My adventures keep coming.NOT!

I was writing these post on Facebook. Thought I might a well put the whole adventure on here. I am in the midst of major dental work.

Day one of my fun. Well I got punched in the face today. Well no not really, but it looks like it. I am in the middle of major dental. I hate Sjögren’s syndrome a bunch of rotten teeth gone due to no saliva to keep the bacteria down on my teeth. Next step coming up next week and then Back to the dentist for more reworking. Should I say expensive or what. Did I say I am not happy with sjogrens. No smiling for me for a bit. Ouchies!

My dental work was very extensive. I went in at 8 in the morning. And am back out around 2 in afternoon. No I am not awake. When hubby comes to pick me up I am very ditzy. They had trouble waking me up. Hubby tried to get me to answer some questions and he said I just stared off into space. He took me home. I sure a heck did not remember anything. I woke up on the couch around 5. Boy are those good drugs. You just sleep and sleep and sleep. The thing is your mouth is in a whole different state of mind. I am now missing nine teeth and two or three root canals. Did I say ouchies. Dang right!

This was two days later. After first appointment with dental work. Well my saga continues. I had a visit to emerge last night. Fun stuff. Said last week about having dental surgery. Well thought I was healing and pain was going away. Well last night the pain in one tooth decided it wasn’t done with me yet. I woke at 3 in the morning and went to the bathroom to get a drink. My pain levels are pretty high so I take quite a bit without it bothering me too much. Well I think I went past my pain level. I was standing there getting a drink and next thing I know hubby is yelling for me to wake up. I passed out. Brought my head down on the edge of the toilet seat. So off to emerge hubby took me. There for a couple of hours. Then over to abbotsford for a ct scan and then back to Mission. I have a gash on my head just behind my ear 3 inches long. I have been stapled up. And a Tenis shot as well. The toilet seat did not fare so well either. I am fine no concussion, headache or internal bleeding. Since no sleep last night did allot of sleeping on the couch today with the pooches cuddled up to me. I am sorta up now, but still a little tired.

Now a day later.Today’s saga. Back to abbotsford for another ct scan. Doc called last night and said might have saw something on last ct scan so went to do another. No concern yet I hope. Will keep you posted. Tomorrow back to dentist to pay their bill and then next day to dentures to start with them. Fun, fun, fun! NOT!

Here is my last post on Facebook. This was another day later.And my adventure continues. Doc called yesterday. Said second ct scan showed all was good. Great no extra blood flowing in my brain after my pass out and argument with the toilet bowl. So no more trips back to emerge unless I start getting headaches or dizzy. Today onto denture clinic to see how much it is going to cost to have new teeth done. I am hoping not an arm and leg and my first born. Maybe just go down to garage and carve my own. Then tomorrow back to the dentist for a check to see if they have things going right with them. More money gone. My pocketbook hates me. Dentist loves me. Then next week into doc and have staples removed from my head where I gashed myself on the toilet seat. The fun continues. Hope this is over soon, but know it won’t be as more teeth will break away soon and need to be taken care of. They could have just taken them all out and saved me the trouble, but they say save as many as they can. Well what is the use if they are going to go anyways. I do take care of my teeth, but having no moisture in my mouth is the problem and they just decay.

Yesterday I had my second denture visit. Into a chair and fingers in my mouth. Bright lights shining in my face. I am being tortured. Then last thing he says. That will be $3800. Boy does that sound like a sex excerpt in a B movie. Well I know it won’t be that much as I have some insurance that will pay for some of it. Thank goodness for that. Unless I have used up my limit on the insurance with the dental work that has been done so far.

Now I get another adventure today. Back to the dentist. More fingers in my mouth. At least they didn’t ask for money . That will be tacked on at the end. Oh boy! Anyways they checked out my bite. Couldn’t do it when I was napping so did it today. A grinder grinding down my teeth so I can bite right. Hopefully this will stop the pain that is going on in two back teeth. They also said I am healing up much better then they though. They where thinking that it would be three or four weeks before I would get any good healing. But looking today dentist said that they are healing up better then they thought. So they took out the stitches as well. Wow! That is one relief. I don’t have any strings hanging in my mouth anymore that I kept feeling.

So now I have three to four more appointments with the denturist and today was told that the dentist has two more fillings they want to do before the denturist is going to do the last cast. Oh come on! I am so done now, but they say I am not. Still ask the question. Instead of filling teeth that are just going to go rotten why not pull them out now and be done with it. I know they want to save the teeth so that later on you can come back again and so they can say. This will be that much. Pull out your pocket book again. He, he, he! No not funny at all.

So I will keep adding to this blog post as things happen. So will be updating as I have appointment and such. Will keep you posted on my lovely adventure.

Week later and still a little groggy at times.Well I am happy to say that I have slept through the night for the past couple of nights. I am finally starting to heal up. Just thought I would let you know. Getting your teeth fixed is now getting closer. Soon I will have my smile back. Just a little update.

So today it has been a week and half after i had my nine teeth out. I stil have twinges in my mouth. Not so much pain, just twinges. I do hate the feeling of not having those front teeth. my toungue will run over the spaces and then I say oh yeah! Well anyways back to today. I made a call to the medical clinic. I really like this way of going to clinic. if you have to see a doctor you make a video call appointment. They call you when they have an appointed tie. You don’t have to sit in an office for hours and hours waiting for other patients t get done so yu can go talk to them. So today I called up to get the staples removed. The receptionist said come on in and we will get them taken out for you. So drove down to the medical clinic. Talked to the receptionist. Then went straight in to the medical room. No waiting out in the lobby for hours on end. Just straight in. the nurse talked with you. Then the Doc came in to check. Then the nurse was back in to pop the staples out. Said okay you are done and you head for home.Too bad this is not going to last, but it is nice while it last.

So will talk to you later. Everyone have a lovely day. Till next time.


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