Should have just stayed in my craft room

Well errand to be run and stuff to get done.

I had things to get done in my craft room, but no I had to go out and run errands. Actually it was a couple of things for my self so yeah I had to go out.

So a few months ago I made mention that I had to go for a biopsy on my thyroid for a lump I had there. The lump was making it difficult for me to swallow every now and then. Things would get stuck on the way through. So doc sent me for an ultrasound on it. Nothing conclusive there so next step was a biopsy. Might be signs of cancer. Something I really didn’t want to hear. Dang not happy with a biopsy either. If I didn’t have trouble with swallowing before I certainly had trouble with that after wards. Well that had healed up eventually, but doc called and said she would like me to go see a gland doc. No signs of cancer though. So one relief for me.

She scheduled an appointment for me to go in January. That was a five month wait period until I got to see this new doc. So last week I got a call from the new doc. There is an opening for tomorrow and would I be available to come in. I took the opportunity and went in. Yay! A drive into Surrey. Do I love these drives. Um! Not! I would rather hide out in my craft room or sit on my comfy couch. Not a fan of driving into the city. Would be nice if some of these docs where out this way in a smaller town I could easily get to. But no have to drive into Surrey.

Well I did get to my appointment. Paid a couple of hours to be in their office for a few minutes. Allot of questions asked and say all is good. Except for the fact that they say there may be a 10percent chance that this may turn cancerous. I really didn’t want to hear that. So why would they not think of taking it out now and have no chance of developing. But no will do another ultrasound in six months and see if there is any changes in it. So now I have a worry on my mind that something might happen. Then again maybe not. But in the meantime I still have trouble swallowing and nothing to fix it with.

So now going on with this doc appointment he decided I needed to have blood test done to test the level of my thyroid. So that leads up to yesterday and going out to do my errands and such. Blood tests are first on the list. Go down to life labs and check in. The line up is long and no I did not make an appointment. Usually I go in and you are in and out in no time. Well today was a different story. The screen said at least a 45 minute wait. So I checked in and went and sat down to wait. 45 minutes go by and people who came in after me are going in. What the heck. Well maybe they had appointments. Another few come in and get to go in. So I walk up to counter and they say I was not on the list. What the heck? I was there I did checkin and then they did not put me on the list. I sat there waiting for nothing. Well they got me in next.

I go to the chair in the back where they take your blood. I am never a fan of this. Right now am not a fan at all. She came back grabbed a needle to stick me and jabs it in with force. This needle seems to be bigger then the usual ones and longer too. Or was that my imagination. Anyways maybe a thyroid test uses a different needle. Not sure but it sure a heck looked different then when I get other blood tests. Dang it hurt too when she stuck it in my arm. Pain running up my arm with that prick. Cotton ball out on and then a bandaid. Said you are all done. So now wait for the test results on that.

So now on with the rest of my errands before I can enjoy a day in my craft room. I head down the hill to my next stop. Post office to drop off a package for delivery. I am in the outside lane heading to the post office. Just coming up to the lights for the turnoff for highway 11 in Mission. There is a taxi driver in the middle lane beside me. Next thing I know this taxi driver is heading for my lane and wanting to go to the turnoff for highway 11. Cutting across two lanes of traffic to make a turn. What the heck. I swerve over to the turn lane to get the heck out of his way. He swerve back into his lane and waits for me to pass. Then he boots across two lanes of traffic and cutting off another person and heads off highway 11. Not even stopping for anyone. I pull into shoppers drug mart parking lot and am just getting out of my car when a lady comes up and tells me what a great driver I am to have missed being hit and taken out by that taxi. He had cut her off as well. Well my bug has lived to drive me around another day.

Well two strikes for the day. I really need to be in my craft room away from crazyness today. Dropped off my package and headed back for home. I didn’t need to do any more errands. I will just go hide in my craft room. Coming up the hill I have another car pull out in front of me from a side street. Is today the day I have a accident. Am I invisible today and no one can see me? I seem to be an almost accident day.

I had this kinda day another day. I was in the parking lot of the casino after a meeting there. I was pulling out of my spot. When all of a sudden the car in the spot behind me starts pulling out. She just kept coming. I ram my bug back into drive to get back into my spot, but she keeps coming. Straight back. Not turning just coming straight back. She nicks my bug in the back end. Didn’t see any damage when I got out, but all she is saying is she is sorry. She was looking at her backup camera and using it. But didn’t see me. Back up camera is suppose to be the all mighty. Not looking around but using her backup camera. It does not let you see everything. On my way home that day someone tried to pull out in front of me at a side street.

So do I have a hit me sign on my bug that people are taking seriously? Or am I invisible now and people can’t see me. I keep having the feeling that something is going to happen sometime. The thing is I keep going out. I will not let these incidents keep me at home. You know if I do sit at home in my craft room I may just sew my fingers together. That could be my big accident that is waiting for me. Or I could fall off my chair. You never know what is going to happen to you. So staying at home and hiding in my craft room would not be an option either.

So adventuring I will go. If something is going to happen it will happen no matter what I do. In the near future I have a few new adventures coming up. They may not be big on the list, but they are adventures. A trip into Vancouver on the Santa train, this is the west coast express out of Mission. You get free parking at the train station and to ride the train in you give an unwrapped toy for charity. Spend a few hours around downtown Vancouver and then ride home again. There is a few things in the area that can be seen. Like the Christmas craft show at Canada place. Or go to fly over Canada. Or maybe just look at the Woodward windows along Canada place. Well there is always venturing further and maybe Stanley park or Granville island or wander Gastown and do some shopping. I go and do a few things. With the transit strike this year may be a little harder to do. But I will go and see what I can for the day.

Another adventure is the CP Santa train will be coming into B.C. here soon. I drive out to Agassi to see it. They have activities going on before the train pulls in. You give a donation to the food bank and get a free concert out of it. When the train stops celebrities are traveling on the train and perform a few of their hits. It was last year or the year before that Alan Doyle from great big C was performing. Loved those songs and danced and sang along with them.

Have a trip down to the silver reef in Ferndale as well coming up. This is a red hat event Christmas party. Only a day event, but some of the ladies are making it a three day event. Staying two nights and having a good time together gambling, eating and lots of laughs.

Plus a few smaller lunches to go to. I am out and about this Christmas season. Just hoping the snow does not fly and trap me at home. Well if I am my craft room is a calling.

So my hit me bug is out on the road a few times. Please be kind and notice me. I really do not want to get a new car yet. I like my 2007 bug and still want to keep it for a few years yet. Gets me from point A to point B without any trouble yet.

Adventures I will go. Talk to you later.


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