My first adventure on my own. Scared shitless

I better say this blog is from way back when I first joined the red hat society. Since then I have been out doing fun on my own and loving it.

My first day to Reno

Hey all am writing my first leg from the plane from Seattle to Reno.

I am doing this. Amazing the chicken is sprouting wings.  Well a little bit anyways. There may be afew mistakes on this first part of my composition.the flight is dang bumpy.

Today I was up early.  Did the usual.  Had ready and walked the dogs.  I am feeling the effects of getting up early now.  I feel a little light headed and just all around want to go back to sleep.  Well maybe I should be napping on the plane instead of writing this.  He’ll no!! Too excited on going to Reno.

So now I take off in my car.  This will be my first time crossing the border on my own and driving in the states.  I hope I get the directions right or I will be driving around Washington for awhile trying to find that elusive airport in Bellingham.  I followed the same route I went last time.  But then I wasn’t driving for that so hope I get it right.  There is always someone esle driving when I head across the border.

So now at the abbotsford crossing.  The border crossing gaurs asked me three questions.  Where am I from, where am I going and why.  As soon as I said red hat convention he said have a good trip and gave me my passport back.  Well that was easy.

Now to get on the right road.  It seems pretty simple on paper but if I miss one of these roads I am hooped.  Highway nine to guide meridian then onto bakerview and across the expressway highway five where the airport should be on the other side.  Okay off I go.  Radio blaring away to great tunes.  Sun shining.  Aw beautiful day.  Not too warm and just a few clouds in sky.  Well hope luck of the weather stays with me.  Last night listened to a thunder storm going on out side.  Yeah why wouldn’t a storm be outside,  they are not in the house.  The dogs heard it too.  Rocky just kept getting closer and closer every time another clap of thunder went off.  So there is where part of my sleep was lost from.

There is the Columbia river down there.  Traveled that river along the road on the bike one year.

Anyways back to my reality here.  Lack of sleep.   Besides the thunderstorm was the excitement of going to Reno.  So took a little while before I steepled in for good night sleep. Until alarm went off in morning.

Well I made my trip to Bellingham with getting lost.  You proud of me?  Well I am proud of myself.  The wings are getting bigger all the time.  I can do this says the little train.  Well you know I can do this. Last time traveled with other ladies this time I am doing on my own.  So proud of this so far.

So now find parking spot in Bellingham airport.  Easy as pie.  Get a ticket and am unloading my luggage from car when a bus pulled up behind me.  You looking for ride to terminal.  Now that is service I was just going to walk the little ways over there but now have a ride from a very nice lady who lifted my luggage into her bus and drove me over there .  I know it is part of service but I figured you would have to walk to bus stop to get on.  She stopped right behind my car.

Okay so in terminal now.  Way too early me thinks.  Oh well can read for while I guess.  So through security and find seat on other side.  Seats are packed full must be a few planes going out soon.  Sit down and start reading.  Do a little facebooking and check my mail.  An hour or so later they are calling the plane loading.  Running a little later then should be.

The downpour starts.  Great just in time to walk out on the tarmack and get on the plane.soaked I mean soaked!!!  My boarding pass is all wet.  Hmmm should have put that away before I walked out in the rain. Hope it will work for next flight.

So that flight was just a little bumpy. Not much.  Did not see much out the window but clouds.  A little patch clearing once in while.  Then we get into Seattle and sun is shining.  Walk off the plane along the tarmack.  Head for the next gate that I have to get on.  You know it is the same gate I just got off of.  Well that is handy.  So take a bathroom break and then ht the Burger King for a few fries and a drink.  Well that hit the spot.  Back to the gate in plenty of time to wait for boarding.  I walk back out to the tarmack and get on the same plane I just got off of.  Now just in a different seat.  Before at front of plane and now in back of plane.  Very last seat on plane.  Window seats.  Just like being in a window seat and watch the ground go by.  It fascinates me.  When I travel with my hubby he always takes the window seat and sleeps.  So I do not see much of anything.  This time it is my choice.  Just love it.

So now am riding in the same plane heading for Reno.    Had a warning stay in your seats with seat belt fastened .  It seems we have some bumpy weather ahead.  Boy is he not kidding.  Just went through a few pockets here.  Bouncing around all over the place.  Thunder storms ahead.  This is going to be a very bumpy ride.  I can tell you that.  Oh here we go again.

This is not easy typing.  I think I will stop for now and maybe read some more.  We pass through clouds and once in while see the land below.  Not too exciting right now.

When I get to Reno will have to figure out if there is a shuttle to the hotel.  If not guess I am taking a taxi.  Then after checking in will unpack then head down the Sammie in the hotel to take in a cabaret show I have a ticket for.  Well at least hope so.  These tickets are for red hatters.  I said my plane would not be in time to pick up my registration today as they are stopping registration today at five.  So the queen organizing this event said she will have ticket for me when I come down the show place..  So then all I do is go to Sammie’s and get my ticket from her and enjoy the show tonight.  Then take in registration tomorrow to have a red hatting good time.

So I guess since the bumping is going on too much to keep typing.  Will close for now and finish off tonight after I am settled.  So far one long day and I am doing this.  Butterfly wings are spreading far and wide.

Okay have now made it to harrah’s.  I have a room way up on a top floor. Nice

Lookie lookie I have a view of a football field.

Okay now the bad news.  My luggage did not get here with me.  So now I am going to have to go to the cabaret show tonight in the clothes I traveled in.  Great!!!

Flying in here tonight.  Well it is still day light.  But flying is was a dang bumpy ride.  I hate roller coasters and this was just like it.  My stomach is right now on the roof of the plane yet.

So after waiting and filling out paperwork to find out where the heck my luggage is I venture outside to find a way to get to the hotel.  First start walking down one way and that is arrivals.  So next best thing ask someone and see if there is a place to get a ride.  He says just go down the other way to the end and you will come to the shuttles.  Now I was worrying that I would not get a ride without having to take a taxi and that might be an expensive process.  But when I walked up to shuttle and read their sign it says.  Harrah’s every hour on the half hour.  Yes a free shuttle.  Gotta love that.

So now am at harrah’s finishing off my blog for the night.  Am paying for it so might as well use it.  So I will not be on every nights unless it is in the same time periods that I am paying for.  So probably after the show will be on for a little while again.

So just letting you all know I am here and sitting in my room playing on Internet instead of exploring.  Well it is time to go explore.  So will talk to you again tomorrow night.  Or when I decide to pay for Internet again.

Hopefully luggage will make it here before I go home or I will be traveling with out.  This sucks!!!  So much for being all dressy and blingy.  Now I am in jeans and a sorta purple shirt.  But at least Ido have my hats.  They I carry on with me.

Well until tomorrow.

I sit here in my room wondering why

So I wake up early this morning to a pounding headache.  Okay this is going to be good day.

After yesterday’s fiasco.  No luggage when I get off plane.  And then at night not seeing a cabaret show that I was suppose to see last night.  Other then that everything went great.  Planes on time.  Got from one to the other no problem.  Was able to drive down to airport with no problem.  A shuttle was came a few minutes after I got out to shuttle terminal to take me right to hotel.  I have a nice room to go back to each night.

So now today I will go down and register for convention. Hope for the best today

But for now will complain a little more here.  I haven’t blingy, I have no nice cllothes to wear or even other clothes to wear.  No toiletries to clean my self up with and I also do not have my pain pills for my arthritis.  That is probably why I have the migraine today.  Wanted to com my hair out this morning but do not even have that.  This is really sucks.

So I was awake at five thirty this morning.  Head throbbing like anything.  I have tried a cold compress to bring it down a little.  Feel a little better now but I know it will rage up again.

Okay let’s make the best of this day and get on with it. Time to go for some breakie.. Sun is shining lets go out for a walk and maybe clear my head a little

Day two in Reno

Hey I got my luggage today.  Yeah that makes me happy.  I do not have to wear the same clothes over and over.  I can brush my teeth and be minty Fresh.I think other people will that me for that.

So early this morning woke up with a dang migraine.  Well that is not a great way to start off the day. Have to get rid of that pretty with it pretty quick or I will have a real problem.  The thing was I woke up around 5:30.  Yeah I know real early.  Couldn’t go back to sleep,  my head was aching and trying to sleep was just out of the question.  So took a couple of arthritis  pain killers to see if that would help.  Laid down for a little while longer and do not sleep but I was laying down.  After while decided that that was not working so go up got dressed and went down stairs in search of food.  You know what I came up with.  A cinnamon bun and bottle of water from Starbucks.  Not nutritious but it did hit the spot..

Oh here is an interesting picture from the plane.  Pacman was down there.  Well I think it is funny.  Had to pas the time of riding in the bumpiest ride I have ever had.

Here is a picture of the first night.  As I stood there waiting to see whether this queen would show up with my ticket to the show that was on.  Allot of other red hatters waiting in line to see show..  That was from my first night in Reno.

So now this morning after having a little it in my stomach I headed out on a walk to clear my head a little.

This is a river walk.  The river is called truckie river.  And along the edge they have built sidewalks to walk along.  It was a beautiful walk.  Nice crisp air and an easy walk.  Took me about an hour to stroll along there.  After a few minutes of trying to find it.  The travel book says that there is small shops of interest and such to see.  Well all I really saw was the homeless out sitting on the benches and a few runners and dog walkers.

When I got back close to hotel decided to check out down town and see if there was any shops there to look at.  Well had no such luck there either unless I was on the wrong streets.  I saw allot of pawn shops and shops that had been closed up.  I guess people only come here to stay in the casino and gamble.  So that walk was a bit of a bust to look around at the city..

Balloons in the sky over Reno.  Big balloon race going on this weekend

There is the sign on main streets Reno.  Biggest little city and here is the entrance to harrah’s where I am staying for another couple of days.

As I made my way back into hotel room there was a message on my phone.  Yes my luggage is here.  A load off my mind.  I go down and get my bag. Hoping it is in one piece and everything is still there.  Heap still good.  So spend a little time unloading and hanging up my dresses.  Get the wrinkles out.  Change my clothes and head down to register for today’s events.  Played 40 dollars in a slot machine and yeah I lost as usual.  What else is new.  Did a little shopping at the vendors for the convention.  may have found another part to my vegas costume.  it is coming together.  and a cape to have for the oshawa comvention as it will probably cooler there and my dresses are kinda summery.  Then i come back up to room to try to Lay down for little while hopefully to take a bit of a nap before I get ready for tonight event.

Well I may have napped or I may not have.  I know I layed there for a while.  About four was up and getting gussied up

So what cha think.  I clean up real goo huh?

Down to the convention center to enjoy a good meal and some good company and watch a bit of entertainment afterwards. Had a meet and greet first.  Standing around before the doors open and buying raffle tickets and talking while some of us have a drink.

The doors open and everyone heads to find a table to sit at.  I found myself sitting with a few ladies from Reno groups.  A fun bunch of ladies.  Tonight was a buffet type meal.  Once everyone was seated. The mc had a few announcements and then said the meal is ready to serve.  It was every person for them selves.  Two tables set up on either side of room.  Half went to one side and half to other. Lined up on both side of table.  There was salad, noodles, buns and butter.  Scalloped potatoes, shrimp, mushrooms, chicken and beef. And a table full of desert.  Well you know motto of red hatting alway eat desert first.  It was just so yummy and so filling.

After food was cleared up they started giving out prizes.

This is what I won.  A teacup with two red hat mice in it.  I think it is cute.  Something to put in my china cabinet.

Then the entertainment started.  We saw all the different dance styles from over the years from 30’s to 60’s

These ladies are the silver Reno dancers.  Not one of them is under the age of 60.  Two of them are in their 80’s.  my they are good too

The next group to come on a preform was a Reno ballroom group.  They brought us from the 30’s to the 60’s.  one of the ladies in the group is over 50 and she is a red hatter.

After a few generations of dancing Elvis was in the building.  He rocked the house for the finally.  A few more prizes were given out and a few ladies showed off their costumes from over the year

There was allot of flappers and with the high feathers in their hair. A couple of groups dressed the same.

Then was the closing for the night.  The elevators where full on the way back up to rooms.

Tomorrow some of the ladies are getting up at 5 o’clock to go see the balloon races.  That will not be me. A restful sleep is in order for me. I hope!! Brunch will be at 10 and then we are going to walk Victoria street.  In our red hat glamour.  After that there will be more prizes given out and more shopping.  Might as well see if anything different is up there.  Might find another prize to buy.  Who knows.  Then to get all gussied up again for another night of drinks and a meal.  This one will be plated and you have a place to be seated this time instead of sit where you like.  So who knows who I will be sitting with tomorrow night.  Surprise, surprise!!!

So one more night and then breakie next day.  Then this one is over.  They are fun.  If there is no frustration on my part.

So now I have had a couple of first.  I drove to the Bellingham airport myself.  Didn’t get lost and it didn’t frustrate me.  Yeah I am still a chickenshit.  I came to a convention on my own and met some really nice ladies.  We talked a little about dogs.  Something I have. And they talked about things in their group which I sat back and listen to.  Put my two cents in once in while.  Okay maybe not so much a chickenshit but yes I still is.  But this chickenshit is spreading her wings as far as she can and maybe chickens do fly.  Well this is trying anyways.

So guess that’s it for night

Reno big day I need a nap

Hey all. This is the big day.  Lots of stuff going on today.

Woke up around 7:30.  Had a good night sleep for a change.  All is back to where it should be.  I have clothes to wear and have a fun filled day.

First took a trip down to the vendors to see if anything was new down there.  I am trying to find things that will go with outfits for the upcoming events I am going to.  I think I found a few things.  Should have a couple of outfits complete now.  Except for the outfit itself.  That has to be finished yet.  So I guess when I get home will be doing a bunch of sewing.  Fun stuff.

So went down for brunch.  Ended up at the table with some of the Langley ladies.  A lovely bunch of ladies to spend some time with.  Well I did my usual and that was sit back and listen.  Not much in the way of words from me.  The quiet one was in the room again.  I know, I know. Got to get up and do things and talk and such.  Well I did put in a few cents once in while but not very much.  I did get to know these ladies though and I guess that is all that counts from me.

Before brunch started we had the cadets march in the flags.  One for USA one for red hat and one for Canada.  We then sang the national anthems.  They then talked about the Shriners and the daughters of the Nile.  This was a fundraiser they were helping out this year.  Raised 400 dollars for them just in donations.  We then had a buffet brunch.  Of a lunch time and breakfast type food.  So much.  Couldn’t eat anymore if I wanted to.  Awards where given out for who came the furthest, who had the most in their group, who dressed the same and so on.

So after brunch was over everyone dissipated into places they where going.  Some went out on the stroll down Virginia street.  Some went back to shop and others headed over to do a little gambling..  Me I went up to my room and took some of my vendor shopping and put it into suitcase.  Then I went downstairs and yes I did a little gambling.  The slots took me money again.  The dang thieves.  Well what else is idea with me.

After my money was lost went back up to room and had a little time to figure out what to wear tonight. Suppose to be a blingy night.  So I got out a blingy top and blingy skirt.  Figured out what I should put on for jewelry.  I then sat on the bed for little while and I guess I had a little nap.    I woke up and realized it was four o’clock.  Oh gosh I have to get ready and get downstairs.

So what cha think.  Blingy enough.  Well maybe just a little too blingy.

So downstairs outside convention room.  Everyone waiting and are dressed to the hilt.  Georgous everyone is.  The big hat.  The bling and more purple then you have ever seen.

There where a couple of pinkos in there as well.

The call was made for the queens to line up.  They went in first and had their pictures taken.  Then they lined up along the wall while we came in a took our seats.  They then walked across the stage being announced as to where they came from.

Here is the dazzling diva from Langley.

Supper was a plated meal.  There was steak rare,  salmon, rice and some veggies.  Just delish it was. Then came desert of a delectable piece of chocolate cake. Just so full could not finish chocolate cake. You know me I just love my chocolate and couldn’t finish it.  There is something wrong with that.  After meal was done. More prizes where given out.  Bling head to toe, best dressed, most blingy hat.  I went up for a couple but came in without too many votes.  Oh well all in fun anyways.  I do like getting, dressed up anyways.   It is fun. As you can see from picture above.

Through the night the Sierra swingers played big band songs.  Was very enjoyable and some of the ladies got up to dance the night away.  Me I sat on my duff.  If you want to see some of the dancers go to Facebook page of Sierra swinger.  The singer says she is going to post some pictures on that page.

Here they are boogying the night away.

Was allot of fun. But now sleepy time is catching up with me.

So one more day tomorrow and then back to a normal life for another few weeks. Then I head to ferndale to enjoy another day of dress up and enjoy other ladies company.

Just sittin and chillen today

So this morning was another early morning.  Why can I not sleep in a little.  I look at the clock and there it is 5 in the morning.  Guezz I do not need to be anywhere until 8 this morning.  Well might as well get up.  I ain’t sleeping anymore.

Last night after party was over.  I was bushed.  Came back to room did my little blog and then hit the pillow.  Out like a light.  Boy I wish that could work all the time.  At home I stare at the ceiling Nd wonder why I am not asleep yet.

So anyways back to this morning.  I rolled. Half around in my room as long as I could.  Then headed down to the ballroom.  One of first ones there.  Signed in and found a seat.  The others started coming in afew minutes later.  The ladies that sat at my table came from Richmond and campbell river. And Courtney or kamloops.  Didn’t quite get it when she said where she was from.  So a few more Canadians where there besides the langley group.

Breakfast was buffet again.  It was an extra cost but since I was here an extra day might as well get together one more morning.  Very good breakfast.  I think over the past couple of days I have had enough food to keep me going for a long time.

They did a few more prize giveaways again this morning.  Blingies slippers and decorated slippers.  I got a prize for blingyest.

So what cha think of that shoe.  Heal very high.  Well at least it is not to wear.  You put your wine bottle in it and display the bottle.  Kinda cute.  I don’t drink wine though so will have to have something else to display in it.

Meal over and all goodbyes were made.  Queen vernice is not going to be doing the convention organizing anymore.  Too much for her and her crew.  They are also going to take the convention down to one day instead of two or three.   It seems that it is just too much to organize.

They started making these conventions in 2002 and had an attendance of 10 ladies.  It grew from there to 250 this year.  Now they are cutting back to make it more itament

Low and behold a couple of vendors where still upstairs.  So lets go see if there was a y deals left.

Duh!! Yeah.

I found this feather fan.  And

Another facinator.

Me thinks I is getting too much junk.  You know you can never have enough red and purple.  I wonder who said that?

Well now convention is over and I am at a loss for something to do.  I guess I might as well walk and see if I can find an elusive store to get something at.  Like my caffeine fix of pop. They sayvirginia street is suppose to have some stores of some kind.  I went one way on Virginia street and all I saw was pawn shops and closed shops.  So I walked the other way.  Nope that did not work either.  Just bank buildings down that way.  So headed up the other way on Virginia street.  Went a long way down and came to the university of Reno.  Well nothing down that way.  Now what do I do? Well there was a Walgreens at least.  Can get a drink and a snack.

Okay after coming out of Walgreens decided that it is too hot for walking outside anymore.  So decide to go in circus circus.  Cooler in there.  What I find little stores and lots of resteraunts.  Well who would have thunk.  I think allot of people just not me.  So now I can walk in the casino and look around and make it from one casino to the next and see stores of all kinds.  Well I know where I will be tonight..  There was a few places that looked good to eat at.  Okay someplace to go tonight.  Just be back here in plenty of time to get enough bed rest to get up early tomorrow for shuttle to airport.

So came back to harrah’s and walked over to a slot machine.  Decided to give it one more try.  Well I lasted a little longer this time but still it took my 20 bucks.depressing.  Never a winner of anything in the way of money.  I can win prizes at red hatting but my money just goes poof in a slot machine.

So now am in my room. Resting my sore feet from walking in the heat.  Drinking my pop and eating some Cracker Jack.  Enjoying a little of the boob tube.  Will head out tonight and get something to eat and then off to bed to get some much needed sleep.  My bag is almost packed and I am going to get it all home without having to stuff this time.  Did it buy that much this time.  Very good girl I was.

So this is me signing off.  Am not going to pay for another day of Internet so won’t hear from me until tomorrow when I am home.  Hopefully will be a better journey then the one here.  No bumpy plane ride and no loss of my luggage.  Lets hope all goes nice and easy for me and my drive I do not get lost on way home.  I think I remember the route.   Oh oh!!

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