Finally. Out and about with my red hat sisters.

It has been so long since any of us had gone out to have some fun. Today we had a hoot. A hoot? What the heck is that. Well it is a gathering together of ladies with no organization at all included. Just come out and have some fun.

So today’s hoot. It consisted of three places to visit. First the sunflower festival just west of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. being as the dreaded covid is still with us. Only so many where aloud to go in. Tickets had to be bought online. Also everyone has to keep their distance.

Well they were doing that. We walked around and took pictures and enjoyed the gardens. Beautiful

Beautiful isn’t it? I love walking around here. The flowers are gorgeous. You can walk for miles in there and see all the different varieties of Dahlias, sunflowers, and Gladiolas . During the spring they have a tulip festival as well. The colours are so brilliant and the bees are justa buzzing around enjoying the fragrance they can get

Next stop was the corn maze. It was just down the road from the sunflower festival. So in I go. I was the only silly person who went for a walk through the corn maze. There are two trails. One takes about 25 minutes to complete and the other one takes 45 minutes. It was starting to get a bit on the warm side so I took the shorter walk.

This was the trail from last year. You could get lost in no time if you took a wrong turn. I do have a sense of direction so lucky for me I didn’t get off on the wrong track. It wouldn’t take much to do that though and be wandering around in circles. When I was a kid I was in the corn fields all the time. Running through the rows playing hide and seek or Marco Polo with neighbour kids.

You wander and come to a dead end. Time to back track and see where you went wrong. You know though if you can read a map you certainly won’t get lost. They give you a picture of the layout before you go in. So just keep following along as you walk and you would have no trouble at all., but for people who have no sense of direction it would get confusing after a bit of walking in circles.

I know very dull picture, but I just thought while I was walking. There is a search helicopter watching over to make sure they can find you when you get lost. My funny for the day

If you are not up for the corn maze there is a hay bale maze in the barn to go through.

Last stop after and warm day of walking around is all the ladies stopped at Dukes Pub. A place situated in the middle of the other two places I went. 14 ladies showed up. Due to covid. We could not switch tables. We could not table hop. We could not hug. So not like the red hat society. We are a bunch of huggers. Love to chat with each other and all round have a good time. If we didn’t comply the restaurant would be fined for our misbehaving. So we played nice and behaved ourselves. Heck what is the fun in that

Well that is my day out of fun. On the way home had to do a few errands and pick up a couple of things. So out of the house at 10 in the morning and back at the house at 4:30. I had a wonderful day. I got to see ladies I haven’t seen in so long. Now I am home wondering when I will be able to do my next outing with these wonderful ladies.

Well that’s it for today. Bushed and heading for bed. Until my next adventure. Will talk to you later. Hope you enjoyed my adventure as much as I did. Love getting out, but also love being at home.

Well will talk to you later. Until next time. Hatter hugs. See you on the flip side


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