December adventure 2016

Well I think this adventure is worth a bit of a write-up

Last night I just stroked something off my bucket list.  Well this really isn’t on my bucket list but I took a chance and I did it.

I drove to downtown Vancouver.  I know now you just laugh at me.  Well the chicken shit that I am, this is a big step for me.  Yeah, yeah you are still laughing at me.

Had a get together last night at Canada place.  It was just our group and a few extras to fill the trolley.  Lyn planned a night out for us.  A Christmas karaoke trolley ride.  Now you say what the heck.  Well you know a tourist trolley ride and since it is around Christmas we filled the trolley with music..  off key music mind you.  I will get to that later.

So for days before I looked at the map on google maps.  I said well I can get there if I can find the sky train in Surrey.  But how the heck do I get to sky train.  There is parking over by Scott road station, but it looks like it is not an easy thing to get to.  I do not know Surrey all that well to be able to drive over there.  Could go to langley park and ride.  That would take us from the the bus to the sky train and then ripped down town.  You know that may take forever too.  So I studied the map some more.  There is parking right down at Canada place where we want to be.  Do you think I could do it.  Parking price might be hell but if I just take this way in.  And turn off here and then around this loop and parking should be in that area there.  It can’t be that hard.  Just the traffic and if it is raining the lights on my car are not that bright.  You know I hate driving, but yes I am going to do it that way.

Loa is going with me.  So I email off to her and tell her my plans.  I bet she is dang skeptical right now with what I am thinking.  You know she goes along with what ever I plan to do.  O boy she may be in for a ride of her life.  So around four I head down town and get a bit of gas.  I know I probably have enough but just to be on the safe side if I get lost and am driving around Vancouver all night.  I circles as well.  Yeah I look at the bad side toeverything.  Hey it is an adventure for me.  Just taking Loa along for the ride. She has to be thinking a few things as well, but she was game to try.

So pick up Loa and we are on our way.  Yep traffic is still busy.  I get us to Coquitlam and then ask.  Okay do I go Mary hill bypass to number one and the get off at 1st avenue to main.  Or do I do hasting street to main.  Got to get in the right lane for what way I want to go.  Loa says you are driving so decide.  Well number one will be full of traffic.  Okay I am going Hastings.  Once we got through Port Moody traffic was great.  Good choice.  Burnaby was a little more busy but not heavy traffic.  The rain came on and off.  Wondered if my wiper would stick under the corner of hood and not work.  You see the person that did service for me and changed my wipers.  He put a longer wiper on my right side wiper.  So once in while would stick under the lip of my hood and then not come back up.  I would have to get out unhook it and it would work again.  Anyways the wiper stayed working.  Thank goodness for that.  I don’t want to try stopping in traffic to fix that.

I am going off course here aren’t I?  I found Main Street (with help from Loa,  she knows some of the streets around here). Right on main and the follow it over to riverfront.  Turn right on river front.  There should be some parking just up on the right and then some more on the left.  The parking on the right was for a heleport.  So figured should not park there.  So now looking for the parking on left side.  Two parking lots coming up.  Oh they are for residence.  Hmmm that doesn’t work.  Oh a little further up there is another on the left.  Great and place for the car to be.  Parking only $7.50. Hey that’s not bad.  So driving around the parking garage to find a spot that does not say reserved.  Found one for small compact car only.  Yay!  A spot.

Next,  where is Canada place from here?  We are in the garage and do not see a way to get to ground level.  Being me I walk out through the garage door.  Find ourselves on a street we’re there is no sidewalk.  I don’t think Loa is too impressed as I start walking up the side of the street to get up one level.  Not a safe acted to do.  And dang it is a bit slippery too.  I know should have went back in and found a different way up, but I was so close to next level up now.  I am a doofus sometimes and I take others with me.  Dumb, dumb!

Now up on main level.  We should just have to walk down this street a bit this way and should come to Canada place.  We are at the cactus club now.  It can’t be far.  Well at least there are sidewalks.  Finally see the lights of the sails.  We are here.  Now what trolley are we to be on.  They are all loaded up already.  Hey we are still on time.  It is not 6:30 yet.  Just twenty after.  I know we where to meet at 6:15.  Just five minutes late for that.  Well we did make it.

Onto the trolley and jibs about being slow.  Last ones to board and we are on our way.  We where all welcomed on board and off we went.  Music playing and a few off key singers, some louder singers and some singers who should not have the mic at all.  But it was fun.

First stop and out for a wander.  Raining of course.we stopped in Stanley park to see the firefighters display.  The Santa train leaves from here but we didn’t have time for a ride.  The display was great.  Fireman santas coming down ropes.  Oh my how to get the lights up that high and so many in the trees.  A little slippery walking aroun, but the display was great to see.  Rain let up a little for us to enjoy.

Back on the trolley.  More off key singing as we made our way through Vancouver.  Next stop Vandusen gardens.  Have never been here before.  It is huge.  Aw!  The rain has stopped for a bit.  This will be a nice walk around.   The gardens were lit up beautifully.  There was even a light show that goes on to the music.  There was elves walking around to get you pr picture taken with.  Santa was even posing for a few shots.  I even got Loa on the merry-go-round.  As we got closer to the front entrance again we had ourselves and hot apple cider.  A down pour erupted and was so glad we were under shelter then.  Enjoyed the hot cider and dang was it hot.  I burned me poor tounge.  No more singing for me.  The rain let up enough for us to get back to the main building and wait for the trolley.

One the trolley again.  Heading back to Canada place.  More off key singers, but yes they were having a great time.

Back at Canada place and headed back to the car.  Took and easier way back to car.  Yes Loa found an elevator to take us down one level.  Aw!  Much better.  After we paid for our parking we were on the road again.    Let’s see a right here and then we take a left and then should be able to make a left onto.  Um. No left turn.  Well that is a bummer.  No left turn on the next three streets.  I guess we are going up to 1st ave.  yay can make a left there.  Out to highway one we go.  Traffic not too bad and the rain has let up.  Nice!  Onto highway one and easy peasy traffic on the highway.  A few stupid drivers but not bad.  Over the port man bridge and onto Abbotsford. Very easy drive home.

So my adventure.  My first time driving into Vancouver.  I was not thrilled to think about it but I did it.  We actually did cheaper this way the going on sky train.  I didn’t get lost.  I didn’t scare anyone.  Dang proud of myself.  Will I do it again?  Well!!!  That might be a maybe.  Depends on the circumstances I guess.

When I got home. I saw a message from Angela asking were we where.  Well I told her I was at home enjoying a bite to eat before I go to bed. I guess she got a laugh out of that. Just answered  her four hours later then I should have.  We were just 5 minutes late.  We didn’t miss out..  had a great time and I marked something off a list of something I really didn’t want to do.  Now if this was during the day and allot more traffic that might have been a different story.

Well until next time.  Talk to you again.

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