So it continues with my silly thoughts

So I was writing something yesterday and for some reason. (hubbie has something silly on tv) I went off track onto some other thoughts. Then I went off onto a whole new direction then what I was thinking of writing yesterday, hmmm! May have to write this later. Started watch 911. So will write later.

Okay I am back. Still not sure where this is going. I lay in bed at night and not sleeping. So I think of things I might be able to write about. The ideas keep coming and coming while I stare at the ceiling and not sleeping. Yeah that’s me. Not sleeping. I think there is usually allot of older people like that. I think maybe I should just get back up and go sit on the couch. Eventually I will fall asleep there. The couch is comfy but not that comfy. Why is it I can fall asleep on that couch so much easier then in bed.

The dogs snuggle up to me no matter where I am. I’ll sure miss them when it is time for them to go. well it is not going to be for a bit yet, but boots is 14 and Rocky is 12. Boots is not doing too good right now. She has a few lumps and scars of cancer that give her allot of pain. I have things to help her with the pain, but sometimes it looks like it doesn’t help. She will flex up and shake like something is hurting. Her hearing isn’t very well either and I think she doesn’t see very well either. Rocky is doing good yet, but he is slowing down too. Age it gets us all eventually.

Well, anyways I do eventually go to sleep. The thoughts stop going through my head. With all the info that goes through my head there doesn’t seem to be much going on in my life to have this much information. The next morning I try to put those thoughts from last night into what I might write here and poof. Those thoughts are gone. They just disappear in a heart beat. Okay I was going to write something. What the heck was I going to write.. I am part way through my blog and it is going along fine. Then poof. Where did my thoughts go?

I was sitting down writing the last one yesterday and hubbie turned on the tv. Normally to something that is mindless to me and I can keep going with what I am doing. But yesterday afternoon he turned on something that kept catching my eye. It was still mindless stuff but things where moving fast enough to keep my interest going back towards the tv. As I wrote the ideas I had where lost in what was going on on the tv. I guess I should have stopped writing but instead went off on a different direction and started talking about something totally different then what I wanted. I started talking about makeup. What the heck? Not a very interesting topic to me anytime.

So why did I go off on that? Who the heck knows. My train of thought isn’t much in the first place for keeping focussed on something at the best of times. I will keep saying it. Age is just catching me off guard. I really don’t want to be old yet. I know allot of us don’t want to be old. Hey it eventually happens. Bummer!

Old age. Your skin is nice and soft. Has a bit of a new pauper to it. Kind of a redness I might say. What the heck are all those spots that are showing up. I have moles and more moles. There are skin tags popping out here and there. I have moles on top of moles. They are all good so no worries about that, but I just have so many of them now. It is like another layer of skin on my skin.

My face if I lay on my back and look in the mirror looks great. I can admire myself and say I look great for the ripe young age of 62, but you know eventually I have to stand up. All the skin takes a turn for the south. The eyebrows hang down over my eyes. The bags under my eyes just flop into place again. The lines around my eyes crinkle up and gather together for a party. This supple cheeks I use to have with great cheekbones are now flopping around down close to the sides of my chin. What the heck. Maybe I should learn to walk around on my hands. At least the skin would be back up where it belongs.

The there is the hair. I am in the midst of a full grown goatee. If I don’t pluck and pull I would be twins with my son. He shaves, but not around his mouth. Looks good on him. But on me no way.

I look at my arms. Nice muscles biceps I do have. Only thing they are on the other side of my arm now. As I hold my arms up to curl my arm the muscle has gone to the bottom of my arm and waves happily at anyone who is looking. I could put a tattoo of a Canadian flags on there and it would flop away in the wind to our beautiful song.

If I put my arms down by my side I can see the pucker of skin that May at one time been a nice biceps. Now it is a bulge of flab that plops agains my boob. Oh speaking of boobs. Use to be this nice perky c36 and now they are just double extra wide. Well that is when they are being pushed up and celebrated with extra strength underwire contraptions. You know if I didn’t use this contraption my boobs would be taking a party with my belly button. mind you when I am at home they have a party together allot of times. Did I ever say I am not happy with the contraption. Certainly pulls on my shoulders and back. Eventually hump back, but might be there already. I don’t want to look too closely. It is bad enough when I turn sideways to the mirror and have to look at the boobs talking with my belly button and the hump of a gut joining in to have a ball.

Then there is the tush. Well what can I say about it. Not much. It wiggles and jiggles as I walk around. Playing the music that helps out the party that is going on on the front end. A real party going on now. Then my legs rub together to warm up the party a bit keeping the beat. I know if you follow me on Facebook. A BUTT SHOT! Ha! Couldn’t resist that.

So seeing as the bod is going whether you like it or not. You try to fight back. You have creams to put moisture in. You have creams to smooth and make things supple. You have sprays to help out. You have lift and separate. Not just for the boobs. You take vitamins to keep you healthy. You take things to keep you regular. The high heals have left the building to be replace with flat and comfy. Some even have to have the right support. Yeah those are not lift and separate. Don’t forget you have to exercise and keep active. If I could just sit on the couch a little longer please.

Mini skirts and tight jeans I use to wear have now been replaced with yoga pants and T-shirts. believe me I have a big supply of these. I have a closet full of clothes. You know I go back all the time to the yoga pants and t shirts. Comfy I am and comfy I will stay. The other clothes do get used once in awhile, but not very often. The high heals I do still have two pairs in my closet. Have not been out of there in ages. I know I will never wear them again, but I haven’t got the heart to donate them off yet.

You get up in the morning and you have to put in your eyes and your ears and for me soon to be teeth. As you move and stretch every little bit crinkles and cracks. You know this add to the party that is going on. Wiggle jiggle, crack crack crack. I could make my own tunes. You grab things as you walk towards the bathroom. Every bodily sound going on. Oh the party is touring up now. What fun my bod is having. Then you get to the bathroom and then get to the business at hand. After a little sit down all the creams and sprays come out of the cabinet to do their thing. Who knows if any of this really does any good, but ya just gotta try. I check the scale and see I have to loose the same 5 pounds over again. I may have lost 40 or 50 pounds over the past year. The only thing is it is the same pounds over and over again. I could be so skinny if I didn’t gain again.

Time to get on with the day. Breakfast and then back to the couch. Where I ‘craft my day away until it is time to get the dogs out for their stroll. A little more exercise and the day goes on. To where it eventually comes back to bedtime. More creams and sprays and let the party begin all over again. I put my eyes back on the night stand and my ears right beside them. Crawl into bed and listen to my brain tell me all sorts of things I never thought about all day. But now is in a brigade to tell all that I can think of till I finally fall asleep. At least I don’t warm up at night with a flash or two. That would really throw me a party. The sweat mixed in with the party going on around my belly button.

Old age. I know I am not there, but it is creeping up on me more and more every day. I add more creams and better lifting and separating. Boy I have to get out and about. I think I have been cooped too long. My company of me myself and I are plotting a rebellion to get out for adventure. Maybe put on something beside the yoga and t shirt. Maybe even a lift and separate. What fun me myself and I could have. Then the belly button wouldn’t be the only one having a party.

Sunny day tomorrow I am hoping. Maybe I will go out and do a little adventure in my area. Can’t go too far as they want us to stay out of other areas. I don’t go where many people are anyways. So thanks all for reading about my party. Will talk to you later. Maybe I will get out tomorrow and then again maybe not, but I will go with yes for now.

Until next time. Hope I didn’t discussed you with my chatter on this blog. I still say if I walked around on my hands I would look so much better. Everything would be in place. Only thing is I may suffocate myself as my chest area would be hanging with my nostrils instead of my belly button. Well another party would be had.

I think I got it down as to what I wanted to write about. Maybe tonight will sleep without having a big conversation with myself. Talk to you later

One thought on “So it continues with my silly thoughts

  1. You are lucky you can use a lift a separate! Mine went into the incinerator 8 andv6 years ago, but I am still thankful! I was 75 in July and so happy for everyday, although I have my down days too!!

    Love and hugs Brenda!


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