Our Harley trip . Was 2012, but I did it

Well I am not sure how people can do it. Stay on a bike all day and just keep riding. This trip was a lifetime experience, but also knowledge to know what my limitations are. I wrote this in 2012 when we went on the bike. I would love to do again, but my body seems to have other ideas for me. Every year I seem to have something else bothering me. That makes it harder and harder to do things. Some days I am blessed that I can still move around and do some things. Other day I really want my old life back. I keep trucking away though. Do what I can and rest in between.

Rocky is already to travel. He is packed. Too bad he couldn’t come along.

Visiting bike shops along the way.

travel on the harley

My hubby bought a Harley last year.  Says I have to go for rides with him.  So this is the start of our adventure together on the bike.

Well I have my first complaint about doing this already.  The dang rain.  I was soaked through to the skin and dang cold. Yeah I know rain gear.  was waering it but didn’t seem to help when it was still so dang cold out there. At least we didn’t go to far on that trip.  He just wanted to try out so he could get a feel of me being on the back of bike a little bigger then he is use to.

Second compaint.  All I really see is the back of his helmet.  That is going to be allot of fun when you are touring around.  I could have my head turned all the time but then my neck just gets sore.

Third complaint.  OH MY ACHING BUTT!!!.  There’s one he will hear quite often.  Can I get off now?  I can’t sit anylonger with my legs spread apart and my butt hurting like anything because the blood has rushed away from my butt and legs.  I CAN”T MOVE ANYMORE. GET THE CRAIN OUT TO LIFT ME OFF THIS THING. Then we drive miles and miles more and he still doesn’t stop.  Next excuss.  I have to pee now.  HE HE that gets him to stop and let me get off for a while.  AW!!! blood back into my butt.

Well anyways enough about the complaints.  It is fun to take these little trips.  You do see allot of country and meet allot of interesting people.

Our first trip we took last year in September before he put the bike away for the year.  The weather was starting to get a little colder and he decided we should take a little tour down through Washington State.  Drove along highway 20 and back across highway 2.  Then back into Vanciouver area and home.  We started out okay with some nice warm weather.  Then we headed through the pass of the cascades.  Dame was thst a change of temperature.  There was even some snow along the side of the road. It was good I had a few layers on at that time.  Once we came down in elavation again the weather really warmed up.  Going form one extreme to another.

We drove down along the Columbia River.  Just beautiful to see.  Came back across and over to Yakima.  Yeah there we found a Harley shop he could look at.  Still a novalty to see a bike shop and take a look around it.  They all look the same to me but what the hey.

The last day we headed over to Seattle and looked at the shops there.  Nice to get off the bike for a while and just walk.  Can you saw riding a horse legs.  Butt sticking out and legs kinda bowed out.  Later in the day heade home.

That trip was around 1400 kilometers.  well I made it on my frist ride. and survived.

We were going to head out here this past month on the bike.  Had a few days off and had it all planed out.  The only thig holding up the trip was the weather.  WILL IT EVER STOP RAINING THIS YEAR! We kept saying we were going to go then the rain would just come a puring down again.  I mean tourential rains.  Batten down the hatches and get out the boat type of rain.

Well that put a damper on things so we finally decided to take the car instead.  Glad of that.  The rain never stopped once.  We headed for Fairmont Hotsprings and spent a day there.  One long trip over along highway 1 in BC after making reservations.  One day there enjoying the steamy hot water and then one day home through Washington on highway 20.

Boy am I sure glad we didn’t do the bike thing.  The rain just kept coming and coming and coming.  On the way back through the Cascades we came across snow.  I mean deep snow through the passes  And dang was it cold.

He still didn’t like the idea that we didn’t take the bike.  I was glad it was the other way and in the car.

Well next trip out will be in August.  Two weeks on a bike.  Again Oh my aching Butt coming up  We haven’t really got it figured out yet, but are still in discussion about were we might go.  I would like to see the north country and drive to Alaska.  He wants to head east and then south a little and back through the States.  Maybe we will head down the coast to California.  Another nice drive would be to go to grand canyon.  Well we will figure it out sooner or later.  Maybe he will just set the GPS and follow were it will lead us.  See what happens in a month

got out for a ride today

Beautiful, beautiful sun.

Well today we finally got out on a bike ride.  First time all season.. yeah I know it is the end of June and should have been out many times already.  Well you know rain, rain , rain just kept on a coming.  Doesn’t make for a good time.

He just wanted to see whether I could survive or not.  Our big vacation is coming up in another month.  Still not sure were we are going but it is going to be two weeks sitting on the back of his bike looking at his helmet.  Yeah!!!  Rain, snow or sunshine.  I got to do it.

I bought a new used leather jacket here the other day and had to try it out.  It is a little big but if I have to put a warmer sweater under it it will do pretty good.  I found it at the thrift store in Maple Ridge.  Only 24 bucks.  Pretty good price considering what leather is worth.  So now am almost fitted out for riding.  Got some rain gear , a new helmet a couple of months ago and now a leather jacket.  He will soon be saying I need to get chaps as well.  Well we will see.

Well I can say that for that short stint I did survive.  We headed over to Harrison Hot springs along highway 7.  The sun was a shining.  So great to feel that on my back.  I looked out over the water of the Fraser River.  The water is pretty high right now.  Allot of fields are flooded right now.  Yeah I didn’t look at the back of his helmet all the time.  At the Springs we got off and took a little walk along the beach.  The water is pretty high there right now too.  The sand is all under water.  I guess for now there will be no sand castle compititions going on.  I wonder what month they do have it because right now there is no way that it could be done.

After the walk got back on and headed over to Bridal falls and then onto Highway 1 and back to good old Mission.  This is were I think the crain had to come in.  Yeah my butt was kinda stiff and my legs did do a little sleeping with out me.  I should have put my cushion on and maybe I would have did a little better.  I didn’t do too bad though.  The only scary part was when he decided to take a down hill curve a little too fast.  I gritted my teeth through that.

Well lets see if I can get out a couple more times before the big one.  Come on sunshine stay with us

it is getting closer

Well time is now of the essence.  Have to start figuring out were we are going.  Yep he is still going to do it.  Get  me on the back of his bike for two whole weeks.

We are starting to make the plans and figuring out what can be packed and what can’t.  Does that mean i can’t pack a big suitcase with all of my essentials.  Oh come on I need my stuff.  Oh all right a couple of changes of clothes at least.  I know one thing I need and that is my butt coushion.  I used it last time and it did make a big difference.  This trip is going to be a little longer though.  Can I fly back from somewhere and just leave him to ride back himself?  Well I guess that will up to how my body is going to handle this.  I’m just hopeing that the fibro or the arthrisis just don’t kick in at the wrong time or we will both be having some problems.  Me for being a big pain and him for figuring out how we are going to get home if I can’t sit too long.

Well the plan is to head east a little ways and then head down into the States.  Go through the cascades and then start heading south.  See yellowstone park and maybe mount Rushmore.  Then head down towards the Grand canyon and then back across and come up along the ocean.  We are going to go from cold the dang hot in no time.  Well at least hopefully on the other side of the mountains it won’t be raining.  It hasn’t really stopped here. Just a few days of sun and now we are back into cooler weather again.  Really were the heck is summer around here.  I know it is all in Ontario.  and they are hogging it.  the warm weather at least.  Sounds like a few storms going on there right now.  Hopefully we don’t find any of them.  Being on the bike and hitting a storm area won’t be too much fun either.

I remember when we lived in Ontario.  Riding the bike dowm to Long point for a swim.. Ran into a storm.  Lightening coming down on both sides of the road.  Rain was a pouring on us.  We stopped on the side of the road to take shelter under some trees.  I now stupid place to stop with lightening but what else could we do.  That was one scary moment on my life.  It did pass finally and we headed on our way.

Well will have to get the map out here soon and figure out a definate route.  Still prcratinating on that.  I did look once and thought about were to go and got told didn’t like that idea should do it this way.  So back to the drawing board and look again.  At least I have figured out what i would like to see and he has his figued out.  Now just to get there and what to see along the way.

Getting ready to move it out

Well he is sitting outside on his bike getting itchy to go. Na this is just a picture from when he got his new toy.

We have three more days before we set off on our latest adventure. We are planning on heading down into the states. I need a few ideas here on what is interesting to see. I would like to see the grand canyon and maybe a tootle over to Mount Rushmore. Then on the way home are hoping to drive up along the ocean. You look at all the travel books and say oh that looks great or maybe this. We just have to pick out a route and start heading.

We are just going to stay out of the big cities. Hubby doesn’t like driving in them too much. Taking our time as we have two weeks. Well at least I hope that he will take his time so we can see the scenery. Well if you call the back of his helmet scenery.

Well we will get it figured out. Last trip we went on he just popped info for next town and headed that way. Took four days and enjoyed the whole time. Well except my butt, but that is always another story.

So now I might as well start looking at the books and see if I can get this figured out a little so he doesn’t start saying that I have not contributed to this trip

ye ha!! holiday time

Well the bike is packed.  Trying to figure out how to put the amount of stuff in I wanted to put in.  Well I did it.  I got one saddle bag to myself.  Last time we went away he decided that we should put all of our stuff in one bag on the top.  So didn’t get to take too much at all.  Just a change of clothes.  This time I have at least two changes of clothes to take. So I shouldn’t have to be washing clothes as often.

Tomorrow I have a couple of appointments before we take off.  Just have to get those done and then get a good night sleep and be off the next morning.

This will be fun.  As long as I remember to get my butt cushion out of the car.  If not it is going to be a long painful ride.  Well I hope it will be fun.  Usually when we go out somewhere we end up on each others nerves after a while. The trip starts getting too long and i just want to head for home.

We are going to see allot of country while the poor dogs have to stay at home and be looked after by my son and brother.  The poor dogs no walking for a couple of weeks.  Just the back yard for their fun. My son doesn’t have much care for being buddies with them.  He keeps saying that they would make great dog stew.  I know he is only kidding and does like the dogs but he is always trying to get my gander going.

So the first part of our treak will be through the mountains along highway 3 in BC. At least I think that is the way he is thinking of going.  If not it will be right into the States and over to Glacier national park..  From there over to Yellowstone park.  I don’t think we will make it that far in the first day, but will see.  Then the next treak will be over to Mount Rushmore and then heading south  were we will eventully head into Vegas and see the grand canyon and such..  From there we will be heading back north along the ocean.  Should be a pretty good trip.  Will see allot of caountry and maybe I will warnm up for awhile.  I am always so cold all the time now.  Even with this past heat wave we had I was still chillin.

So in a couple of days will give you all an update.  This is my bog for now

First day of a long ride

Well I made it on the first day. Butt is not too sore but my legs are pretty pretty stiff.

We started off this morning around nine o’clock. Had to get the dogs walked first and load just a little more stuff up. The dogs thought they might be coming along and ran out the door each time we opened it.

Then it was on our way.

First stop was in Manning park for a bit of a stretch. You see pretty good I made it at least three hours before we had to stop. Butt pillow does wonders. Still I did start having troubles after that. First came the butt and then it moved down into my legs and knees. So another stop was in order. This time it was for gas. Yes I can get off again. Halalueya for that. Gas was in Ososyas.

This is we’re we had to start taking off layers of clothing. Boy did it get hot there. The sun just beating down. I hope the sun block is working because there is no reprieve from the sun. It just kept beating down on us and HOT.HOT, HOT. Had to keep at least a long sleeve shirt on to keep the sun from burning you to a crisp. I started getting sleepy here because of the heat and almost fizzed off a few times. That would have been awful if I fell asleep and the tooled off the bike.

We made two more stops along the way. One for my poor butt and the other to get some lunch. Plus another stop for my poor butt and hubby was even feeling to need to get off as well. Then there was my back that started to bother me. Gosh does this ever stop. The pain and needing to get off. I had to stretch out my leg a couple of times while we were moving. I don’t know if he noticed this or not but it had to be done before I would scream in shear pain. Just trying to make it so we didn’t have to stop so much. Well it worked I got the link out of my knee.

We made it into Castlegar around six. Hubby thought he might find something a little further down the road but I said I had seen a super eight that looked like a good place to stay for the night. I just really wanted to stop. I don’t think I could have taken much more today. So we turned around and headed back from the rest area at the top of hill and pulled in after a couple of wrong turns to find the place again.

Supper is the next form of business once we have settled in. Took a bit of a walk to get the kinks out and settled in at an Arbys for some cheese sticks while hubby had a double layers sandwich. Sure tasted good after a day on the road.

Back at the room we debated as to whether just relax or go to the pool and soak for a while. The hot tub won out and we went to soak for a bit. It loosened up some of the kinks and just felt so invigorating. I went from the pool to the hot tube and back again a few times. Some of the stiffness is gone but now I am starting to feel things stiffen up again.

Anyways the countryside of BC is beautiful when everything is not so dry. The weather is cooperating and hope that it keeps cooperating. I really don’t want to see much in the way of rain for this trip. It will make for a wet process on the bike. I know the weather is going to get hotter the further south we go. Just have to see how far we can make it before I say it is time to go home as I can’t take much more. Don’t want to ruin his trip but if I can’t do anymore it is over.

Well for now that is it. Next time I find internet service will get on again.

Day 2 more fun day

Today we left castlegar and headed for the US border at Creston.

Into the states we go. Had a little stint in Idaho and then into Montana. It was dang cold first thing in the morning and as the day progressed the weather got a little warmer.

Around 3 o clock we made it to Glacier national park. Should have thought about stopping and going through in the morning, but that didn’t happen. We drove on through. It cost us 25 dollars in order to enter the park. The drive was worth it though. You drove along a lake and then we started to climb and climb and climb. The weather started getting cooler as we got higher. Didn’t see any wildlife but the view from the top was breathtaking. I got a few pictures that I will post later when I am at home. Even saw a little snow.

As we got out of the park at St Mary there was no place to stay. So on the road we took ourselves and made it to Browning before we found a place that still had rooms available. So now we are in a room finally relaxing.

Oh I still didn’t make it that far before my butt had to start wiggling around. Hubby doesn’t like it when I start wiggling around. It throws off the balance of the bike. I right now am starting to walk like I was riding a horse. All bow legged and stiff. Does not look great at all.

Well tomorrow will be heading either for Yellowstone Park or for Rapid city to see Mount Rushmore. See how far we get. There isn’t much in between those two places to see but just more tree and hills and curvy roads. Well time will tell on how far we get.

My view from the back of the bike. Our shadow as we ride along the road. Or the back of his helmet. Too funny!

Day three. I’m gonna complain now

Well before I get to the days events I think I will do a little complaining here. First off I really WANT TO GET OFF THIS BIKE NOW!!!! My legs are killing me and my back and my feet well they are starting to swell. NOT GOOD!!! I get on and am okay for a bit then the blood just stops flowing through my legs and the pressure just starts building until I am saying GET ME OFF NOW!!!

Well that isn’t exactly what happen. We drive and drive and there just isn’t anyplace that is good to stop at. So I just wiggle this way and that to get comfortable for another little while.

Another problem is there is got to be a pee break in there someplace. The route we were taking didn’t have much in the way of rest areas or towns for that matter. The GPS took us around a route that didn’t have much except roads and trees.

Okay enough of the whining. Got any cheese to go with that.

We left Browning early this morning. Not realizing there was a time change so everyone is an hour ahead of us.

You know the signs say to watch out for deer on the road they didn’t mention that you should be watching out for cows on the road. There was a whole herd of them just a graising on the side of the road and across the road. Not easy to see as you are coming around a sharp curve.

Well yesterday we made an elevation of 6600 feet and today found another elevation of 6100 feet. Up and down we go. Montana is a very hilly place. You head up and down then come to some prairie area and then right back into hilly again. The heat now is getting pretty hot too. It was okay going this morning but by this afternoon the temperature got up fairly high.

Well we finally made it to north of Yellowstone National Park. Staying at a Best Western for the night and tomorrow will head into the park and drive the loop and out the other side heading for Rapid City to go the Mount Rushmore. From there we will see how things are going and whether we will be going down or heading back the other way.

Want to make it down to Vegas and see the Grand Canyon. But if I am not doing too great the trip may be cut short. Wait and see what happens I guess.

Construction found us in a couple of places as well today. Not great to drive a bike over huge rocks in the middle of the road. Big huge ruts and huge holes in the road. Just glad there was no water on the road or it would have made it allot slicker to drive on.

Oh and one railroad track just about flipped me off the bike as well. He was driving over and there was a huge hump on the other side of the tracks. I went flying up on the air and then back down onto the seat. Glad the backrest was there or I would have been sitting on the pavement I thinks. Scared the shit out of me. Time to think about holding on a bit. I need a seat belt but they don’t make them for bikes.

Oh yeah one other thing. Bikers are sure friendly people. They all wave at you as you are their best buddy. Don’t know who they are but they all wave. Seems the be a given thing. Your in a car and no one takes notice of you, but get on a bike and everyone knows everyone. They wave even if they are stopped on the side of the road.

Also the next place we are heading has a Harley dealer there. Want to make bets we will stop in for a look see.

So tonight had a dip in the pool and hot tub again. Aw!!! Feels so nice. Hope it gets out some of the kinks but for now it doesn’t feel like it is going to I can still feel we’re I hurt.

Well that’s all for now. Talk again tomorrow of I get internet

Day 4, nice drive today

Well I can say that I am enjoying myself today. I had apprehension when I started this and now I seem to be getting into the spirit of this ride.

We made it through Yellowstone national park today. We even saw the geyser go off as well. Waited an hour and half for it to happen. There was allot of people there just a wandering around and waiting as well. Didn’t see yogi bear or ranger smith ( oh that is jellystone park isn’t it). But we did see some buffalo walking along the side of the road.

Tonight we are in Wyoming at a place called Cody. Another Best Western we are in. Named after Wild Bill Cody. There is a dam just outside of town that was a project of his and was completed in early 1900’s and was added onto around 1980’s to make more power in the area.

Tomorrow will be heading towards South Dakota and a place called Rapid City. Hopefully we can get another reservation at a Best Western there. As hubby has a card that eventually gets you a free night. Plus Best Westerns caiter to bikers and have a wash station for bikers. That is were mount Rushmore is. We will be staying there for 2 days and have a little rest and check out the monument and take the presidents walk.

Hurray, a day off from being on the bike. My butt really doesn’t want to take too much more for now. I do okay for awhile and then things start to hurt.

Oh the decision has been made not to go down to Grand Canyon. I looked at the temperature for around there and saw it was around 49 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’ t think I want to be in that heat. So another route in in the works.

We may fly down there sometime in winter when temperature is allot better and check out what I may have missed now.

I have also noticed allot of bikers don.’t wear helmets down here and allot of girls are driving their own Harley. Hubby suggested that I get one and we could ride together. Not a chance in heck of that happening.

So we came through a mountain range that looked like allot of old castles. Just the hills looked like the hoodoos in Alberta. Looked pretty cool to me.

Well that’s it for today. Yeah I guess I am having a good time and we still have miles to go. Hopefully I make it all the way. For now not doing too bad but I do still whine and complain and today I just about landed on my back trying to get off the bike making some we all know to give me a dirty look.

Oh speaking of dirty I am getting this way. Literally road dirt and sweaty. I also am wondering whether I can ride side saddle and then my legs are not spread apart all the time. I know not going to happen. Well there is my dirty talk for you.

Old faithful and this is what we saw close up and personal. These buffalo where along the side of the road while we were stopped. Got very close to the bike.

Day five. Well that was a long drive

Well we made it Rapid City South Dakota. That was a long hot drive.

We got up early this morning to miss some of the sun and we had an eight hour or so drive ahead of us. The landscape went from mountains to flat to mountains again and then just plain flat. The sun beating down on us most the whole time and getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Oh such fun.

The mountains looked like they were clay red. And sometimes they looked like you would see in a roadrunner cartoon. The flat land looked like tumbleweeds and brush and big range farms with sheep cattle or horses. They say it is big bear country and rattle snakes. Thank goodness we didn’t see either.

The cross winds kept us hopin as well. A truck would go by or a cross wind would come up. It would feel like you were one of those bobble heads. You know bounce this way and then that. Yes sir no sir just what ever you want sir.

Oh and so much construction put us back an hour on the road as well. You just get back up to speed and then have to slow down for another road of gravel. Thank goodness they didn’t wet it down or that just would have been a big mess to drive through on the bike.

There was also the fact that we decided the night before to take a bit more of the expressway to get there faster, but part way down the road someone changed the GPS to take alternate routes away from big areas. That added at least another hour onto our trip. Mind you country side was nice to look at but to get we’re there is no gas and it takes longer to get someplace. Oh come on please. As I said before LET ME OFF NOW SO I CAN STRETCH.

Oh so far we have gotten lucky on the rain. We came through one area were it had just rained but we didn’t get hit with it. I guess I shouldn’t speak too soon on that as it still might break out on us.

Anyway we did make it to Rapid City in one day. Had a reservation at the Best Western here. Took a couple of times going around the block to find the entrance but finally we are here. I can shower and get the grime off. Felt so good to do that. Now if I can just get my legs to work again. Yeah I am sore and stiff from my feet to my hips. I just hope he doesn’t take another long trek again or I may never be able to walk right again. My knees are feeling shot right now as well. I know complaining again but it is the truth. I still say I would like to ride side saddle and keep my legs together so the blood does not stop flowing to my feet. I felt like they were swelling as well. Boy I am in rough shape here, right?

Well anyways tomorrow is a relaxing day. We are taking a tour so no driving for us. Starts at 7 in morning and goes until 4. They serve us breakfast and Lunch and supper. Take us to Mt Rushmore were we tour around there. Then we get on a train and take a tour around the area and see a few other things. Better then looking at it yourself. You get to see a lot and don’t have to figure out driving yourself. Works for me and gives us a rest as well.

From here we are heading home. I have had enough of the heat so we are heading north a little and then heading back west. Should take a few days to get home. Oh someone whom is traveling with me said since we are so close to Ontario we should just head there. Uh!!! NOT ON YOU LIFE. I do not want to take longer to go home. I think I have been a good sport so far and have not flown home on him. I may not be able to walk by the time I get home but I am sticking it out.

I guess that is all for today. Talk again tomorrow night after our tour of Mt Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore, crazy horse, we drove through stergus, he didn’t stop there. Said it was too busy and an old train ride we took through the pass

Day six. Did a bus tour instead of driving

Today was a bit of a chilly day. Makes for a change from all the hot sun. Had a pretty good day today. Staying an extra day in Rapid City. The Best Western got another day out of us. Should get a free day voucher when we get home and check e-mail to see of voucher is there. Not checking home e-mail on the road just the g mail.

Started out with waiting for a bus at seven in the morning. Didn’t get there until seven thirty. Nice but we were one of the last to get on. Nice motor coach with air. So not too bad. They then served us breakfast which was a plus.

So our tour today took us by bus to Mt Rushmore were we saw the monument of the presidents. Was real interesting to see even if we are Canadian. I love looking at things that are done in carving. We even walked the presidents walk, which wasn’t too hard to walk. Going down wasn’t too bad but when you had to walk back up the steps, well that did get a little tough on the knees. I did make it though without too much trouble. When you take that walk you can get right up and almost personal with their nostrils. Yep got to see up their noses.

After that we got back on the bus. Road over through Keystone and then to Hill City. A couple of souvenir places. Hill City is were a Harley dealer is. That caught someone’s eye. So we may be driving over there tomorrow before we head out. You know just to take a look. Or he has already found the address in Rapid City and maybe we will be stopping there before we head out of town. Yeah!!!! Such fun.

From there we headed for the other monument in the area called Crazy Horse. It is still being worked on, but the head is done and they are blasting away in order to work on the horse part of it. When it is done in probably another fifty years it will look magnificent. It will be bigger then the the tallest buildings in the world. The carver that started it has now passed and his family have taken over to keep the dream alive. This gentleman has made many carvings in his life and was also an apprentice on the construction of Mt Rushmore. It is a big facility and to see all the crafts done by natives also at this facility was interesting.

The last place we went was on a drive through Custer National park. We’re suppose to see buffalo there but none seemed to show themselves. Did see a few deer and elk though. At the end of this drive the driver took us up Iron Mountain. That was allot of switch backs to get up there. Up and up we went. Nice view when we got to the top though. On the way back down we came to a part of the road were they said it was not able to make about three miles of road to meet back up with highway 16. So a surveyour went into the bush for eight days to figure out how it could be done. He came up with a plan and this bus drove back down it. Well the road was made for model T’s not big buses. You drive like you are going around a pigs tail. First you go over a bridge and then you circle around to go under this bridge. Then you go down the road a bit and then do another pig tail. The bus going through this was doing it very slowly and cars coming the other way did not want to move over to let the bus through. We did make it down. Boy was that ride fun.

So tonight are figuring out our plan for tomorrow. Yeah he wants to see the Harley dealer, you know just to take a look. Then it is on the road again. We are heading for home. Which way will be decided as we go. He has about four routes in the GPS and he will pick on on the drive out of town. I just hope it isn’t t to round about way again. It takes forever and we seem to get nowhere. My legs and back just start getting sore just thinking about it. Well just have to see as we go. At least we are heading home and not south we’re the weather is dang hot.

Well I had a good time today. No riding the bike and giving myself a. break. There was a walk on there I could have done without but it wasn’t too hard. That felt good to take a break as my legs were cramping something fierce when I was trying to sleep last night. They are doing better now though and I should be able to head off tomorrow. Just have to wait and see. He says it will be an easy day. Well let’s hope so.

Day seven, one the road again. Please no

Well we got up sorta early this morning to head on the road again.

The weather is kinda chilly. Had to wear my coat and best most of the day. So much for saying that the weather is too hot for riding. I felt like I was freezing most of the day. The wind came up as well which didn’t make it much better for riding. Those cross winds make it hard to keep a bike going straight on the road.

Oh I forgot to mention that yesterday we went for a ride on an 1800 steam train as well. The ride we took had us on a trip for an hour. If you would have drove that distance it would have only took you ten minutes. The wind being a little cool that day also made for me feeling chilled because people had the windows opened. Yeah I am

Just a whimp when it comes to the cold.

As we left South Dakota the traffic started to pick up. We are now back on flat land and dang dusty as well. Went through a little area were you would call it the bad lands. Then right back into dusty flat land. With the cross wind coming up all the more and then the traffic started to accumulate with truck after truck after truck. These truck were filled with all sort of things for construction. The further north we got the more trucks and traffic we came across. North Dakota is booming. We also noticed that we had a time change again. I thought the time change would have been if we were under Manitoba but I guess it is somewhere in between of Sask. well now we are two hours difference in time.

Well being back on the road my aches and pains have started to show their wildly ways again. I am hurting tonight. Legs were pretty stiff all day. Had to raise one cheek then the other just to keep the blood flowing. My exercise for the day. On cheek up then put it down then the other cheek up and put it down. Move my foot to the front of the peddle the move it back again. I try not to move too much and hubby starts to motive the bike wiggling around a little. He does stop every so often to get off. At half a tank and then stop for a stretch. Then tank empty get off again to fill the tank. So I am getting stretch time. Happy about that.

Well we made it into Williston around 5 o clock. To find a place to stay though was not easy. With all the construction going on here the motels are all full up. Took us a few places to ask before we found something near the airport. Expensive that is. But at least we have a place for the night. So for tomorrow we figured out where we where going to hopefully be and made a reservation. Go figure found another Best Western to stay at. The points are starting to add up. Maybe will get to use the points sometime or rather after we get home.

Well tomorrow will be an early morning so will stop blogging for now. He wants to get on the road early before all the traffic starts showing its ugly head again. Those trucks are not fun to be around when you are on a bike.

Day eight, well it is bug city now

Okay bad joke. When do you know you are looking at a happy biker? He is the one with smile full of bugs. Ba ha ha ha. Yeah I know bad joke.

Well we went through bug city today. The bike is just covered with them. So tonight had to give a little of a wash when we got to the motel. Yuk! What a job.

Montana besides cattle and large ranches, they have bugs that just love to fly into your bike and face and sometimes up your nose. Ew!!! My pants are full of bug splotches.. More Ew!!!

Anyways to get ahead of traffic this morning we got up early. Williston is just so full of traffic and most of them being trucks. Found out why this morning. There is oil in those prairies . Well there was always oil in those prairies but now they can drill sideways instead of straight down so they are able to get more oil. Between Watson City and Williston the trucks just keep a moving. These trucks are doing big damage to the highways. You drive down the road and the ridges were tires have gone over are so deep it made it hard to control the bike on the road.

So as soon as we left Williston this morning the traffic went back to zero on the road. Montana was quiet. The awed truck and a few cars and lots of bugs. Not even much in the way of gas stations. We came close but made it to one. That was good don’t want to be looking for gas on foot. No fun at all.

Well we made half way across Montana. Tomorrow should be in Idaho if all goes as planned. Haven’t figured out how far we will make it just as long as he doesn’t decide to hightail it for home. My legs just couldn’t take it of he did. One long ride was enough on this trip. To get to Rapid City was along drive and I had to stay off the bike for a day to get my legs back in some order. They are still not good but I can make a bit at a time. Just allot of wiggling and he is telling me I am wiggling too much. Can’t help it got to keep moving.

So now bike is sorta clean and we are sitting here relaxing after a nice supper. Hope that he doesn’t want to get up too early tomorrow and try to get as far as he can. I guess I have to be ready for anything. Especially if I want to get home. No plane ride for me. Have to suffer the ride home as well.

I can say I am having a good time. Except for the pain in my legs and back while I am riding. Just a few more days and I will be home in my own beddy by. Then a couple of days rest and then back to work. Aw!!!!

Day nine. Another hot day of driving

Need water please. That was one hot drive. We made it the last legs of Montana and are now in Idaho. The temperature in very hot here. I think it made it up over 35 degrees while we wet driving. To top it all off we end up behind slow moving cars and construction, which made it slower going then what we wanted. It was suppose to be an easy 5 hour drive and took about seven by the time we were done. Then to get into Sandpoint Idaho we find out it is a beach town and the Best Western is full because it is down by the beach. Yeah we figured we would get here early enough to get a room so didn’t book ahead. Well we are now at a Quality Inn just off the main road. Don’t really care were we are as long as there is a bed and a place to relax for a while and get out of the heat.

We started out this morning with coats on but as the day progressed it started to get really hot. Off came the coat and then a little while latter off came the vest. Wanted to roll up the sleeves on my shirt but then I would have ended up with a sunburn like you wouldn’t believe. The sun was just a beating down on us and was starting to feel like we were going to dehydrate. That was one hot drive.

So tomorrow it is going to be an easy drive. Well so he says. One minute he says will drive for a couple of hours and then the next he says will get up early And hightail it for home. My legs are not going to take that. I have enough trouble getting up the stairs now or for that matter trying to walk too far.

So tomorrow I am hoping for a short ride. Just have to wait and see though. Sometimes there are always other plans. I just am not going to take too much more before things start to go wrong for me. I am still holding my own, but everyday seems to get a little more stiffer.

Well two more days and should be home. At least I am hopping

Day ten One dang hot day

We only did a short bout today. Left later today and then headed for a Harley dealer. Yeah we found one to look at. Found out they were having a four year anniversary. Could get some pretty good deals. Unfortunately how would we get it home. Only have the bike with limited space. So nothing coming home with us. Didn’t really see anything worth getting anyways. I usually just buy a t shirt but didn’t even want one of them.

So we made our way into the desert again. Hot hot hot is what it is. Saw one sign that showed the temperature and it said 97. Dang hot I say. We had to make frequent stops to have a drink of water and to stretch. Not much of any shady spots to stop so the sides of gas stations would do.

Finally got into Wanatchee Washington. Found a Best Western to stay at. Where not going any further in this heat. Will trek for home tomorrow. Are really racking up some points with them. Well I hope anyways and will be able to use them sometime.

Home tomorrow. Yeah back in my own bed and off the bike. I am really starting to hurt now. Have to get off at least every hour to get the blood back into my legs. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Hopefully I will make it home without too much pain. The arthritis is really starting to show its nasty side right now. Hurt hurt is all I am doing right now. So I guess biking isn’t for me either. I do like to travel but I do like to be a home body as well.

But I don’t want to be walking like I have been on the back of a horses butt for a long period of time. I mean something with horse power I have been sitting on and it is making walk like I am bow legged and stiff. I am glad I have a few days off before I go back to work. If I went back a day after I got home it would really be a hurting thing.

Well home at last. Just four hours away. Hopefully not a hot one will not make a good ride if it is. Well will see tomorrow. I think he wants an early morning to keep out of the heat as much as possible.

No internet tonight so will publish this tomorrow when I am home along with the last blog for this trip.

Day eleven well home again

we finished off our ride today.  back in the good old BC country.  that was one long ride.  never went that far on a bike before.

had good weather the whole way.  no rain at all.  but the sun did get a little hot at times. when you are riding and the sun is beating down on the pavement it makes it extra hot.

today went through the Stevens pass.  that was a little cooler for us.

My only draw back is the fact that my arthritis started showing itself on the last two days.  My back and legs are really starting to stiffen up now.  that last little leg of our trip I could tell I was starting to get in a little trouble.  Wanted to get off real bad but we were just about home.  so stuck it out.

I did admit I had my misgivings about going.  Now that I have done it I admit I had a good time.  Saw allot of country and did get to see some sights that I wanted to see.

well tonight back in my own bed.  aw!!!! that is what I always want. Anyone have a crane to get me off this thing. I literally can not move. He may have to get off and then drag me off, well walking like I was riding a hors ouch am I stiff.

I am sorry to say I have not been on the bike since. My days as a biker chick are over. I did it though. Hubby has been on a couple of other bike trips, but they have been alone.

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