A walk in hillkeep regional park, Chilliwack, BC


Here is another adventure I went on last weekend.

I had read about this place on my trails app. Said it was an easy walk. Well not as easy as I thought.

As it was the weekend hubby and the pooches went along with me.

Hubby asked well where are we heading today. So we hopped in the car and I gave him directions to Chilliwack and the turnoff we had to make to get to this trail. I told him it was an easy walk. Well according to the app anyways. I am not much on walking something that is classed as moderate and definatly not on hard ones. I would really love to go on some of this hard ones as they have great views on them. But I know I would not make it.

So I figured this would be up my alley. Easy trail it said. First we had to get there. We pulled off the main road and started driving up and up and up. The views along the way where gorgeous. I am sure glad we didn’t need to walk up that road to get to hillkeep park. When we got there there wasn’t much in the way of parking. We did find a place to park. So wasn’t too busy when we got there. Sometimes I bet there are cars parked all the way down the road to go walk these trails.

Good for us there was still parking places. Well we started our walk by going to the lookout. Well easy enough until the road stayed straight and the trail went off to the left. A;one with it going to the left it also started going up. Oh my gosh am I going to make it. There was up hill and then there was stairs to go up. Then more uphill. Well we did make it. I was breathing a little bit, but yeah I made it. The lookout was empty. We had the place to ourselves. To look out over the valley and see way be;ow the city of Chilliwack and the farmland below. Way down there. I loved this place. The walk not too much, but just looking out over the valley yeah that was great.

We finally pulled ourselves away from the view and walked back down the trail. Down down down we went and back to the parking lot. Our next walk was on the loop trail. A few ups and a few downs. But not too bad. We walked through an easily marked trail. Wide enough for two to walk side by side. Through the trees. There was ponds along the way. One place we were not too sure of as there was two trails going to the same way. We walked the lower one, which made on the other side not too steep to walk down. To about 2 kms later we are back at the car. A few more people had come in so lot was getting full.

We pulled out and headed for home.

Was a beautiful day for a walk. Another adventure for my poor feet to take. That night was doing a little limping. Took a couple of days for the soreness to Subside to just a small ache. I love my adventures , but sometimes lately my feet do not.

There is another video above of my pictures. Enjoy.

Well until next time. My adventures continue. Talk to you later


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