Walking walking walking.

I have been writing about my strolling the past couple of days on here. I get out when I can and just walk. It is my mind clearer. It is my exercise. I enjoy it, but the problem is my feet don’t enjoy it as much as they use to. The thing is I still do it whether the feet disagree or not. My motto is if I can still do it I will. I am not gonna sit on my duff just because I hurt. Exercise is good for me. It keeps me going. Doc is sometimes astounded that I am still as good as I am. she figured a few years ago that by this time I would be riddled up with lots of joint pain. So I keep going.

Some days it is just a short jaunt around the block with the pooches. Other times I take off and hike out where I can get some real distance going.

I put an app on my iPad that shows where all the trails are. My, is there ever allot around the abbotsford area. there are a few around the Mission area too. I have been on a few of them. Others I would like to try, but don’t think I am strong enough to do the hills that are included in them. Some I see have multiple trails interlocking with each other. Makes me wonder whether I would get off on the wrong trail and get myself lost. Then there is the thought of bears or a cougar or some other animal that I don’t want to run into. The last worry is. If I fall.

I take it slowly when I am walking. I don’t push. When I need to rest or stop I do. Like yesterday. I was coming back up from the falls area. There was allot of steps there. Then some up hill as well. I stopped a couple of times to catch my breathe on that walk up. Before on going down there was some slippery places and some bigger steps then I was hoping for. Glad there was railings there to help me get through that little bit of slipperiness.

I have walked for years. On the farm I use to take off, walk the fields and head off into the bush on the farm.I would walk the backroads around blocks. Each road.a mile and quarter in length. Never thought much about it. Just liked to walk and take in what was going on on different farms. Sometimes I would stop in a visit with someone who knew me. They would chat with me then send me on my way. Just part of my childhood and knowing all the neighbours around you.

When I moved to the city when I was married. My walking continued. I would walk to work each day. Rain or shine. Hubby had the car to go to his work so no transportation for me. It would take me an hour to get there. Then when work was done an hour to get home. If groceries had to be bought I would walk downtown and get my few bags of groceries. Was always a load to get the bags back home, but I did it every week.

Hubby and I on the weekends would end up doing a walk together. There was a couple of times he walked me all the way to a little town about 15/20 miles away. His parents lived there and on a nice day we would walk there and then get a ride home from his brother. We usually walked the railroad tracks that was close where we lived and went by this little village.

I also at this time had a beautiful dog named Princess. She was my companion and would walk anywhere with me. I would take off on my days off and just walk. I would be down at the river or I would head off by the highschool and down along the park area there.. these where always long distance walks.

When my son came along and I wanted to walk. I would load him up in a wagon and pulls him along behind me. He had a couple of toys with him to play with. Or if it was cooler out he had his favourite blankie. Why not use a stroller. Well first off I wore out a couple of them walking and second he was getting too big for a stroller later on. You say he could walk beside me. Well that didn’t work as he is not interested in long distance walks. His little legs would not take how much I walked. So a dog walking next to me and my son in a wagon.

Over the years I have had many dogs who have walked with me. When I lived on the queen Charlotte island in Masset the beach was a beautiful place to walk. I would head off from the house. Through the brush area and end up at the beach. Long lines of Sandy beach to trail along. Just had to watch out for high tide. You would get stuck someplace if you where not careful. Watching whales breach from the water. Listening to the waves break on the sand. Picking up shells and throwing sticks for spark plug to go chase. You say spark plug. Yep that was the name of my dog at that time. She was half Jack Russell half Scottish terrier. A real hand full for having energy. We could go for miles together and she would still be ready to go on. If I didn’t have her tied in the back yard she would hop and eight foot fence no problem at all. a great dog at the time. I got a bicycle during that time and had a dog runner on the side. She ran for miles while I peddled. Still not tired when we got back home.

Well you get the point. I am a Walker. I have been for many years. Love to do it, but as I said my feet are starting to tell me different.

A few years ago I went to a convention in San Francisco . We where in a hotel in the down town area. I took the notion that I had a little time I could take a walk. Well what a walk I took. From the hotel it was straight up. Literally straight up. I went through China town, little Italy and a few other district. I followed the road that had the street car go up it and then back down the other side. I thought that if I couldn’t make it I could get on the street car and get the rest of the way. Well I did make over to pier 49. I think that is the name of it. Then I walked along the area. Went to the aquarium there and checked about allot of stores around the area. Getting later in the day I headed back over the hill and back to the hotel. I took a little different route. I found lambardi street. There was a large cathedrals I went into and I also found the house that mrs doubtfire was filmed at. An interesting day. Then that night went and had more fun with red hat sisters.

Another convention I was at was in Edmonton. I had a day to myself and some of the ladies said they where going someplace and then where going to meet up to have lunch at west Edmonton mall. Well I said I might meet up with them there. I looked at the map. Studied it out and said hmm I think I could make that walk. Well an hour and half later I was at west Edmonton mall. I wandered the mall for a while and then I went to find the place they where meeting at. I finally found it and they where just finishing off. So I went in and chatted with them for a few minutes then said I had to get back to the hotel as my room mate was coming in. I got a little lucky and one of the ladies was heading back to the hotel. I got a lift back and it certainly did not hurt my feelings any that I didn’t have to walk back. It was nice to get to know this red hat lady as we chatted in the car on the way back. She did call me crazy for walking that far though. Yeah I know that already

Another long walk I made was in Winnipeg. I was at a convention there as well. Had an afternoon to myself. So instead of just heading to the mall across the street and it being a nice day I headed for down town. A few of the ladies had just caught the bus and headed that way. Me I headed out walking. I got to see so much of the city that day. I found the parliament buildings and a place called the forks. I walked down by the river and to see all the different archtechture of the city. I walked my way back to the hotel and then that night sat down in the lounge with a few red hats sisters.

Today I am still walking. A little slower and a little more cautious, but I am still walking. I still enjoy it, but I do wish my feet still enjoyed it. Sometimes it is the hips and back that bothers me, but I keep trucking on. Somedays I feel good and others I wonder what the heck I am doing. It does clear my head and the fresh air I love when the air quality is good. I always have my pooches with me when I head off. They keep me going too. Hubby likes to push to go further or maybe a little faster, but today he was great in just keeping pace with me and enjoying the day. Maybe he is mellowing in his old age. Doubt it!

So that is my story on my walking. Some say I should not be going as far with my health problems. I say if I keep going I will keep going. It keeps me moving where I don’t end up in that wheel chair the doc told me about. There are days I wonder on my insanity, but when I get out in the open air the insanity disappears.

So today’s adventure was a walk on the dyke. Hubby joined me today. I had two different places picked to go from my trail app. I picked this on as afterwards he could do his normal loop drive of the Fraser valley. The sun shone brightly today. A little crisp as the colder air mass is coming in. We walked the dyke to the end. Then we turned around and went back to the car. It was 9.4 Klms today. Boots did not leave my side and Rocky prodding away out front. Two tired pooches after three days on longer walks. After our walk we grabbed a bite to eat in chilliwack. Then made our loop drive around to Agassi and back home again. Now the dogs snore beside me again. Tired and content. The next few days they are talking snow. So we will not be too far from home. For now I am renergized until next time I go to trek someplace. More adventures are in my future and the wheel chair I will never see if I can help it.

Until my next adventure. Talk to you later.

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