Well it does happen, you know!

Okay how can I put this without it coming out like a old age sex novel.

You age. Yes you do. We all age. Things break down and not work as well

I was watching one of those movies last night. You know the mush movies where boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Then they have a tiff and think they are not right for each other. They get back together and a have raw unbridled sex together. Something I never really understand has to be in a movie. It doesn’t add to the theme of it what so ever in my opinion. But hey that is me, but anyways they have it. Their toned bodies glistening with sweat and hotness to the touch. Ugh! I am old. You think aw to be young again and just go at it like pigs in a petunia patch. Then I think again. Um! No!

I have rolls. I have aches and pains. I don’t move like that anymore. What the heck is the use. I can think, but to actually be able to get into a contortionist way and be able to do that. Where the heck is my Ben gay! I may need it just thinking about this.

Well I think I better get on with this before it leaves my brain and I wonder what the heck I was writing about in the first place.

Okay think about this. Man and women. Age 60 to 70. Same scenario as before. Man meets women, they enjoy each other’s company. Love in this case. Well maybe maybe not. They have their tiffs. Well you know they are not at all tiffs when you reach a certain age. Sometimes they are rage down out yelling and screaming matches. Throwing things and stubbornness coming to a head. Both set in their ways and never really gonna be together again.

Then one day they meet up again and all is forgotten. Well it is forgotten because memories are gone. Not all that gone, but can’t remember what the heck they had the brawl about in the first place. They sit down to a meal and the togetherness arouses in them again. After the meal they head to his sportcar so he can give her a ride home.

They pull up to her condo. They peck over the gear shift of the two seater. Try to get a little closer but start the horn a blaring. All windows open as others peak outside to see what the hubbub is. She yells up to the building occupants to mind their manners and go back to bed. You know everyone keeps their eyes open to what is happening outside. We are all nosy seniors and can’t not look to see what is going on outside.

To their embarrassment they get out of the sports car and head for her place. As they walk down the hall doors open a crack or two to check who is there. She waves them off with a smile as they head on their way. Holding hands as she opens the door.

Three cats greet her at the door then hiss and growl as the stranger enters behind her. Finally after the lovely greeting he and she settle on the sofa. A glass of wine they toast to friendship. After a bit she ask would you? He says I would would you?

They raise from the sofa and go hand and hand to the bedroom. The covers are thrown back. Clothes are discarded on the floor. How many layers. Do we count and see. Him the jacket, the tie,the shirt, the orthopaedic shoes, the orthopaedic socks, the shoulder brace to keep his back upright, his back brace for support, the firming slacks to hold in his gut. Well just a tad it does. And the enhancing undies. Under the sheets he dives. Did I say dive. Well maybe not. For her form fitting dress of lovely silk, the flats that are a must to wear now, the hose with tummy control. The push up of all push ups to keep them in place. They fall to her belly button embarrassed she is. Down to the tummies control undies and hoping not to show The depends as she shoves them under the mattress.she crawls in beside him and then says.

Now what? It has been ages since I have had a suitor in my boudoir. They peck a little and hold each other tight. She reaches for her side table a picks up the ky jell. Well you know what the advertisements says. She slowly moves over him. Snuggling close to the touch. He raises to ovation. Something that has not happened in a bit. She crawls over him. Listening to every crack and snap of her bones as she moves. Her knees crunched up under her as she sit. Her boobs hang in his face which gives him a smile. They stare at each other with lusty eyes. Her bifocals slip down her nose. No oh no! I can not do it this way. So she slowly uncurls her legs and screams in pain and she rolled to her back. He lifts himself slowly. Raising to a sitting position. Trying to get his hands under him to raise himself higher. As he pushes and groans with every move that he makes he finally is in place and deflates on the spot.. so they lay there together and hold each other tight. What a site we are both as they drift off in the night.

The morning comes and no apology is needed. They both understand what the other was thinking. Now back in his suit with all the extra support and her in her night jacket to cover the sags. She hobbles to the cabinet to grab the powdered milk. Her legs still not unfurled after they where curl underneath her. Drinking their coffee and enjoying some breakie.

Maybe next time they will stick to the sofa and a snuggle. A nice little peck here and there and hold hands while jeopardy is on.

So isn’t that just so romantic in the making. They cared for each other and understand what has to be done. But the effort it is to have a little nookie. May put a smile on a face or two for what has to be done. Is it worth it? I am not sure. It depends on how you feel as you age. If you age great go for it as long as you can. But please be safe or may be stuck in a position you do not want to be embarrassed in. Your call alert may go off at the most eventful time of your aged life. Ambulances and fire trucks on the way. The neighbours in watch to make sure all is right.

Well one good things. You know you are not dead yet and those firemen that come to visit will make it all worth while.

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