This is a work in progress

I was rummaging around in my closet the other day. Looking for a certain top to wear to a dinner I am going to. Um! Purple, purple, purple, purple and more purple. Oh there is a red top. Wow! I have a white one and a blue one in there too. Stuffed way in the back mostly behind all that purple. Ah! There is the top I wanted. No it is not purple. Go figure.

I look at the rod that is holding all of these clothes and notice something. There are tie straps wrapped around my rod. What the heck. There are dozens of tie wraps around my rod and hooked to the shelf above. You might think that I have just a little bit more clothes on that rod then the rod can handle. I wonder when that was done. I know I didn’t do it so it must be a hubbie fix. Must have been sometime when I wasn’t around cause he usually mentioned things that I do stupidly and he has to fix. Oh well he has forgot about it so I ain’t asking. The rod must have been warping under the weight of all that purple. I am hopeless. Too much purple me thinks. Na just like hats you never have enough purple. I do think I should sort out a bit. The things I do not wear should clear them out of there. You know though someday may loose a bit of weight and then they will fit again. Then I will have clothes that are too big. Can’t get rid of them cause I go up and down like a yo yo. Depending on how I feel.

More rummaging I have to do. I need a pair of shoes to wear. Not the old runners I wear everywhere, but a nicer pair. Let’s see sandals, crocs, boots, cowboy boots and high heel shoes. Oh! I thought I got rid of those. What the heck there are two pairs in here. A very nice pair of silver bling shoes. Also a pair of red dress shoes. Both have at least four inch heels. Something I know I can never wear again. Low and behold they are in the back corner of my closet. For some dang reason I just am not able to part with them. I can’t wear them any more or I will fall down and probably break something. Something on myself not the shoes. I know I should get rid of them, but I just can’t. Maybe if I close my eyes they will poof be gone and I didn’t have to do anything. I gently put them back in the closet like they are gold and hide them behind my fluffy slippers again. I still can not get ride of them. I know some day I might just need them. For a decoration. That’s it a decoration of some kind. Nope can’t get rid of them.

I am missing something. So I am now on a treasure hunt. I know it is someplace in the house. I head over to the other bedroom upstairs. I am looking for a shawl to wear. I had it packed on my last vacation and I need it for today as it is a little chilly out. Check in the closet there. Purple, purple, purple and more purple. These are not tops though. These are dresses. Long ones, short ones and skirts. Yes I am hopeless. More clothes of some description, but no shawl. Dang! Now more treasure hunting.

Down stairs I go to my craft room. I have another rack of clothes down there. No these ones are not purple. These are all costumes from Halloween’s past. Why I keep them I am not really sure. I use to wear them on Halloween to work. Dress up and be a little goofy at work. Kids enjoyed it though. Now I find things in there to wear at some red hat themed events. So I keep them. So I am looking through each hanger trying to find that shawl I want. Where in the heck did it go. Last rack I look at and there it is. I wonder why it is down here? I know I unpacked it upstairs.

Running late. Time to go. Look at this mess I created, later. I know I should clear some of this stuff out. It is stuff you know. Just stuff, but you know it is my stuff and you never know you might just need it someday. In my dreams. I did take a gumption to clean out some of it last year. I got rid of a shitload of things. I sold a few things online and gave a couple of bags of stuff to the thrift store. I also gave a few things away. Did this make a dent in this stuff. Um! No it is still as stuffed as it was before. Looks a little neater. Well, until I got done today. Will be again when I go at it again, but for now. A big mess of stuff.

Hey it is my stuff and for some reason I still buy more when I see something I like. I am hopeless. So the shoes will sit in the back of the closet yet and the smaller sizes I might be able to wear again someday or the bigger sizes I will eventually be in again. Hey you just never know. Could get ride of it all and then go shopping again for new stuff. Ah! Therapy love it. Shopping therapy!

My son is going to have a huge bond fire when I pass. My stuff up in flames. Well I won’t be needing it anymore. Can cremate me with it. He certainly has no use for purple.

I was talking with a new red hat lady today. She says she is not gonna buy any stuff. She is not going to buy a whole pile of hats. She is not going to get loads of jewelry and wear costumes. Well I didn’t disagree with her. She may have more reserve then I do. Not buy much of anything. Dang though it is contagious and once you start and it feels so good then i will buy. More power to her if she does not go overboard.That is if red hatting takes to an idea you want to keep doing. I love dress up so it is my contagiousness. I am having fun but my pocket book says a different story. It is empty and says no more please.

Well on my way out so talk to you again soon. Maybe some shopping therapy is in order to console me.

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