What was I thinking

Okay ladies how are you feeling today. This I ask of the ladies in my group of red hatters. You see we went bowling the other night. A physical movement that has not been done on these muscles in years. I am thinking that probably for the ladies that went with me the other night as well. I am not bad at hurting right now, but there are some muscles that have not that kind of physical activity in years like that.

Don’t get me wrong. I would do it again in a heart beat. It was fun. There was laughter and yes I did get one strike. Well should I say what I did for the the rest of the game. Well yeah I will and proud of it. Most of my balls went to the gutter. You could call me a gutter babe. I would once in while hit a pin but most went to the gutter. These pictures are not of me but of the other ladies who went with me. You can see some of the pins are down as they play. Me well not so well. By the end of the game I was at least above 50 points or close to it.

You see I am not a coordinated person when it comes to activity. I have enough trouble walking into the kitchen to make supper and ending up running into a counter at least once a day. I really have not had that much in the way of balance most of my life. It is just a fact of life for me. My big toe has a sign on it that says I stub easily. I can attest to that.

I like doing activity. I will get out and do as much as I can. That is when I get up off my comfy couch and go do something other then crafting. Most of my activity is walking though. That I can do with no problem. The thing with my walking is I do not walk straight. Balance is something I have had to master. I walk and I go a bit sideways. Then I have to straighten and then I will walk sideways the other way. When someone is walking with me they usually tell me to stop cutting them off or to stop walking into them. So if I want to walk a mile or so sometime I certainly do not need to walk the whole mile. All I have to do is keep correcting myself as I walk ten feet zigzagging back and forth and I would certainly have made my mile. Some days are worse then others. Some days I can walk straight but my head feels like it is not screwed on properly. I would be walking someplace and then instead of concentrating on where I was going would look at something that took my notice. Next thing I know I am not walking forward but walking sideways. Something I have had to get use to all my life.

Never been much of a coordinated person. Through my youth I was always the one that would be picked last to play on a team. As for one thing I knew I was not that good at playing sports or dancing or any kind of physical activity. You know the saying of ditzy blonde. Well I can play to that. Not in being a idiot blonde as some put it, but for just the incoordination of it. Me I call it being a duffuss. I use this word allot when I talk about myself. I was a duffuss and still am a duffuss. I say it in not putting myself down but just to state a fact. I had no balance or some but not the whole nine yards of balance.

The neighbours when I was growing up made an ice rink in their yard every winter so their kids could skate and practice hockey and skating technics. I really wanted to try it and got a hand me down pair of skates from my sister. First thing is I am on my butt. I did finally get the hang of moving along the ice, but never did get much good at it. I could make it from one end of the rink to the other, but was never graceful at it. Stiff back and sore feet and my hands out to the side to try to keep my balance. I grew older and never really tried again until we lived in Hudson hope for a year. The winters where long and dang cold. So had to find something to do. So we took our son ice skating at the rink on family days. Well the same old same old. I would make it around the rink a turn or two, but hubby and our son booted circles around me.

I admired how they could do that. Graceful and stop when they wanted. So I involved my time with admiring them and watching the ice skaters on tv with their twist and turns and jumps. So beautiful and graceful. I know they practiced many hours to be able to do things like that. But for me who could not make it from one end to the other end of the rink without a tumble of some kind. The wall around the outside was my friend.

Another thing I loved but could not do was gymnastics.or dancing. Something I so wanted to do. How they move and bend and make it look so graceful. Me I would turn my head the wrong way and end up on my keester. Through school for gym class they would get us doing many different activities. Dance was one and then another time they set up the gym equipment and we would have to do tumbles and rolls. I could never get my my bod to move the way they wanted you to do. Even a summersault never went the way a gym teacher wanted me to. A simple roll over and come up on your feet again. Oh come on! I would get in the roll and gradually make it over. Coming over on the other side for some reason I got stuck in the middle and would end up going sideways. You know when you are really young and someone is teaching you how to roll. You would flop this way or that way and then giggle at yourself, and try again or sit and sulk. Well I kinda was like that anytime. Try to do something that teacher wanted you to do and flop down on my but. I failed miserably at physical education. So I left my physical activity to watching the gracefulness of the gymnast on tv.

Well tried dancing as well. Square or line dancing. Well not my virtue either. All would go left and I would be going right. Never knew my right from my left. If someone would say go this way or that way I seemed to understand, but right or left and I was bumping into someone. Or there is the fact that someone would want you to put your one foot in front on the other and then bring the other foot back to make a box step. Or you know something like that. I would go the other way or I would end up on my keester again. The little kid in me. Laugh it off get up and try again. Still never mastered that either. I watch dancing with the stars now for my fill of dancing. I did for a year try to join a dance group. I actually did master some of the steps. Or so I thought. Then the next time I went forgot all those steps and just kinda winged it until I got some of the steps back. Stayed in the back row so no one noticed. Well at least I thought no one noticed. I was out in the front once in while to show others. Boy where they in for a bad learning experience.

For a few years I went to the ymca and went to exercise classes. You had to be coordinated for that as well. They give you steps to do and then the instructor adds more steps and more steps to make a routine. I hid at the back and did my own thing. Made sure no one was close to me when I was moving around. A couple of times I had to lead the class. Boy what a mistake that was. The most exercise I use to get in those classes was in the change room. Getting into and out of a leotard we wore in the eighties. By the time I pushed and squeezed and groaned to get into those tights I had done my exercise already. Who needed the class.

I tried roller skating once and only once. A friend of mine would go every week and go round and round in the roller rink. Just like ice skating she said and invited me along. I had never been on roller skates before. Well didn’t do too great at that at all. I begged off when she ask me again. I know party pooper I was.

When our son was in his childhood my hubby decided we should get roller blades and go out roller blading with him. Oh my what was I thinking. It looked like such fun, but I know I don’t have the balance for it. I tried once and that was it. My son rolled circles around me while I moved one step at a time to see if I could even move a bit. Sold the roller blades to the sports trade store a few weeks later.

Another thing hubby decided we should do once was cross country ski. Well I was game to try. He would sloush through the snow getting further and further ahead of me. Then would have to stop while I slowly made my way toward him. As I got closer the skis would go sideways or it was just me and down I would go. Skiing was fun but another sport where I would end up down on my butt then up enjoying. I never in my life tried down hill skiing. Thank goodness for that. I might have broken every bone in my body with that. Looked like it would be fun though.

Swimming was another physical activity that I did for a few years. I was in the pool every day. I swan over 150 laps once a week. You see I was a lifeguard for a few years. Taught children how to swim and watched them and adults play around in the water. Now I say I could swim lap after lap. Was not fast at it and not that streamline. Never did the swim team bit. But I could get across the pool. Now I only get to the pool to soak. I loved swimming but I have to swim a different way. You see the same thing will happen if I turn my head to breathe. I start the trek sideways and am in another lane. I think allot has to do with my balance and the ditzy blonde comes out to visit. Hm I use to teach exercise classes in the pool as well. Had some fun times in the pool when the seniors where in. Now I am one of them and having a fun time with the younger ones trying to keep us ruley in the pool.

So saying about balance. How did I do on a bicycle. Well I had one. The first time I got it to move I thought I was in heaven. I went down the lawn and straight into the truck grill at the other end. My sister asked why I didn’t put on the breaks. Really I didn’t know how. So the truck had a bit of a dint in the front of it. I could move around on a bike. Get from point A to point B if I had to. But I had to watch where I was going. If I moved my head to look at something I would end up head over teacup. I never really got the hang of a bicycle either. I could get where I wanted to go with it, but if I didn’t concentrate on it would end up on my keester,

Now don’t get me wrong. I love physical activity and will do it when anyone ask to do something. Just don’t expect me to be in it to win. I am in to have some fun but if you want to get competitive about it I am not your person. It is like bowling the other day. I will try to hit a pin but if I make a gutter ball I will be just as happy with that. I am out to have fun not be competitive.

I have learned to laugh at myself. To try new things and see if I can do, but if I don’t I can laugh at the prospect that I had fun at it. Maybe I fell down and there was no skin off my teeth for trying. Maybe I will hurt the next morning, but I did it and survived to live another day of having some fun.

Oh I may have told you about this bit of physical activity before. Said I was going to do it and I did.

This is my sister in law and my self in a wind tunnel. We where flying. Well about four feet in the air. That was certainly a physical endurance thing to do. You fall out on the wind tunnel. Hold yourself in a certain position in order to keep yourself in one area. I think I made it up above the fellow who was helping us out once. Noticed that and then came back down closer to him. That was a fun day and we had smiles after we left there. But yes boy did I feel it the next day. I thought afterwards I could have hurt myself good, but I didn’t. And to boot I had a great time.

There are things I still want to do in life that look like fun. Yes I may hurt myself and my duffuss self will probably be off balance. The thing is to go out and have fun and try it. Have some fun

This one was not physical, but boy was it fun. Went out of our comfort zone and went up in a biplane. We flew over Ottawa. Isn’t the scenery beautiful from up there. My sister in law who does not like to fly decided that she would do this and we went. For being afraid of flying she had the time of her life.

Now if you think that because I am uncoordinated and do fall down and fail at being any good at anything I will quit doing things. Well you have another thing coming. There is more adventure out there and things I want to do. Some are not physical and others are, but I certainly am game to try them. If you want to do something go do it. The only one that is stopping you is yourself. I may be physically impaired at doing things, but at least I want to try. Some will scare me shitless and may take allot of convincing. But if you want to do do it. You only have you to blame if you don’t.

That is the what of, could of should of syndromes. Get over it and live your life. I do hold back sometimes, but when I do get up the braveness and go do I have a blast,

So you can sit on your duff all day and dream or you can get up and live your dream. It doesn’t need to be big things. Some are just little, but all in all they are all fun. If not you just failed at life.

I look forward to more adventures coming my way. Some are just going someplace you don’t like to be to see something you really want to see. So get up off your duff and go play. Whether you don’t think you can or not. It’s is the fun you are looking for not the competition.

Well talk to you later. Have a beautiful day


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