Christmas time. Busy time

Wow! What a great few weeks. I think I kept myself busy. It takes my mind off of the last months of the year. Winter setting in. My bod complaining to me about being in pain due to weather change . The cold goes right through me and into my bones. Then I am cold and feel achy all over. Not the greatest thing. So I try to keep myself busy with things to keep my mind off of whatever is going on.

It starts out around the time of my birthday. November and December are usually hard on me. There is usually a little depression added into the mix then I guess that throws me into a loop. You see I am not a fan of my birthday. Which will usually be the start of this bout. Then you start thinking Christmas is coming up. It is quiet around here for Christmas. Just the three of us this year. Well that is usually how it is since we moved to the west coast.

There is also the fact that I use to work retail. The store was always so busy this time of year. People looking for things. People not getting what they need and the desperate ones who just have to have that certain present. I was always a mess by the time Christmas came around. Working customer service made it all the more depressing. I was out in front. Usually the first person anyone would come to when something was not right with the store. So some of the depression I get comes from the fact that I was always the forefront to anything that ever went wrong for someone. Now that I am retired it is a little better but I don’t go near the stores at all if I don’t have to. Just too may crazy people out there.

Instead I content myself crafting at home and getting out to as many events and activities I can find. Something just to try and get me in the Christmas spirit. Do I think it works. Well maybe not, but I have my mind wrapped around the fact that I am out seeing things in a different perspective.

So this year I filled my days and evenings with things to do. I don’t know if it really worked, but by gum I was busy and saw so many different things I never thought I would see or do in my lifetime. There are still a couple of things I want to do, but I will see if I get the energy to head to Vancouver to see them. Well not in the downtown area, but out and about close by.

November started out with a bang. First outing for Christmas was a going to see Rascall Flatts in Abbotsford. My birthday present to myself. I usually go to see Celtic thunder, but reved it up a bit and went country instead. Wow! They where great to see. Had the ladies beside me up dancing away to the music.

Great music and a great night

A week later I was out for the queens circle luncheon in Abbotsford. About 50 ladies came to enjoy each other’s company. Great conversation and great company. Allot of giggles all round. It was Christmas themed so everyone got a present as well. Elizabeth and sandy put together a great luncheon.

Yeah yeah! I dressed dorky in my Christmas hat. Got to get into the spirit. Well for as much as I do.

Our group was out next. We did a day of bowling. Yes I said bowling. I had not done that in so many years. Well I did my usual though. I played my gutter balls. I was never that good at bowling but I laughed off my bad bowling and gave the rest of the gals some giggles. I actually made one strike. Shock and a half for everyone including myself.

In between I got a couple of gifties made to send out to different red hat events coming up. Yep! Crafting when I am not out and about. Go figure! They are all sent off and I have more on the go to get finished in the new year to send out to certain ladies. Did I ever mention I love crafting.

The last picture is a vest I put together for a vacation next year. The front is covered with pins I have collected. Well there is always more crafting on the way for me.

So i figured it was time to put up my decorations. There isn’t as much going up anymore. Just the tree and a couple of things in the window. I donated a couple of boxes of decorations to the MCC thrift shop. I don’t think I will ever be putting them up anymore. So time to get rid of a few.

So things are coming together, but am in the mood yet. Um! No! I just keep going and going Look at more and do more and hope that something will bring on the spirit I know should be there, but has not come in so many years. Why do I even try? Well, I love doing this. I get to see the faces of little children at some of these places. Talking to Santa and seeing theirs eyes light up looking at all the lights. I guess my doing and watching is what I feel in my heart. I guess it brings out a little of the light heartedness I would want to feel this time of year.

I made a trip into Abbotsford tradex and went to glow. The whole building was decorated with lights. There was places for children to play and the displays were so pretty. Some people didn’t think that the display was as good as last year, but there was a different theme of travel this year. Last year was different countries. I enjoyed it though

Ooopppps Santa’s sleigh had a topple over.

My next adventure I ventured in Vancouver. I went with my son. He does not go into Vancouver very often. We had gone in the month before to see luzia a circus act done by circus du soliet. Sorry not right spelling. I wrote about this a bit ago so don’t need to write about that adventure again.

Anyways west coast express has two trains that go into Vancouver on a Saturday at Christmas time. All you do is bring an unwrapped toy and you get a ride in and out of Vancouver. So we went in on the first weekend. Walked around Canada place. Saw the Woodward Windows and the Christmas tree display

We then did a trip on fly over Canada. I love this ride. You really feel like you are riding along through the trees and over the land. Too bad it is a short ride. Would loved it to be a little longer.

Coming into December now and our group had our Christmas party. So many giggles that day. And Cheryl puts a great spread for us. Wow is her place ever decorated up beautifully. Afterwards a few of the ladies took a drive to see some decorated house.

Such a fun group of ladies I have the pleasure of hanging out with once in awhile.

A few days later I am out and about again. This time with ladies from Chilliwack. We went to dickens for breakfast. This is a tea house, candy store and antique store all wrapped up in one. Love walking around this store and see all the things they have. Even got some candy there I can never find anywhere else. Yummie

Another great group of ladies to get my giggles on with.

Oh now we are leading up to the finally of my Christmas celebrating. These next two events where such fun. This first one was so much fun. We went down to Ferndale in Washington state to the silver reef casino. I spent three days down there hanging with four ladies. We had such a great time. From the time we got there until we left three days later. It was only a one day event, but we decided to stay a little longer. Do a little gambling, which I in no time lost what I came down with, and just have some fun together. I was so bushed when I got home. I conked on the couch and didn’t get hubbies supper made. Had to order in.

Anyways the event was called project runway. There was models who had to pick a holiday to do. Go to the dollar store and find items that they could make a costume for the modeling. Well I was a model. I picked Victoria Day weekend. So I figured since it was the Canadian first weekend to party for summer. I would be Queen Victoria ready for an outing at the beach or a picnic. Well judge for yourself.

Queens cape and queens crown. But an old fashion swimsuit and my marshmallows for roasting.. most of the other models did closer to Christmas with their costumes. Loved them all

I get back from the silver reef and what do I do. I drive over to Fort Langley and look .at the Christmas craft fare they are having instead of driving straight home. Wandered through Main Street and check out a few of the is a nice little town to check out the small boutique stores. Love wandering around there and so much nicer at Christmas.

Oh there was a breakfast with Santa put on by the lions club of Chilliwack. You get to chat with Santa and Mrs Claus. For $5 you get a heaping plate of pancakes and sausages. I planned on going to support the lions club and since hubby was off that day he said he would join me. So off for a morning drive we went. Enjoyed our breakfast then walked over to the next building. There they were selling all sorts of items for fundraising I think. Wow lots of schools selling wares as well as other vendors. Don’t know what it was all for, but was interesting to walk around. Afterwards we took a slow drive home around the back roads. The scenery is breathtaking this time of year. The mountains covered with snow. The best part. The snow is not down to our level. Hope it doesn’t creep down at all.

As if I wasn’t tired enough elizabeth and I headed to Agassi. This was a nighttime thing to do. You see the CP Santa train was stopping there. So we drove out there to see the train when it stopped. The train goes all across Canada and at many stops will do a small performance of a few songs. Terry clark was on the train and did a couple of saints.

This looks so pretty coming down the tracks with all the lights blinking away. Elizabeth and I have made this the last four years to see the train. Every year it rains and is cold, but we go.

Now the last but not least for me doing this season is the annual Christmas dinner hosted by the Chilliwack groups. There was about a hundred ladies there. We had a buffet lunch and prizes where given out and then we where then serenaded by Elvis himself. Steve Elliot is the person who is excellent at doing Elvis and Roy Orbison. He is a great entertainer and kept the ladies dancing. We enjoyed the afternoon so much. Thank you upper Fraser valley red hatters for the fun afternoon.

So this has been my Christmas season of fun and adventure. I am hoping to hit a couple of more spots to see some light displays. All will depend on how I am doing, but so far have been doing good enough keep getting out and about. I just have to keep on keeping on. That is my motto for me or I will just sit on my duff and not do a dang thing.

Another thing that is going on in my life right now is and expansion of my craft room down stairs. A couple of walls have been taken out and the carpet was pulled up. A new floor put down. Found an old wooden table to use to work on for $11.99 at a thrift store. So now as soon as finished will have an expanded craft room. I won’t be working in a cramped area anymore. So more room, which is making me happy. All the red hat stuff I have upstairs in the extra bedroom will be going down there as well. So now everything should be in one area so easier to find. Some are calling it my she shed. Well not quite, but I think I will be spending allot of time there enjoying my crafting. I am so glad that I got back into crafting. I had given it up so long ago and was always at ends with what am I missing. Now that crafting is back in my life. Am not as lost.

Then there is the red hat society that has taken me from being the quiet person to one that will get out and do things again. I love this new me and really do not wan to loose it again. So will say again I will keep on a keepin on until I can not keep on anymore.

I have had the best part of my life in the last eight years. I think I have found myself again.

So to everyone out there. Hope you all have a great holiday season. Merry Christmas to you all and happy new year.

See you all in the new year again with more adventures and more fun.

Talk to you later

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