A walk in Harrison Mill, BC


The last few days have been sunny out. Nice. I can finally get out and about again. Enjoy the weather and the outdoors.

I headed out highway 7. Dang motor cycle was following pretty close behind me. I finally pulled over and let him pass me. Reves up his engine and and zooms around me. I know I should watch for them, but when they act like idiots and thinks it is great to be right behind you trying to get you to go faster.

While I was pulled over. I got out of the car and took a couple of pictures of the lake and the snow covered mountain in the distance. Sure was a pretty view.

I was back on the road and made it to Harrison mills. A nice quiet place. I pulled into the Sandpiper golf course. Through and around the golf course is a few trails you can follow. Very easy to walk. Flat and in the trees. Once in awhile you have to cross the golf course to get to another trail. So watch where you are walking. Golfers may be out and balls may be coming your way. It is a peaceful walk through the trees. You can hear the stream flowing. Just beautiful.

You come out at Harrison lake. During the fall when you go there. You will see salmon swimming up the stream and the eagles that are there in the trees. Looking to gather lunch of the salmon. I was there in the spring. So not any one there. I had the gazebo to myself. To just sit and enjoy the peace of it all. The water running in the stream to the lake. The trees just starting to bud. The mountains in full view right now. A few birds flying along the lake. Just a great place to sit and enjoy the day.

I finally pulled my self away and walked the trail back to the car. I drove to my next stop. Kilby boat launch and campground. The historical site is closed. They are just now opening on the weekend. But for me I wasn’t there on the weekend. So drove a little further and went to the boat launch. I parked and went down to the water. There I first walked to the left along the water. Followed the water to where I could see the Harrison bridge. I then turned around and walked the other way for a bit. I went under the rail bridge. On the other side I found a couple of old abandoned building. There was no trespassing so just took a couple of pictures from the beach. From the other side of the rail bridge I got a beautiful picture of the snow covered mountains in the distance. So pretty.

Well my feet are starting to bother me now. So back to the car I go. I have to leave these tranquil places with very few people right now and head for home.

Well that is about it for his adventure. Not much, but is just so nice to get out and wander again. Weather is improving so will be out more in the future.

Until next time. Happy adventures. Talk to you next time

Oh the video at the top is of my adventure. Hope you are able to see it. I am on a different site now with my videos. They still go to utube and on Facebook for you to see. I love to share my adventure


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