Can you ever have too much adventure

I was sitting on my comfy couch yesterday morning when the text came in.

Hey you up for adventure. I promptly text back sure. Gosh! I didn’t even think I just went with it. I said sure.

Adventure? what adventure? Well she said Burnaby heritage park. We had talked about it a while back and thought it would be fun to go for the day, so now we where going.

So here we are two amigos, girlfriends and adventurers out on another outing adventure together. Girlfriends I love that word. I talked about it before with three other ladies I go out with as well. They give me strength and well being in my life. Love these ladies to the moon and back. Sometimes I don’t show it too well, but I would be lost without them.

These three are Bev, Joan and Darlyne. I adventure with them and with Elizabeth the lady in my first picture.

Today though I am talking about Elizabeth. A beautiful lady I met through the Red Hat Society. Someone I would never have met if not for this group. We go in two different type of circles. Well so I thought until I started going out with her once in a while.

You see I am a quiet farm girl of Ontario and she comes from an outgoing social type of family background. Someone in my wildest dreams I would never have thought I would be out and about with. She has inspired me in so many ways, shocked me in so many ways and down right just made me laugh. She has done so many things in life that I would never have dreamed of doing. Or well I would love to dream of doing them, but I was always so timid about getting out and about. So I live through her adventures which in tale makes adventures for me.

She talks about her life in thoughts of something I have never done and yes some of it I will never do. A flower child of the sixties I think of her as. She would hop on a train in Windsor Ontario where she lived with her parents and be in Montreal to see a show. Or walk across the Detroit bridge to be with friends and travel and adventure on her own. she would drive cross country on her own with her son in her early twenties. Something not thought of in those days. Her life was so much different then mine. Her circles where broader then mine. Through all her life living she has raised a beautiful family on her own. A free spirit that is never held back by anything. Now her body is rebelling against her in ways not imaginable, but she still carries on and does what she wants with out a complaint of the pain.

I love her for this strength she has to keep on going while me ten years younger lay on my comfy couch and recover after a day of adventure. She ask me today whether I would like to join her for a movie. I begged off as my head is in the fuzzies today after our adventure yesterday.

So now onto our adventure of yesterday. She said meet me at 11:45 at her place. So off I go to be there on time. Dressed in my woollies to keep myself dry. Hoping that the sun will stay and no rain will ruin the day. We are going to outside walking.

We are on the road again. Driving down the expressway heading for Burnaby. Me I never venture into those areas unless I really have to. So have no idea where I am going. She says it is just off the highway, but not sure if I remember the turns. Oh oh, we are in for being lost if she makes a wrong turn. The traffic is light. Being holiday season we have an easy ride in. Usually the expressway is so dang busy and is usually like a parking lot slowly puttering along at a snails pace. But low and behold we pull into the parking lot in record time.

Burnaby heritage museum doesn’t open for another three quarters of an hour. Well at least we got a good parking spot close to the door. We unload her cars of her beautifully decorated walker. We walk up the ramp to the gate and wait with a few other people who are waiting to get in. Her walker is an opening point for people and she starts up conversations with them. We met a couple of photographers there and another lady who has a bed and breakfast in Vancouver. A way to pass the time until the gate opens. I listen in as Elizabeth chats with everyone around us.

The gates open and more comments from staff on her walker. She has her lights flashing behind her moose on her walker.

Hmm not the greatest picture but you get the idea of how beautifully she decorated her walker. This is taken in front of the electric trolley that use to run in Vancouver.

So we begin our adventure through Burnaby village. First stop is the carousel. Yeah we are such kids and go for a ride. What fun to ride the horses. This carousel is very old and the wooden horses would damage very easily. So we had to be careful getting on and off. I picked a lovely steed to ride. Beautifully carved and decorated up

There we go had to get a bum shot in where I could. Elizabeth sat behind me and snapped that picture.

I had to play selfie silly me. My arms should have been longer to get the horse in there as well.

After our ride we wandered the village. Very pretty decorated for Christmas. As the day wore on the lights became much more prettier.

We stopped for a bite to eat at the eatery there. Fish and chips on the menu along with yummie dirt afterwards. Well there goes my weight loss down the drain but just had to have one of the cinnamon buns with heaped on icing on it. Oh so yummie and elizabeth had a piece of cheese cake.

Don’t they look delish. We wandered and little more around the village then made our way to the entrance. As we sat in the car to hope the parking lot would clear so we could back out Elizabeth said we still have time. I said yes it is only 3 o’clock. Well instead of heading for home we went over to Coquitlam and went to Lafarge lake. There is a light display all around the lake there. Okay I said let’s go.

Traffic was still not that bad. Which is usually the Pitts to drive around. Didn’t have any sort of trouble getting over to Coquitlam. Well all except a wrong turn that was made. No biggie just a blimp on the screen. Made a couple of more turns and where at the parking lot. Just in a round about way to get there. Back streets where better for traffic anyways, but the parking lot was pretty full already. Oh lookie and handicapped parking spot. And right close to where we where going to walk.

I figured we would just do a little of the walk as Elizabeth had been walking for quite a bit already. Part way in I ask how far she wanted to go. Her response all the alway around. Well good for her, but I wasn’t so sure about it. I told her if she tires I can push her in her walkers. You know though she did the whole circuit. All the way around the lake. A few times we did slow a bit and one hill was a challenge, but she pressed on and loved the whole walk. Got a few beautiful pictures along the way as well. The lights are so pretty reflecting off the water.

She even found a friend to get a picture with

Oh and there is her famous walker with all the blinking lights. She really gets into the season

Our ride home was just as uneventful. The traffic was still light.

We had a stop at timmies on the way home to get a hot chocolate to warm our bones. It was a beautiful day and the clouds did roll in for a bit. But thank goodness the rain held off for the day. I thank you Elizabeth for the wonderful day.

This morning while I sat on my comfy couch posting my pictures on Facebook a text came in. A movie today at 3:45. Want to join me. I am sorry to say I begged off today with her. I do not know where she gets the strength to carry on another day, but I am proud of her for going out again today. I am fuzzy today and will just enjoy my day at home on my comfy couch.

But another day will come and the text will say. You up for adventure. I will say sure let’s go. What time and when? Adventure awaits, but not today.

#poweroffun. #redhatsociety

Talk to you later. Oh and to all a happy new year.

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