Hello winter

Well it is not quite winter yet, but for my aching bones and muscles it sure feels like it. For now today is not too bad though.

Yeah I am in a complaining mood today. Winter! Did I ever tell you I really hate the winter months. First off it is dark most of the day. You get up in the morning it is still dark. A few hours later it is dark again. In between most days are dull and dreary. The rain is here most of the time. On and on it rains constantly. Then other days you are socked in with fog. I can take a little joy in the fact that we do not get much snow, but it is that constant rain and drizzle. That bone chilling cold.

I get out to walk the dogs in the morning. We tramp through water puddles. Sometimes ankle deep. Depending on how much rain has fallen for the day or the week. Your norm for being outside. Don’t forget to put on the that raincoat. You certainly can’t have a wool coat. You would be soaked to the skin. The odd day you can get away with it though. When you get back to the house the dogs need a drying off before they get up on the couch to dry them selves. You don’t catch them in time everywhere is rubbed down.

The thing is though no matter what you wear outside on these cold damp days. The cold still gets in. Right down through your skin and into the heart of your bones. You feel it deep down. You try to get warm, but you just hunch into yourself and hope you can make it through another day of this.

Back in the house and the fireplace comes on. Furnace is on. The blankets get wrapped around me and I just shiver away. Eventually the dogs join me and start to warm my feet.

My feet are the worst when the cold starts to hit. It starts in the toes. Those nimble little things start to pain. They don’t want to move anymore. You can’t curl and uncurl them to get the circulation back. Then the pain starts to move up through the bottoms of my foot. My feet start to cramp and by then the feeling has gone from my toes. Can’t feel them anymore. I rub and I rub and finally get some sort of feeling back. By then the pain has headed up my calf. It is a feeling of something crawling on my legs. Not just on the outside but on the inside as well. A very strange feeling indeed. If I let this get much further I am hooped for the day. I am not able to walk at all. So come on warmth do your thing.

If the cold gets into my back instead. Wow! The core of my body turns me to stone. This will start in the small of my back. As the cold moves through me and into the core of my bones. I shiver to no end. There is no stopping this process. I am so stiff and tight. Then the cold starts radiating up my spine and into my shoulders. Like fingers of lightening grabbing and moving forward. I hate when this gets to my neck. Another way I am hooped for the day.

When the cold decides my hands are the target. Well they start to turn blue. Fingers and nails start with a pretty red colour. I squeeze and rub them to keep the circulation going. Sometime blowing on them with my hands cupped. It could still be a warm day out and my fingers decide that they are cold. So I may be blowing on them and someone will wonder why I am cold. The worse is when a finger or two will turn a beautiful colour of blue. I have only seen this once or twice and only for a minute or two. But dang does that look strange. It is like I had stuck my finger in a tube of coolaid and the colour stuck. When this happens my craft day is done. I do most of my crafts with my hands. I can manage, but eventually with the extra workload I am giving my hands the pain will move up to my wrists and I have to stop.

Now mind you these things do no all happen at the same time. One day it will be my back. Another there will be the shoulder and the back. Some days it is the feet and others might be my hands. On those rare days it may just be everywhere. Oh my those days are the worst. I cuddle under blankies and enjoy my comfy couch those days. The dogs snuggle in and I am hoping they do not put a foot or head in the wrong place. If they do they have to move as the pain just radiates from where they are sitting.

I spent a week in Ontario. I complained about the cold. To some it was not that bad, but to me that cold just got to the bone of me. I closed in on myself to keep myself warm. But my back never gave up and untightened for a week. From the time I stepped off that plane I was stiff and tight. I felt every bit of chilling wind that blew that week. My head rung with discussed and my feet had to be rubbed many times. I crawled under covers in our hotel room, but out and about I carried on with our visits. But the end of the week hubby was visiting alone while I enjoyed some time under the covers and watch some boob tube in the hotel room.

Then we come home to rainy and wet. No reprieve for my aching bod. The flight and airport wait where long and hard on my back. I kept my complaints to myself and carried on knowing that this time would soon be over. Three days and the rain did not stop. I was to be out and about though. I love my time out, but at what cost does it give me.

Now today I awake and the rain has come to an end. Sun beats down, but still a nip in the air. Go figure my back has given up the tightness and I am almost light as a feather again. I can dance and play to my hearts content. A little twinge here and there, but a miracle has emerged. Well really not a miracle, but a reprieve of such. I still feel the pain, but not down to the inner bone. I made it through another flair and none the worse for the ware.

Did I say I hate winter. Yeah I did. Right down to the core of me. I am a living barometer. One day I am up another I am down. Things come and go, but I have to carry on and do what I can. If not I would be on this comfy couch until the end of time. Nothing would be done if I did not carry on. Disgruntled I am that this has happened to me, but have learned that that will not get me through life. So up and Adam I get and complain for a bit. Then get on with my day and do what I can.

So rain on outside and bring down the temperature on me. My home is warm and couch is comfy. The dogs give me comfort and my blankies are warm. I carry on with my day and venture out in the weather. Today I enjoy and tomorrow who knows. Yes I complain, but just to be heard by the ghost in this place. As it falls on death ears to outsiders who do not understand. I am me and I live with me no one else can.

Until next time. You all have a great day. Adventure is the spice of life and every little adventure I will take to keep the spice alive. Talk to you all later.

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