us. What item for the garden that would make that kind of noise. Why would anybody buy something like that. It sure sounded like some sort of noise maker. Battery operated we thought. Sometimes it sounded like that battery was dieing. Yay! Didn’t need to listen to it anymore. Alas though the sound started again. Why did she put batteries back in it. Well another night of not much sleep. Me being a deaf person did not really hear it, but hubby was not happy. He hated noises. Especially when there was a tick in the car. Always had to find where it was coming from. Drove me nuts cause I just didn’t hear what he was listening to.

A couple of days later I was doing some of this tedious gardening when the REBBITS started again. This time though was not coming from up in the upper lot. It sounded like it was coming from my red maple tree. What the heck? So I look around the tree and see nothing. A couple of old toys from the kids next door. Those toys would make it over the fence when the kids where outside playing. So I sent the toys back to the neighbours yard.

The sound stopped so I went back to pulling grass. The REBBITS started again. Oh great! what the heck. Then another REBBIT came from a different direction. Two toys in our yard. Did someone throw these noise makers over the fence cause they didn’t like them? Then it started to sound like these two where talking to each other. One would REBBIT And then the other would REBBIT. DANG I THINK WE GOT VISITORS!

This noise went on for a couple of days. Sleepless nights for hubby and REBBITS all day long. We have visitors in our back yard. Where the heck did they come from do not know, but they have taken up residence in our pond.

So onto the internet I go. Cricket or frog or toad. Don’t know what the heck it was. I looked at allot of websites to see if I could find out what it was. I listened to different noises on utube. I finally came up with what was visiting our back yard. We had a couple of northwest tree frogs. They are only about an inch and half long, but dang can they make a noise.

Alright how the heck do I get rid of these noise makers. We certainly do not want them in our pond.

First thing we did is wait until dark. Go out with flashlights and see if we can see them. They hide under the rocks during the day. Pop up for air give some noise and then go back to the rocks. Well I saw one, but by the time I tried to reach it it was back down under the rocks. Hmmm internet said they are like deer. You flash the light in their eyes they are stunned for a bit and can catch them. Ummm! Not happening.

They come up for air and make so much noise. One is on one side of the pond and the other is on the other side of our pond. They are talking back and forth to each other saying ha ha you can’t catch us.

So another night of no sleep. Next day back onto the internet. Vinegar will make the area not a nice place to live. Well I use vinegar to kill my weeds. I guess I can use the same vinegar spray around my pond to make it a place that they don’t want to be. I might kill off the plants at the edge of my water feature, but if it works. Bonus. if not we will be draining the water feature and cleaning it out. Taking out the rocks. A job I ain’t looking forward to.

So that afternoon I spray vinegar solution around the rocks of my water feature. that night the REBBITS go for a couple of hours. Then they start to get less and less. Quieter and quieter. Around 3 we do not hear the REBBITS anymore. Peace and quiet. Hubby sleeps tonight. No more REBBITS. Well until the wind came up. We had the windows open as it was a little warm in the bedroom. Next thing the door slams closed in the bedroom. Whoa! That woke us all up. Boots was restless after that. Up and down. Rummaging around on the bed. It was like we had a thunder and lightening night. She wouldn’t settle.

I guess one more night of no sleep, but the noise outside was gone. Wonder who’s yard they are going to end up in now. At least it isn’t our yard anymore. Still do not know where they came from or where they had gone back to, but at least they are not in our yard keeping hubby up anymore.

So that is my latest adventure. Since we can’t go anywhere except for essentials my adventures have to be in my back yard.

So that’s about it for now. Until my next adventure. Talk to you later.

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